Sean Lock's Near Death Experience | Universal Comedy

12 jun. 2020
155 283 Weergaven

Sean Lock (8 out of 10 cats does countdown) discusses his near death experiences, audiobooks read out by Peter Andre and Bez from The Happy Mondays and his own mundane voice.
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  • Sean used to play Curly Watts from Coronation street

    K3NDOGGK3NDOGG18 dagen geleden
  • Legend.

    PengWin76PengWin762 maanden geleden
  • He's brilliant

    SirSir3 maanden geleden
  • funny as, well nothing at all

    alan hargreavesalan hargreaves3 maanden geleden
  • Get yourself down to Morrisons...or they'll cut me ears off 😂😂😂

    Loz BroughLoz Brough5 maanden geleden
  • Glad to discover Sean Lock! Great stuff, solid laughs.

    Houdanny Comedy MagicHoudanny Comedy Magic7 maanden geleden
    • Discover ?? Were have you been living under a rock ??

      william Smithwilliam Smith2 maanden geleden
    • 15 Story's High its to underated

      i regret nothingi regret nothing4 maanden geleden
    • watch him on "whose line is it anyway"

      John DoeJohn Doe6 maanden geleden
  • When I say I CHOKED on my drink I am not joking

    GinmhilleadhGinmhilleadh7 maanden geleden
    • That would have been a pretty terrible joke

      Joseph ShipleyJoseph Shipley4 maanden geleden
  • You found out your not funny

    Stewart RodgersStewart Rodgers7 maanden geleden
    • What

      absolutelybagelabsolutelybagel2 maanden geleden
    • Edit: your right.

      Sandou MirSandou Mir3 maanden geleden
    • My left.

      Sandou MirSandou Mir3 maanden geleden
  • He looks like Walter White in Breaking Bad now.

    Zygmunt The Cacao KakistocratZygmunt The Cacao Kakistocrat7 maanden geleden
    • Zygmunt The Cacao Kakistocrat I personally think he rocks it! I mean he was balding anyway, and it must get to a point where he goes "Yeah, I'm not convincing anyone.".

      ASeries OfShortsASeries OfShorts7 maanden geleden
  • Listen closely at 4:27 and 4:28 for confirmation that Jimmy Carr was in attendance at this show.

    Colin PattersonColin Patterson7 maanden geleden
    • @Pauli At least he is the first (and last) to get 2 timestamps (pointing to 2 consecutive seconds, for some reason) completely wrong.

      Sandou MirSandou Mir3 maanden geleden
    • Colin Patterson for sake everyone thinks they are the first to hear it......

      PauliPauli7 maanden geleden
  • and a couple years later still, i found out that the guy with the limp was a pervert. what a time to be alive 🙄

    Klaus GartenstielKlaus Gartenstiel7 maanden geleden
    • SPOILER *for a 25 year old movie* In The Usual Suspects, the criminal "Keyser Söze" was actually Verbal Kint ("the man with the limp"). The whole movie is set from the prospective of the Police who are interrogating Kint, trying to figure out who the criminal mastermind "Söze" is. It's a good movie, y'all should see it... Either way, Verbal Kint was played by Kevin Spacey, who was recently found out to have done some pretty...questionable things. As Dave Chappelle put it: "He was out there grabbing men by the pnssy!" LoL

      Zeke DZeke D6 maanden geleden
    • What

      Soccerflea4Soccerflea47 maanden geleden
    • Haha.

      JaneJane7 maanden geleden
    • What ?

      tinne scheunistinne scheunis7 maanden geleden
  • Jimmy Carr showed up for 4:30

    BadNerd 7744BadNerd 77447 maanden geleden
  • I myself am an up and coming comedian with an original NLworld channel

    Educational EducationalsEducational Educationals7 maanden geleden
    • ipellaers i hope not😂

      Educational EducationalsEducational Educationals7 maanden geleden
    • Up and coming to where? The reject bin?

      ipellaersipellaers7 maanden geleden
    • Such a rigged comment section

      Jules WinterJules Winter7 maanden geleden
    • Good job

      Bobby banana the firstBobby banana the first7 maanden geleden
    • I actually watched your vids and I am impressed

      teamyyateamyya7 maanden geleden
  • Wow,stop singing

    Raúl BitcaRaúl Bitca7 maanden geleden
    • What?

      ParramattaParramatta7 maanden geleden