Sarah Millican's DIRTIEST Jokes From Outsider | Universal Comedy

24 jan. 2021
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Sarah talks randy ducks, hairy toes, going to the toilet while driving and periods in this compilation of the dirtiest jokes in her hit special Outsider.
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  • There's a true story about a Irish dj involving nurofen & a London to Ireland flight. Won't name him but its on the Internet but he was banned from a well known Irish airline

    Top JimmyTop JimmyDag geleden
  • Brilliant 😂🤣👍

    Martin ConnollyMartin ConnollyDag geleden
  • Shite!

    N1611nN1611nDag geleden
  • Clotting? Try "shedding my uterine lining", that'll get some looks.

    Charlotte F CCharlotte F CDag geleden
  • I’m an American... “WI week”?

    Manny DelaCruzManny DelaCruzDag geleden
    • @Roger Auclair thank you!! :) I love her sets, but with English as a second language it can get rough, I couldn’t even understand most of the words for that part.

      Júlia DandyJúlia Dandy16 uur geleden
    • @Roger Auclair Thankyou! Now it’s funny!

      Manny DelaCruzManny DelaCruzDag geleden
    • Manny DelaCruz, W.I. stands for “Women’s Institute” which is an organisation that was formed in 1915 to educate women to be the best at what they do in all fields. Most of the time references to the W.I. usually has to do with cooking, baking etc. and in Sarah Millican’s reference, “jam making”.

      Roger AuclairRoger AuclairDag geleden
  • What did she say ?

    G Frank ThomasG Frank ThomasDag geleden
  • Not funny, just filth !

    Ernest WakefieldErnest Wakefield2 dagen geleden
    • Really? She's not the least bit offensive! She brings alot of joy and laughter into people lives. And she's talking about real life!

      Chez DaviesChez DaviesDag geleden
  • We used to say The painters are in for our periods.

    Janine GoughJanine Gough2 dagen geleden
  • So hilarious! 😂

    Selina BadcockSelina Badcock2 dagen geleden
  • Funi as love her voice

    Meg PaddonMeg Paddon3 dagen geleden
  • When my Grandaughter was small I told her that having hairs on your toes was a sign that you wee'd in the bath. She looked at her toes, got all embarassed went and looked at her Mums feet and said "Grandad says you wee in the bath!" Try explaing that one. .

    dinger40dinger404 dagen geleden
  • Just imagine a bloke telling so called jokes like this. The PC brigade would have a field day

    Neil EwartNeil Ewart4 dagen geleden
    • Jimmy Carr, Frankie Boyle no imagination necessary.

      KitagumaIgenKitagumaIgen2 dagen geleden
  • She was funny until she discovered it was easier to deliver this rubbish. Pity.

    MirlitronOneMirlitronOne4 dagen geleden
  • It's called trucker tango or Stobart Strongbow..

    Rebel Without ApplauseRebel Without Applause5 dagen geleden
  • Is the voice part of the act?

    Jeremy AshfordJeremy Ashford5 dagen geleden
  • Nothing more unattractive than woman being crude. Sorry, doesn't appeal

    rnstoo1rnstoo15 dagen geleden
  • Many facilities en route, in a 32 ton lorry ? Don’t think so luv.

    gary giddingsgary giddings6 dagen geleden
  • I'm still waiting for the English version.

    AbbieHoffmansGhostAbbieHoffmansGhost13 dagen geleden
    • You are still waiting for a life by the look of it .

      Wayne PantryWayne Pantry11 dagen geleden
  • Shes's brilliant :D

    JiusoniumJiusonium14 dagen geleden
  • You’ve Not put me off my cream teas. Duck wings, brilliant 😂😂

    Paul CollyerPaul Collyer23 dagen geleden
  • "I'm clotting" I spit my drink out!!!

    Mekrab JMekrab J23 dagen geleden
    • I was stretched out like a flag.

      Kevin BallKevin Ball3 dagen geleden
    • You spit but I gagged😣🥴🙄

      Uncle Fudd, ElmerUncle Fudd, Elmer5 dagen geleden
  • Funny lmao

    Appalachian AmericanAppalachian American23 dagen geleden
  • She just relies on embarrassing smut because she has no funny material.

    Eleanor DixonEleanor Dixon24 dagen geleden
    • @Glen Haig Ah! She is the one!

      Silver LegendSilver Legend4 dagen geleden
    • Why do i suspect that Eleanor is probably a Michael McIntyre fan?

      Glen HaigGlen Haig9 dagen geleden
    • She literally has segments where the crowd joins in, creating some of the truest stand up you can find as she has to, on the spot- go off script and match the audience members engaging with her. Also, read the title before clicking on a video, ya bellend!

      Rami KasyanovRami Kasyanov11 dagen geleden
    • Smut is funny

      JiusoniumJiusonium14 dagen geleden
    • I beg to differ. She has quite a repertoire of jokes covering many different subjects in varying ways. True, this video is smutty jokes, but, pretty sure the description should have for-warned that. She’s quite witty, open, and above all, relatively real. If you no like, no watch, but give her the benefit, watch a full show, yes there’ll be some smut, but there’s other humour too

      Paul CollyerPaul Collyer23 dagen geleden
  • your funny but I'm boycotting twitter

    robin trainarobin traina24 dagen geleden
  • it's true we had a mallard take up here and he evidently died in the act he was found floating with his willy fully out .at first I thought he had a parasite till i looked it up.

    grandpaseedgrandpaseed25 dagen geleden
    • Did you use him as a corkscrew? omg

      JZ ThompsonJZ Thompson7 dagen geleden
  • Brilliant

    Beefy's LifeBeefy's Life28 dagen geleden
  • &

    Susan SmithSusan Smith29 dagen geleden
  • LMAO such a lovely & funny lady 👍😊

    Jacki SmithJacki SmithMaand geleden
  • 1:25 is that Jimmy Carr s laugh I hear?

    HazzaPlayzHazzaPlayzMaand geleden
  • You know when a comedian is too hilarious when you've already watched/heard the jokes many times and still those crack you up 😁 😂 😂

    Alex CinquegranaAlex CinquegranaMaand geleden
  • hilarious 😂😂

    ASC No1ASC No1Maand geleden
  • Didn’t laugh once

    Gba GbaGba GbaMaand geleden
    • Move on, snowflake, before you melt.

      JZ ThompsonJZ Thompson7 dagen geleden
    • We're all super impressed.

      KronkKronk21 dag geleden
    • Personal preference innit

      lenno 9517lenno 951729 dagen geleden
    • @Mark Wicks sorry I thought l was allowed to express my opinion. Guess u are as arrogant as to think that bc my opinion opposes urs, u somehow have moral superiority? Yeh

      Gba GbaGba GbaMaand geleden
    • Poor little person, nothing better to do than criticise, get a real life !

      Mark WicksMark WicksMaand geleden
  • I'm clotting !! FFS - pissed me self laughing - she is so funny !! Love it

    andy wakelyandy wakelyMaand geleden
  • Such a funny woman, always makes me laugh, awesome Sarah 👍🏻😀

    BlueBlueMaand geleden
  • Sarah Millican's DIRTIEST JOKES From OUTSIDER | Universal Comedy 1613PM 24/1/21 Read: any conversation when on a night out with a bunch of geordies.... well; i watched mandy, so i don't know... i was gonna say - not hungry now, madam.

  • Stupidity of this reminds me of stupidity in my videos. I like that. 🤔

    StupiderWithABStupiderWithABMaand geleden
    • I see you everywhere. This is an underhanded way to advertise your channel bud.

      Jesse H.Jesse H.Maand geleden
  • Ugly girl with a high pitch voice. Very annoying

    Been here BeforeBeen here BeforeMaand geleden