Sarah Millican "How Do You Let Your Partner Know?" | Control Enthusiast | Universal Comedy

27 dec. 2020
71 443 Weergaven

Sarah asks the important question.. Just how do you let your partner know you're in the mood.
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  • Have to put the cats downstairs But have 5 of them so it’s a challenge

    T XxxXT XxxX9 dagen geleden
  • Every joke you do about your fella makes me think he's autistic. (I'm allowed to say this because I'm autistic and see nothing wrong with it.) Any idea if I'm right? P.S. you're the best comic in the world (with Trevor Noah right behind)

    Terra Nova RubachaTerra Nova Rubacha9 dagen geleden
    • Judging from his standup, and all the TV appearances in general, I find that highly unlikely.

      AnnaAnna6 dagen geleden
  • Oh Sarah, once again you bring it home

    Steve BowmanSteve Bowman11 dagen geleden
  • "Yes, you could be quiet." Ouch! I know that feeling. Ya gotta laugh or you'll cry.

    WhatAWorldWhatAWorld12 dagen geleden
  • "Is there anything I can do to help you fall asleep?" ☺ "Yes you can be quiet." 😑 Omg soooo my dude. Not your typical dude.

    Miss MelMiss Mel12 dagen geleden
  • don't know if it's a regional thing, but where I come from fanny was used for someones rear end. Boy would that make for an awkward surprise cross culturally.

    GromlekGromlek13 dagen geleden
    • @gnu740 Yes, I am. Imagine my confusion when younger as well, watching content from the UK. lol, can't help but imagine a new couple with one from each culture. "You want me to do What?"

      GromlekGromlek12 dagen geleden
    • Are you by chance American? I know they use fanny for the backside, which made me extremely confused as a child watching shows like The Simpsons.

      gnu740gnu74012 dagen geleden
  • This lady is an international treasure!

    jovialjinxjovialjinx13 dagen geleden
  • She is funny

    DarkyDarky14 dagen geleden
  • 🤣🤣👍🏻👍🏻

    islandwitt1islandwitt114 dagen geleden
  • 3¼mips...eggnchips®€cu™ zxc

    Sam CoupéSam Coupé17 dagen geleden
  • Hilarious

    Shell - West AustraliaShell - West Australia20 dagen geleden
  • Can't wait to see her live.. Roll on June 2022

    Angela EppAngela Epp21 dag geleden
  • Bloody love this lady!!

    RWRW21 dag geleden
  • You’re darling, Sarah! Very funny!

    Wendy BarlowWendy Barlow21 dag geleden
  • n "How Do You Let Your Partner Know?" | Control Enthusiast | Universal Comedy 1656pm 27/12/20 aka morpheus strip..... blow up doll. horizontal refreshment perspnnel... and rapists - those who never got sarcasm, perverse humour and/or knock backs.... which category do you fall under? something to muse on if yer like him over there.... as if you'd know.

  • Roflmao.

    Sanford GraySanford Gray21 dag geleden
  • I just ask hubby why he is wearing so many clothes. Even works in bathing attire ;-)

    Lisbeth FrostLisbeth Frost21 dag geleden
    • I am definitely stealing this haha

      Kek CollectorKek Collector21 dag geleden
  • 1:50 - a couple of women that should not have been at this show....obviously have no sense of! Thank you Sara...always a guaranteed laugh!!

    Karen ActonKaren Acton21 dag geleden
    • They are probably responsible for the two down votes. WTF!

      Lisbeth FrostLisbeth Frost21 dag geleden