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12 feb. 2021
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I'd love to live in a country where the white supremacists are black!
Kevin Bridges talks the racist behaviour he has encountered over the years, especially on a train in Glasgow.
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  • Reverse psychology joke by a kkk

    Aziz RahmanAziz Rahman21 uur geleden
  • 0:43 you do.

    DickGorzinyaDickGorzinyaDag geleden
  • im indian and the only reason i understand this is because i watched still game

    Rohan VenkateshRohan VenkateshDag geleden
    • Very wise choice, still game is quality

      Glasgow RosscoGlasgow Rossco20 uur geleden
  • I wouldn't sit next to her either. They stink.

    Jay SeabieJay Seabie3 dagen geleden
  • I’m not a Racist, But......

    Shane ThrelfallShane Threlfall3 dagen geleden
  • What a hero! British, N Irish, with Scottish/French roots, love the richness of our United Kingdom humour and mixed cultures.

    RevBen FRevBen F3 dagen geleden
  • "Racist" and "White supremacist" are anti-White slurs. #NoWhiteGuilt

    Promethean PersonaPromethean Persona4 dagen geleden
  • Loving the triggered gammons 😂 as if this is the first sketch the guys ever done that showed some political leanings 😂

    JazzAmMJazzAmM6 dagen geleden
    • Surely the word “gammon” by lefty standards is a racist, sexist and classist term, no? What mental gymnastics do you have to perform to convince yourself that you aren’t a racist, sexist snob? ...unless, of course you just accept that you are those things

      Luke BrownLuke Brown5 dagen geleden
  • I am danish, with roots from the western parts of Jutland, i understand everyting he says.

    P AndersenP Andersen6 dagen geleden
  • We need to protect this so all the 14 year old white girls don’t cancel him

    N\AN\A6 dagen geleden
  • Virtue signal received loud and clear. It's an awful shame that due to the insatiable cannibalistic nature of Woke it's only a matter of time before Kevin slips up or something impure is dredged up from the past that will make him the main course for his fellows.

    Christopher TelfordChristopher Telford7 dagen geleden
    • He’s definitely not a liberal as well he’s not soy’d up enough, and the Glasgow working class tend not to resonate with the left wing narrative.

      Glasgow RosscoGlasgow Rossco20 uur geleden
  • English is not my native tongue but I have a high degree in English. Today I can proudly say that obviously it was absolutely worthless

    Kevin McFlanniganKevin McFlannigan7 dagen geleden
    • @Server Dad well, I'm Swiss actually.

      Kevin McFlanniganKevin McFlannigan7 dagen geleden
    • With a name like yours, how can you not understand this man? Genuinely curious

      Server DadServer Dad7 dagen geleden
  • Been my experience that Racism is an equally distributed mindset from all backgrounds..some, more, others less.. depends on the day employment and social function.. and individual.

    miýwêýihtâkosiw Mahihkanmiýwêýihtâkosiw Mahihkan7 dagen geleden
  • He jokes about the 'white supremacists' being black and yet look around you friend..here it comes

    SadisticStangSadisticStang7 dagen geleden
  • As a racist, I think it's about time we had a little more racial diversity in the BNP. We can't have people thinking we're behind the times with our racist organisations. We should look at the example set by the EDL. www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/5349785/hearts-rangers-abdul-rafiq-edl-flute-hibs-edinburgh-derby/

    DemonmixerDemonmixer8 dagen geleden
  • Good thing about Britain is there aren’t any white supremacists just the odd racist

    John DowJohn Dow8 dagen geleden
    • How did Jo Cox die?

      AbdullahAbdullah5 dagen geleden
    • Funny how Britain is so racist but the most spoken second language is English...

      Danny BaxterDanny Baxter6 dagen geleden
    • EDL finally disappeared then? Glad to hear

      JonJon6 dagen geleden
  • Why does everyone only talk about racist views from white coloured people?

    Jimbo JonesJimbo Jones9 dagen geleden
    • @Ben Weston you’re a brainwashed little weasel if you think that

      Glasgow RosscoGlasgow Rossco20 uur geleden
    • @Ben Weston you have got to be kidding 😂 Western European (whites) have been shown to be the least racist. Blacks being the most racist and (oriental) Asians coming in at second. You really should stop listening to anti-white propaganda aka mainstream television

      Luke BrownLuke Brown5 dagen geleden
    • @Ben Weston No, it's not.

      Jimbo JonesJimbo Jones6 dagen geleden
    • because that's the predominant form of racism?

      Ben WestonBen Weston7 dagen geleden
  • People who speak Punjabi are mostly Seikh so they wouldn’t really be wearing Burkah as that’s mostly Muslim. Love the irony of his comedy 😂😂😂

    NanoNano9 dagen geleden
    • @Nano but he was probably 99% quoting what the person on the train had actually said to him and that in itself shows how stupid and ignorant racists are, consider that one my friend? Look who the former president was, a massive racist who didn't understand facts

      neil simpsonneil simpson6 dagen geleden
    • I don’t think it’s pedantic; if your going to mock arsehole racist people then I think it’s probably a good idea to have a grip on the facts of your comedy. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a very funny man but I think if you’re going to touch on xenophobia and racism, I feel it’s important to show you understand what you’re meaning when you mock people. Maybe I’m wrong

      NanoNano6 dagen geleden
    • That's not the point of the joke really it's more how stupid racist people can be and I really find it rather pedantic that when you watch comedy you expect 100% accuracy

      neil simpsonneil simpson6 dagen geleden
  • 👑👑👑

    David 952David 95210 dagen geleden
  • they do it for a giro

    in limboin limbo11 dagen geleden
  • 🤣🤣🤣❤️

    Baraka AliBaraka Ali12 dagen geleden
  • Oddly enough,the immigrants here are one of the first to moan about more coming...especially by the boat load

    William RaeWilliam Rae12 dagen geleden
  • Seriously underestimated the power of Semtex 👌

    Tim McDowellTim McDowell13 dagen geleden
  • Wow that was a ride lol!

    george kurganskygeorge kurgansky13 dagen geleden
  • hes gone woke, therefore he is no longer funny. hes a tool.

    Morocco MoleMorocco Mole13 dagen geleden
    • @johnny kennedy they are tears of laughter. i love it when a beast walks blindly into judgement.

      Morocco MoleMorocco Mole4 dagen geleden
    • Awwww, dry those tears.

      johnny kennedyjohnny kennedy4 dagen geleden
  • I am English and i understand every word and love the sweaties. I personally fight for the jocks if they were every attacked. Hold on! it was my lot that probably attacked them last!!!. Still love'em.

    J CJ C13 dagen geleden
  • Moves 4 seats away 🙄🤣

    Sean Charlie84Sean Charlie8414 dagen geleden
  • Used to think he was quite amusing, but looks like he's jumped on the lefty bandwagon now.

    Nik GnashersNik Gnashers15 dagen geleden
    • @Matthew Holmes clydebank historically left wing 😂 nae bother ya walloper

      Glasgow RosscoGlasgow Rossco20 uur geleden
    • @Nik Gnashers mate Frankie was always left wing. He said he was more left wing than Noam Chomsky while he was still on Mock the Week. He's not any different it's just the government he's making fun of now is a bit more right than the one when you still thought he was funny

      Sándor MacneilSándor Macneil5 dagen geleden
    • They all sell there soul for the BBC!

      Mr Taytersdeep!Mr Taytersdeep!7 dagen geleden
    • @Bob Cartmell Agreed mate, Boyle was very funny at one time, now he's changed into a proper lefty.

      Nik GnashersNik Gnashers7 dagen geleden
    • must be a scottish thing . Frankie Boyle went all woke he now sounds so pathetic and a hypocrite.

      Bob CartmellBob Cartmell7 dagen geleden
  • This guy is brilliant

    Ethian HugoEthian Hugo15 dagen geleden
  • “ Somebody get a can off febreeze there’s been a terrorist attack “ 😂🤣

    Emile HeskeyEmile Heskey15 dagen geleden
  • "Haha I'd like to live in a country where the White Supremacist is black" One of his best lines

    Gitau NderituGitau Nderitu16 dagen geleden
    • you would say that

      Bob CartmellBob Cartmell7 dagen geleden
  • Very funny

    Gerard DonovanGerard Donovan16 dagen geleden
  • BNP

    markbravemarkbrave17 dagen geleden
  • He thought she was a suicide bomber so he moved four seats away

    Michael HarrisonMichael Harrison17 dagen geleden
  • 😂 Kevin bridges is too funny. Also, the Scottish accent is one of the best 👌🏼

    Yusuf ZamanYusuf Zaman17 dagen geleden
  • "What were they thinking; trying to bring terror to Glasgow" -Billy Connolly

    Ben KnightBen Knight17 dagen geleden
    • They haven’t even got a football team!

      poida66poida664 dagen geleden
    • “Imagine having the naivety to try and bring religious war to Glasgow” - Frankie Boyle

      C WC W8 dagen geleden
    • 🍌

      hairyfishcakeshairyfishcakes17 dagen geleden
  • Aw, that's fuckin bowfin hen!

    ChrisChris17 dagen geleden
  • You seriously underestimate the power of SEMTEX. LMFAO ^_____________^

    Cestus FrCestus Fr18 dagen geleden
  • Slightly gutted that my city of Leeds hasn't been "put on the map", it does look like a shithole so I'll pretend it has.

    Michael LongfordMichael Longford18 dagen geleden
    • I'm a Leeds lad. Live in Spain now but you'll be glad to know we are the third city most Spanish people mention.

      Joseph WilliamsJoseph Williams7 dagen geleden
  • I need pay attention. With this accent

    VAnessa de jongVAnessa de jong18 dagen geleden
  • I'm a Clydebank boy living in Australia. This is pure gold. Absolute genius. I'm incredibly proud of Kevin as a fellow Clydebank boy.

    13thAMG13thAMG18 dagen geleden
    • Nicely said 😘

      Ayla EdipAyla Edip6 dagen geleden
  • Yes Kevin, but when we go to other countries it's for a couple of weeks not forever.

    Chris HiltonChris Hilton18 dagen geleden
    • Yes Karen, the British have literally never gone nowhere and imposed their culture on others 🤔

      Jez HopoJez Hopo13 dagen geleden
    • You've really nailed this one buddy... absolutely smashed your target audience.

      ChrisChris17 dagen geleden
    • @Jim Husband caps lock wasnt deliberate. couldnt be arsed rewriting it when i noticed

      Redgren GrumbholdtRedgren Grumbholdt17 dagen geleden
    • @Redgren Grumbholdt calm yir jets!

      Jim HusbandJim Husband17 dagen geleden
    • @Redgren Grumbholdt l

      Jim HusbandJim Husband17 dagen geleden
  • Kevin’s talking shite we all thought that at this time

    MichaelMichael19 dagen geleden
    • Aye he was probably paid extra for the left wing drivel

      Glasgow RosscoGlasgow Rossco20 uur geleden
    • @terence holt he talks for All those walking the 4 seats in fear of a suicide Bomber.

      Mike RüschoffMike Rüschoff12 dagen geleden
    • He's talking sense and when u say we , are u talking for the entire audience , cos u weren't talking for us lot , are u talking for entire of Glasgow cos u weren't talking for us green brigade or majority of Glasgow, were u talking for Scotland, cos I know u definitely not speaking for Scotland, perhaps u think u speak for the white supremacists hiding in your bedsit on your keyboard, u little melt come outside and mouth off you'll get pelters

      terence holtterence holt14 dagen geleden
  • ​@UCLBggeBZKlLIzG0NlCvQsOA General Patton's Death - Accident or Murder? 1850pm 12/2/21 marxist? where do you get off where being disagreed with is concerned? so anyone who disagrees with you or your historical narrative must be a commie nay specifically marxist dupe? we are allowed to be disagreeable in a literary sense, if nothing else. america started out isolationist on this issue of siding with this or that pact or clique during ww2 - as was it's right. what does irk is that ww2 was almost at it's cessation prior to your chaps joining the fray... yes; i believe, akin to most idiotic endeavours, that the war was strung out way beyond it's allotted time span - due to various factions wishing this to be the case.... america, akin to ww1, sought to engender it's own bit of colonial expansionism - hence the various tired and tawdry american bases still being in situ over the various regions of europe and uk. the myriad boffins america imported to allow it to create the bomb which it allegedly dropped over japan is also worth musing upon. again; it is mooted japan is the victim of media news reels as opposed to genuinely ceding to american might.... saved our "asses? 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  • omg thats actually a good and simple way to reivindicate something... stinkbombs !

    Stephen RodriguezStephen Rodriguez19 dagen geleden
  • He is just brilliant - LMAO every time I watch him no matter how many times I've seen the clips 😂😂😂😂

    Bob SmithBob Smith19 dagen geleden
    • @JONATHAN SUTCLIFFE I'm guessing you're the guy he was talking about on the train ?? Just asking ....

      Lena RaeLena Rae17 dagen geleden

  • english is my third language and i'm proud to say i can understand 2 words per sentance

    Yagami KiraYagami Kira19 dagen geleden
    • Look mate english is my first language and I'm struggling with just one soon congrats

      megawarmegawar4 dagen geleden
    • English is my first language and I understood about 3 words per sentence. You've got work to do ;P

      TheHANburglerTheHANburgler7 dagen geleden
    • Concentrate!

      FanfeckFanfeck9 dagen geleden
    • English is my first and only language and I can understand 1 word on occasion. Show off

      Tom NewtonTom Newton10 dagen geleden
    • Over here understanding 2 words per sentence.... show off

      Matt BlackMatt Black11 dagen geleden
  • When they start burning your own cities down like last year your opinion changes very quickly lol

    Cameron BranfordCameron Branford19 dagen geleden
    • @terence holt I was responding to Might_Me who asked "Who's "they", bro?". Try and keep up...your racist mind is rotting your brain.

      Lewis WrayLewis Wray12 dagen geleden
    • @Mighty_Me The ONES DOING THE BURNING ya idiot. Oh I get it. You only see race because you are a racist...lol

      Lewis WrayLewis Wray12 dagen geleden
    • @Lewis Wray which cities are burning and by who ? Is what he asked , I would require a factual reply from verified sources, other than that we'll mark u down as just another snowflake sat at his keyboard scarred of the bogeyman

      terence holtterence holt14 dagen geleden
    • @Lewis Wray And who's that? Kinda weird how you're afraid to go into specifics.

      Mighty_MeMighty_Me17 dagen geleden
    • @Redgren Grumbholdt ​ @SJKLR 650 Hermann Göring's Mysterious Death 1142am 13/02/21 aye; the history channel read: the nazi channel... yer right, tho, he, old a.h, gets more air time...than... than something which gets a lot of air time. i can't think of a comparison to match hitlerean charms. even elvis, poor lad, has nothing on hitler where hogging the limelight is concerned. though, that said, the various skits which allege to shed some light onto his simpering soul and per view do nothing more than churn up the same old b.s in the guise of nasty and evil inclinations where becoming supreme leader of europe is or was concerned. by the time hitler is seen in a decent light - akin to jesus in that sense - the white man will have either won back his native soil - europe per se - or been completely erased from the history books... safe to say 2000 years from now is a long time to wait for folk to begin to appreciate the chap who is merely suffering at the hands of history and conventional wisdom not due to anything he has or has not done during his lifetime... ie for all their (society's) pussyfooting around you, me, the history buffs and whoever else took an interest, cannot blame one chap for all the incessant bollox that ww1 & ww2 proffered up in the way of a savage indictment on the nature of real politik....as for gorring, the chap who died at the hands of......? and his inclinations where saving germany and europe was concerned - i cannot comment. just as i cannot comment onything i am presented with - to be honest - as i doubt, very much, that history buffs are allowing us a real insight into the machinations of politics, war and/or the devious means by which folk gain supremacy over their alleged lessers... a salient lesson in not taking everything at face value.... now how do you go about reading up on german and world history without any overt bias being brought to the fore...?

  • Never seem someone make a terrorist attack so funny

    Limren1437Limren143719 dagen geleden
    • Billy connolly has a bit on the glasgow suicide bomber and talks about the guy who literally ran over to the terrorist (who climbed out his car on fire) and booted him straight in the balls. Lol

      JonJon6 dagen geleden
    • @Belinda Blunderbus Stewart Lee, Dylan Moran, Kevin Bridges. Legends all.

      Jesse H.Jesse H.13 dagen geleden
    • You might like Stewart Lee

      Belinda BlunderbusBelinda Blunderbus18 dagen geleden
  • I like how someone can be this funny when you bearly understand what he says ☺️😂

    Mattias NorrmanMattias Norrman19 dagen geleden
    • most can understand him

      christopher walkerchristopher walker19 dagen geleden
    • Do people really have that hard a time understanding him? I don't have a good point of reference cause I grew up in Ireland and almost everyone has a thick accent of some sort, so of course it's not going to sound too odd to me.

      Mighty_MeMighty_Me19 dagen geleden