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25 jan. 2021
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If your relationship can survive an argument at a waterpark on holiday, then that's real love!
Here is a best of compilation of Kevin Bridges discussing holidays as a kid, lads holidays and holidays in a relationship. (Holidays, remember them?).
Taken from the following titles...
Kevin Bridges: The Story So Far…Live From Glasgow is the debut DVD from the UK’s fastest rising comedy star. Filmed in May 2010 at Glasgow’s SECC arena in front of a sold out crowd of 10,000 fans.
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Kevin Bridges: The Story Continues... sees Kevin return to The SECC to perform a record-breaking run of ten sold out nights to over 75,000 ecstatic fans. Recorded on a Saturday night in Glasgow, Kevin is in his element, as this home town gig shows off his no nonsense approach to comedy. He cuts through the niceties with his Glaswegian man in the street charm to the next chapter of his epic comedic journey.
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Kevin Bridges: A Whole Different Story...Live stand-up prerformance by Scottish comedian Kevin Bridges, recorded at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow in October, 2015.
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  • Wtf language he speak? This shouldn't be english?! It's less understandable than german language.

    naprazniculnapraznicul2 dagen geleden
  • I’ll get you a wee pal Every Scottish kid has heard that. Including me 😐

    Mark MorrisseyMark Morrissey4 dagen geleden
  • So I have a hard time understanding the Scots. I have subbed to help improve that. Yeah, I'm American.

    diogenesdiogenes9 dagen geleden
  • thomas cook would accept some self esteem now

    Jacob McDonaldJacob McDonald16 dagen geleden
  • What is this "holiday" thing he keeps referring to?

    Donegal OverlandingDonegal Overlanding17 dagen geleden
    • vacation

      Eliza RalphEliza Ralph6 dagen geleden
  • "Get us tae FOCK!" 🤣

    StiaanyBoyStiaanyBoy19 dagen geleden
  • Oh my gods, that was fooowwwwken fooowwwnaey!! Aye!

    Ra PrometheusRa Prometheus20 dagen geleden
  • Anyone elselook at him and think "If he were american he definitely would sound like he hadn't gone through puberty yet. " 😶 just me then okay.

    Shannon HensleyShannon Hensley21 dag geleden
    • @Mickey Finn mmh kay

      Shannon HensleyShannon Hensley21 dag geleden
    • I doubt it but anyone else looking at your grammar and punctuation may think differently.

      Mickey FinnMickey Finn21 dag geleden
  • "oi did ya hear that? It's two for one!!!"

    L DL D22 dagen geleden
    • You do "Oi" then "One"? It was "Wan" ya fanny!

      Mickey FinnMickey Finn21 dag geleden
  • This video needs more ads.

    Rollin Four LitreRollin Four Litre22 dagen geleden
  • Deffo New Billy Connolly, Cheers

    BingowingzBingowingz23 dagen geleden
  • Holiday resorts and Airports will go bust, as nobody wants the vaccine

    Humphrey FluffyHumphrey Fluffy23 dagen geleden
  • Too many pishy adverts ...

    Iain DouglasIain Douglas25 dagen geleden
  • Meanwhile in lockdown...

    Calvin LimuelCalvin Limuel26 dagen geleden
  • “Throat like a junkies carpet yana”😭

    MatriotoMatrioto26 dagen geleden
    • Fucking genius 🤣

      Ayla EdipAyla Edip6 dagen geleden
  • I can watch this vid hundreds of times and laugh every single time I do

    Jacob WhatmoughJacob Whatmough29 dagen geleden
  • Ah, 97! The good old days. When the professional drunks of today were still young greenhorns..

    bohemianwriter1bohemianwriter129 dagen geleden
    • @Dan 15 Twenty four? Oh yeah, that massive gigantic number hahaha ya fuckin tool ;))

      Mickey FinnMickey Finn6 dagen geleden
    • @Mickey Finn 97 was practically yesterday? In your mind maybe but in real life it was 24 years ago

      Dan 15Dan 156 dagen geleden
    • Well not Bohemian or writer 1, the planet outside your bedroom at mummy and daddy's house must be a million years old as 97 was practically yesterday? If you think 97 is old, wait another twenty years and don't beat yourself up for being an immature fucking bellend ;))

      Mickey FinnMickey Finn21 dag geleden
  • Hit the deck fuckers it’s shampoo time

    Seyam KhanSeyam KhanMaand geleden
  • Kevin needs to do a show in Australia

    patrick mpatrick mMaand geleden
  • I’d go everywhere with this guy I wouldn’t mind if would be genius story afterwards

    Ellie van cauwenbergheEllie van cauwenbergheMaand geleden
  • The troubled link pivotally possess because french naturally queue vice a mixed wood. quirky, whimsical albatross

    Stacy SpringerStacy SpringerMaand geleden
    • Completely agree swollen brain fetid pool fungi

      Sailor Mart TikiSailor Mart TikiMaand geleden
  • what is a holiday? you mean people used to travel to other countries for fun? things have changed 😂😂

    Christopher WilsonChristopher WilsonMaand geleden
    • 🤣🤣🤣

      Chris BartonChris BartonMaand geleden
  • Mum, Ah diny want tae go tae the Big T club.

    thisall4realthisall4realMaand geleden
  • Oh my god oh my god this is soooo good. Kevin you make my day whenever I listen to you. You are the best in the world of comedy; the absolute best. The observations, facial expressions, posture, accent... Wow each one of these aspects add on to the performance making it spectacular

    M IndiaM IndiaMaand geleden

    david francisdavid francisMaand geleden

    Glyn JonesGlyn JonesMaand geleden
  • Love to see more uploads of kevin!

    becky 22becky 22Maand geleden
  • No one will be going on holiday this year.

    LINDA RLINDA RMaand geleden
  • Love this man

    Darknight98Darknight98Maand geleden
  • My favourite comedian 😂😂😂

    Tia MariaTia MariaMaand geleden
  • american here....could barely understand a word he said

    rebecca Honeycuttrebecca HoneycuttMaand geleden
    • @Zac Likes Cauliflower Scottish slang has a history. It’s derived from the old Scots language, traced as far back as the 16th century. It’s part of Scottish culture, not sure why that offends you so much 🤣. Sounds as if you’ve got a chip on your shoulder about us Scots 🤪

      Kelly McveyKelly Mcvey18 dagen geleden
    • @Richard Davies speech recognition relies on anticipation, which works if you are familiar with the cadence and word uses. Simple example is the word, "Wee." It's not a word Americans use in everyday speech, so we are not anticipating it coming up in the dialog. I think Kevin is hilarious; if I listen close and study his facial expressions, I can understand almost everything he says.

      Myra MegillMyra Megill21 dag geleden
    • Americans dont have the comprehension skills of most. Move on lads

      Richard DaviesRichard Davies26 dagen geleden
    • @Francine Leach I remember when Police Squad first came out. It did not do very well on the networks, because people had to think a bit, to get the gags.

      Colin DorransColin Dorrans29 dagen geleden
    • Maybe Americans can't understand him because you actually have to pay attention.

      Francine LeachFrancine Leach29 dagen geleden
  • Omg 😂😂😂 gotta love oor Glesga boy, fekkin hilarious 😂

    AlisonAlisonMaand geleden
  • i feel sorry for anyone unable to understand his accent bc this is gold

    bonky bornesbonky bornesMaand geleden
    • My mom was from Glasgow and this makes me weep with laughter

      Sheila JerrettSheila JerrettMaand geleden
  • Always cheers me up watching his videos, he never fails to crack me up 🤣

    T-B0N3T-B0N3Maand geleden
  • I dont understand this man

    • @Muggins The Jinx are you kidding? The closed caption program doesn't know what the hell he's saying! 😂 You can hear it scratching it's wee head and watch it pause as it's trying to figure out a suitable word.

      Myra MegillMyra Megill21 dag geleden
    • It's called "closed captions" mate

      Muggins The JinxMuggins The JinxMaand geleden
    • There's a glasweganstranslationsapp you can download 😊👍

      Steven GraySteven GrayMaand geleden
  • "Lidl and Aldi tattoo's" I'm fking crying mate😂😂

    Scott SiaensScott SiaensMaand geleden
  • Hmm if my mum wasn't trying to find me at pal on holiday when I was younger, then it was a husband as I get older 🤣🤣

    Glasgow GirlGlasgow GirlMaand geleden
    • 😂😂😂

      Alex O’ glitterAlex O’ glitter9 dagen geleden
    • @Mickey Finn Not quite that bad 🤣🤣

      Glasgow GirlGlasgow Girl21 dag geleden
    • Was your dear old mother's nickname Queenie? You know, like the old Cockney mums. Sounds like a right fucked up family ;))

      Mickey FinnMickey Finn21 dag geleden
    • @Glasgow Girl do you have natural red hair? 😍😍😍 I love a girl with NATURAL red hair

      Don CorleonDon Corleon28 dagen geleden
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Lorraine PalmerLorraine PalmerMaand geleden
  • Commenting for the algorithm gods.

    Joe PalmerJoe PalmerMaand geleden
    • Yes

      Ryan TrolldingerRyan TrolldingerMaand geleden
    • @KumaBean A(lgorithm)-men

      Liam TrainerLiam TrainerMaand geleden
    • Be at peace my Son, for the algorithm has heard you, all hail the Mighty Algorithm! Algorithm be thy name! 🙌

      KumaBeanKumaBeanMaand geleden
  • Scottish People On HOLIDAY | BEST OF Kevin Bridges | Universal Comedy 1726pm 25/1/21 wow.... i have been a secret holidayer - when i was young - travelling all the way to: dundee!!!!! i was brave enough to admit it. you lot - still annoying. some scottish magician took the rip out of dundee. sadly i left that all important brain cell up there.. sadly, i'm down here... dundee's alright. mt intellectual capacity amidst these mutant inbred bastards shines. very bright.

  • Lmao when I watched this 🤣🤣🤣🤣so funny

    Eva RiceEva RiceMaand geleden

    • If you want to see something almost funny check out my stupid comedy videos. 🤔

      StupiderWithABStupiderWithABMaand geleden
  • Sadly I won’t be going on holiday any time soon.

    Billy SingeBilly SingeMaand geleden
    • @Fish Finger666 hdz

      Garey TysonGarey TysonMaand geleden
    • Daniel Adamson anytime Danny.

      Billy SingeBilly SingeMaand geleden
    • Thanks for letting us know billy, I will adjust my plans accordingly.

      Daniel AdamsonDaniel AdamsonMaand geleden
    • @StupiderWithAB no thanks

      Fish Finger666Fish Finger666Maand geleden
    • If you want to see something almost funny check out my stupid comedy videos. 🤔

      StupiderWithABStupiderWithABMaand geleden