Ricky Gervais Reads The Bible | Universal Comedy

12 jul. 2020
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WHAT IS THE MOST VIOLENT DESTRUCTIVE ANIMAL ON THE PLANET? Is it the human?... no, it's the huge Gorilla tearing down buildings in 1930's New York.
Ricky also decides to read some of his favourite book to the audience, a little book called The Bible.
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  • anyone else thought he was talking about king Harambe

    Warrun KayWarrun KayDag geleden
  • "They figured 'If we lose him, we make 250 quid...' [shrugs] "

    FinalFirebrandFinalFirebrandDag geleden
  • I’ll be praying for you Ricky

    Cody HagemanCody HagemanDag geleden
  • "Bit of a long book." Glances at watch.

    Robin HarwoodRobin Harwood2 dagen geleden
  • Well, the advertised skit begins when 75% of the video is done. So there's that.

    Stanislav TeliatnikovStanislav Teliatnikov3 dagen geleden
  • I don't get it, what's there to laugh so much?

    DelroDelro4 dagen geleden
    • @Soup snek Thank God he have a crowd who finds his jokes funny. Imagine a crowd with people like me. AWKWARD.😂

      DelroDelro3 dagen geleden
    • comedy is subjective. you don’t find it funny. thats fine. others do tho

      Soup snekSoup snek3 dagen geleden
  • lol

    TemeroldTemerold4 dagen geleden
  • Moar ... I need mooooaaaaar

    nataraj boinanataraj boina4 dagen geleden
  • So Thomas Edison was a lie

    Marcel TuchschererMarcel Tuchscherer5 dagen geleden
  • That glasses bit had me in stitches!

    Rayan Al-BallaaRayan Al-Ballaa5 dagen geleden
  • Unanswered Mathematical and Computational Challenges facing Neo-Darwinism as a Theory of Origins - darwinsmaths.com/

    carl websterncarl webstern7 dagen geleden
    • What

      Keith DerwinKeith Derwin4 dagen geleden
  • Pol Pot was an amateur, Stalin killed 60million , now thats real tallent.

    Heru_urHeru_ur7 dagen geleden
  • Took a bit of time to get to the actual Bible reading, but still fun...

    Greg SawkaGreg Sawka7 dagen geleden
  • Was anybody else thinking how big the woman was just before he brought it up.

    Spinny PlayzSpinny Playz7 dagen geleden
  • the video starts at 4:40

    Γιάννης ΑποστολόπουλοςΓιάννης Αποστολόπουλος7 dagen geleden
  • This is what church sermons should be

    AlitaAlita7 dagen geleden
  • so ricky has upgraded to doing ted talks now?

    SpaghettiSpaghetti7 dagen geleden
  • Is there a "god"? atopiakafe.com/front-page/is-there-a-god/

    Penboy as 'god'Penboy as 'god'7 dagen geleden
  • NO ONE EVER EXPECTS THE SCIENCE INQUISITION!!!!! Said no one ever in history. Think I'll stick to being an atheist then🙃

    Giorno GiovannaGiorno Giovanna7 dagen geleden
    • @John E. Hofmann so... transcendent and timeless pixies were the cause?

      judogidojudogido14 uur geleden
    • @John E. Hofmann John, the kalam doesn’t work and just adding on nonsense isn’t gonna help it.

      Arctic PangolinArctic Pangolin3 dagen geleden
    • Everything that begins to exist has a cause. The Universe began to exist. Therefore, the universe had a cause. Additionally, therefore, that cause must be a transcendent of the Universe and timeless.

      John E. HofmannJohn E. Hofmann5 dagen geleden
  • What's one documentary that everyone should see?

    Verna WoodVerna Wood8 dagen geleden
  • To a real comedian Nothing is sacred. (exactly why Lucian was banned) If those, who are offended, can't handle it - then they should get out of the kitchen. Thank you Ricky for all the laughs.

    Michael Bannerman-RobertsMichael Bannerman-Roberts8 dagen geleden
  • I thought he was going to totally rip Christianity but he actually pokes fun at it in a pretty respectable way. As a Christian, I genuinely laughed haha.

    Caleb OrellaCaleb Orella8 dagen geleden
    • @Marcel Kuizenga I don't just believe an old book. I believe it is a reliable book because of its historical accuracy and the number of copies dating as far back as they do. There is also plenty of evidence of God being real. It philosophically just makes sense and I'd be more than happy to explore those arguments with you. We all have different ways of viewing the world, religious or not. You view the world the way you do because you don't believe in a god and I see the world the way I do because I see it as created by God. Also female circumcision is not actually a Biblical teaching, and male circumcision is not a Biblical commandment to anyone other than the Jewish people.

      Caleb OrellaCaleb Orella2 dagen geleden
    • @Caleb Orella the fact you just believe an old book because that book tells you it's real. Besides there are so many religions, and they all claim the truth based on nothing. Religious people can't see the world as it is because they already concluded their specific god is real. Despite there's not even the slightest evidence of any god being real. Basing your life on a faith is dangerous to us all. Religion makes people cut of clitorises and foreskins. And you wonder why it's silly?

      Marcel KuizengaMarcel Kuizenga2 dagen geleden
    • Marcel Kuizenga I fundamentally disagree. What makes it silly?

      Caleb OrellaCaleb Orella3 dagen geleden
    • As a christian you should know that your faith is not only silly, it also provides extremists a base to exist. Religion is a bad thing for humanity.

      Marcel KuizengaMarcel Kuizenga7 dagen geleden
  • I want him as my pastor.

    JwhateverJJwhateverJ8 dagen geleden
  • These people in the comments saying that he should rot in hell are disgusting. The only crime deserving of such a punishment is creating hell in the first place and sending people there.

    C NorthamC Northam8 dagen geleden
  • Finally Huwking can rest in peace

    Abdullah IlyasiAbdullah Ilyasi9 dagen geleden
  • When he makes jokes like this I could remember my friend who says atheism is true because there are many atheist scientists in the world😂🤣🤣🤣

    samdon 36samdon 369 dagen geleden
  • Never, ever engage with religious fanatics. Be polite, but ignore them. Hello from Atlanta!

    Thomas SimmonsThomas Simmons9 dagen geleden
    • @Robert Pruitt I think this might be referring to the other gods that Israelites believed at the start of Judaism, such as Ba'al (god of thunder), Ba'al's father Dagon (god of harvest), Dagon's father El, goddess Ashera, and some others. Some of them were also mentioned in the bible multiple times. Of course, among them was Yahweh, who is often referred to in the bible as the jealous god. After all, the first commandment was aimed to diminish the belief of the other gods. As we all know now, that was successful - the belief systems of Judaism and Christianity only include a single god now, even though the roots of these religions were polytheistic. I'd say it is pretty odd how I wasn't taught anything about this religious evolution as a former Christian, and only after completely abandoning the faith did I actually find out about these rather important historical details.

      Benzene ringBenzene ring4 uur geleden
    • @The Kpods It's kinda a trick question. The bible doesn't actually give a number. It says this. Psalms 82:1 God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods. And in Psalms 82: I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. Not sure exactly how many there are, but I do know that anything less than 3 is wrong. He's talking to at least 2 others.

      Robert PruittRobert Pruitt2 dagen geleden
    • @Robert Pruitt can I ask you how many Gods there are in reference to the bible?

      The KpodsThe Kpods2 dagen geleden
    • @Robert Pruitt that's a way to go.

      Marcel KuizengaMarcel Kuizenga7 dagen geleden
    • I just ask them how many gods the bible says there is. And when they say one, I ask them why they're trying to preach the truth of the bible to people when they have no clue what it says.

      Robert PruittRobert Pruitt7 dagen geleden
  • "Let there be light" for eventually His creation : man , God did not need light , He is light ....

    JimiHJimiH9 dagen geleden
    • He's also not real.

      Master ChiefMaster Chief9 dagen geleden
  • Why do people hate God and the Bible so much? I mean pure hatred and contempt. Is it because of a lack of true love and mercy and faith that he turns to this as his punching bag. What did God do to him

    Jon HallJon Hall10 dagen geleden
    • I don't hate whatever version of God you believe in, John. I just believe all humanity should believe things for good reasons and act accordingly. Ancient writings of superstitious ancestors and faith don't seem like good reasons to me.

      judogidojudogido13 uur geleden
    • The christian made up god is responsible for all kind of bad stuff. It's giving people a reason to think their truth is special and should be forced on to other people. Without religion this world would be a better place. No doubt.

      Marcel KuizengaMarcel Kuizenga7 dagen geleden
    • He doesn’t hate god, he just doesn’t believe in one.

      Arctic PangolinArctic Pangolin8 dagen geleden
    • You can't hate something that doesn't exist.

      Penguin CommandoPenguin Commando10 dagen geleden
  • The massive knickers perplexingly crush because shame synchronously answer sans a obscene plaster. astonishing, grandiose shingle

    Dorothy MilesDorothy Miles11 dagen geleden
  • Gorillas eat monkeys and other small animals. They are not vegetarians. He's funny, though.

    OgrematicOgrematic12 dagen geleden
    • Chimps do, Gorillas dort

      Anke BösingAnke Bösing12 dagen geleden
  • Although somewhat amusing Ricky is also very ignorant. The light he referenced is not the sun. The sun was created after the light. Ricky might also want to refer to the meaning of the original Hebrew words and integrate that with what we now know about the sub atomic world. Nah, he is a jester who makes a living from obvious social commentary.

    Blaise PascalBlaise Pascal13 dagen geleden
    • He makes it fun of the stupidity of religion. But underneath the laughter there's more truth in his comedy than all religions have all together. Religions are made up stories that have caused terrible things to happen.

      Marcel KuizengaMarcel Kuizenga7 dagen geleden
  • Harambe happened... twice?

    HC VibesHC Vibes13 dagen geleden
  • Ridiculous with their ridicule having there life in full.

    D63 57lD63 57l13 dagen geleden
  • I was hoping to get a laugh. But, this guy isn't funny. Time for Larry the Cable guy. "He'll Get R Done"

    SonnyinflSonnyinfl14 dagen geleden
  • He might believe in hell either but he will when he gets there.

    Stunning StuffStunning Stuff14 dagen geleden
    • Claiming a hell is quite a thing. You should be able to prove it otherwise you can just as easily make up all kind of stuff. I can believe in unicorns to rule the world, that doesn't make it real. Believing something without evidence is just stupid.

      Marcel KuizengaMarcel Kuizenga7 dagen geleden
    • @Stunning Stuff what?

      Penguin CommandoPenguin Commando10 dagen geleden
    • @Reynard the Fox Makes no difference whatsoever. ANYONE from ANYWHERE can come to Christ who bleed and died for ALL of our sins. If you, or anyone rejects Him, you will NOT join Him in heaven. The only other place left is hell which God created to punish demons. There is NO other choice and NO other way to the Father in heaven, except through Christ. Period. That is just the way it is.

      Stunning StuffStunning Stuff10 dagen geleden
    • @Reynard the Fox No, No, No. That is NOT how it works. The Bible is clear. You have every chance in the world to learn about Christ, why He is the one true God and accept Him. If you reject Him, no matter how good a person anyone is, you lose God. If you lose God, you are left Godless, and the Godless have no place to go except hell. That is where Ricky is going unless he accepts Christ. The Bible CLEARLY says God is not mocked, and Ricky is clearly mocking Him.

      Stunning StuffStunning Stuff10 dagen geleden
    • @Penguin Commando He accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior? Awesome.

      Stunning StuffStunning Stuff10 dagen geleden
  • Jambo are you fucking fr 💀 at least harambe wasn't mentioned id die

    Issa Gang gIssa Gang g14 dagen geleden
  • "Free you minds, fucking hell". lol

    PowerOf OnePowerOf One15 dagen geleden
  • Anytime I hear someone talking about their religion I just hear them saying “Hey I’m Retarded”.

    DaNkMooNDaNkMooN15 dagen geleden
  • he forgot about harambe. never forget.

    MrChemStuffMrChemStuff15 dagen geleden
  • Ricky they shot the gorilla dead on the spot!

    I AM THAT I AMI AM THAT I AM15 dagen geleden
  • Ahkenaten, what was his thoughts on light?

    Paul AbbottPaul Abbott15 dagen geleden
  • Pol Pot killed an order of magnitude more than 100k.

    Robert PlattRobert Platt15 dagen geleden
    • ...and god let him do so. Bad god.

      Marcel KuizengaMarcel Kuizenga7 dagen geleden
  • I am one third the way into this video, and still no mention of the bible. yes, he eventually talks about the bible, but your title is misleading.

    luke yznagaluke yznaga15 dagen geleden
  • I would probably execute people wearing powerless glasses just to look nerdy, you know those liberal kind.

    Bharath RBharath R16 dagen geleden
  • God shall not be mocked. This man will regret his choices for eternity, when all he had to do was except Jesus love for him . God loved us so much he became a man and was the last blood sacrifice , the sacrificial lamb, so we fallen creatures, that cant help it, and sin, can be with him for eternity. Not because what we did righteously, but for Gods shed blood on the cross. And all he wanted of us is to believe in Jesus, and not live for this fallen world. Breaks my heart when I see the lost make fun of the God that loves then so much.

    paul ronnepaul ronne16 dagen geleden
    • @paul ronne why do you believe you have the right God?

      judogidojudogido13 uur geleden
    • @paul ronne jesus was a man....let that sink in

      Soup snekSoup snek3 dagen geleden
    • seek help

      Soup snekSoup snek3 dagen geleden
    • @paul ronne I will come back to it when I have time. For now; it's your loss not mine; you choose to live in a mental cage because you believe one religion less than I do. Try to give any evidence for any god that would be great and you'll win all Nobleprices. Ain't that great?

      Marcel KuizengaMarcel Kuizenga6 dagen geleden
    • The bible said you would hate my God, and believers of him. You Guys are too predictable. Im insane? You believe this world and all thats in it came from nothing.... sooo. Every knee shall bow to Jesus , you may not here on earth, but before you are cast to hell ( not for sinning, for not believing in Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for you) all of you non believers will bow to my God, and for eternity in hell you will lice in torment, all the while knowing all ya had to do was trust and believe in Jesus Christ. Its ok, I can take all your comments of hate, I have a wonderful seat in heaven besides my saviour for eternity already , Im set. Not because of my righteousness ( no one except Jesus waa rightous) but because I believed and trusted in the saviour to be saved. Meanwhile you believe in whatever science or man tells you ( which changes every few years). You put faith in mankind, I put faith in Jesus. But im crazy? Have you seen how insane mankind is? And you have made the world your god. Have a wonderful, long life here on earth. Because with that disbelief, that is all you get before .... well. Thats all ya get 75 to 105 years here. Again, im ok with whatever slander ya throw my way, and most bible believing Christians are not phased by your words.

      paul ronnepaul ronne6 dagen geleden
  • The clue is in the title... !

    Twyla PTwyla P16 dagen geleden
  • Be very careful when you start mocking God my friend, whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap.

    James NicholsonJames Nicholson16 dagen geleden
    • Your god isn't real. It's Israelite mythology.

      Master ChiefMaster Chief9 dagen geleden
  • Yeh, "lock the doors" to the nightmare dept. of a dental magazine...😙😙

    Chris HChris H16 dagen geleden
  • 2 Peter 3:3 "Knowing first : that scoffers will come in the last days, walking according to their own lusts." Proverbs 21:24 A proud and haughty man- "Scoffer" is his name, he acts with arrogant pride." GUYS, THIS IS THE GOSPEL (THE GOOD NEWS) OF JESUS CHRIST OUR SAVIOR WHICH GOD COMMISSIONED ALL OF US TO SHARE WITH OTHERS! One of the main reasons we are here is to honor God and to seek a loving reconciled relationship with God, our Creator in heaven Who wrote the Holy Bible to us, by accepting His only begotten Son Jesus as our Savior from our sins because currently we are ALL separated from God in heaven because of our sins, but Jesus came down here from heaven (God on earth) and He was born one of us and He gave His perfect sinless life to be our example of how to live righteously and He suffered and died on the cross to take our punishment for, and to save us from, our sins, and to reconcile us with God, and He resurrected from the dead three days later and after living on earth for forty days He ascended back up into heaven so that we could have eternal life with Him and He is coming back again at the end of this world and everyone will see Him. ALWAYS BE THANKFUL FOR JESUS GOD IS, the FATHER the SON JESUS CHRIST and the HOLY SPIRIT ALL AT ONCE, ALWAYS. He is the ONE TRUE ETERNAL LIVING GOD of all creation and He loves us and He wants us to be reconciled with Him through Jesus, to live with Him forever in paradise. READ ABOUT JESUS ON EARTH IN THE HOLY BIBLE IN MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE AND JOHN. And if you realize and admit that you are a sinner who needs to be saved from your sins and reconciled with God, like we ALL are, THEN ACCEPT JESUS AS YOUR SAVIOR. THERE IS NO OTHER RECONCILEMENT FOR OUR SINS THAT IS ACCEPTABLE TO GOD OTHER THAN THE PRECIOUS SINLESS BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST. WE CAN NOT EARN SALVATION AND ETERNAL LIFE AND BE RECONCILED WITH GOD WITH GOOD DEEDS OR ANY OTHER WAY OR WITH ANY FALSE MANMADE RELIGIONS, IT IS THE GIFT FROM GOD TO ALL WHO BELIEVE THAT JESUS DIED TO SAVE THEM FROM THEIR SINS AND TO RECONCILE THEM WITH GOD AND BELIEVE THAT JESUS IS THEIR SAVIOR. PERIOD. SIMPLE. COME AS YOU ARE, SINS AND ALL, AND ACCEPT JESUS AS YOUR SAVIOR AND HE WILL CHANGE YOU FROM THE INSIDE OUT! 2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. THEN, BECOME A FOLLOWER OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST, a CHRISTian, Christian (NOT confused with Catholic) first, by accepting Jesus as your Savior, and by, reading the Holy Bible and praying, talking, to God in heaven every day for the rest of your life, and by, imitating Jesus' life on earth, the Bible tells us that Jesus is obedient to God in heaven, loving, forgiving, kind, merciful, peaceful, thankful, honest, humble, righteous and much more that you can read about in the Holy Bible! Accept Jesus as your Savior, and Have a Great day! (Great Eternal Life!)

    slamee100slamee10017 dagen geleden
  • For dog sake!!

    Bjarni BBjarni B17 dagen geleden
  • Start watching from after 10 minutes or so; nlworld.info/key/video/qWqkid-kp6ymrJo

    André DreyerAndré Dreyer17 dagen geleden
  • Dude should try reading the Quran next time

    a ma m18 dagen geleden
    • why? it's just a re -telling of the Old Testy.

      Brian LinvilleBrian Linville16 dagen geleden
  • If you take away science books and religious books, in future those science books would come back with the same texts but religious books would be totally different. -Ricky Gervais

    OscillatorOscillator19 dagen geleden
    • i dont think that was him

      Soup snekSoup snek3 dagen geleden
  • Check out ecosia, they plant trees

    The LoraxThe Lorax19 dagen geleden
  • I'm waiting for the day he does the same with the quran

    PatPat19 dagen geleden
    • I'm afraid he would have converted to Islam

      ty tiwty tiw4 dagen geleden
    • @Brian Linville no it is not?

      Bendecido FloresBendecido Flores15 dagen geleden
    • The old testament iz! the Quran. just that most don't realize it.

      Brian LinvilleBrian Linville16 dagen geleden
  • Cool, now do the Quran!

    wingbat_zerowingbat_zero20 dagen geleden
  • Could god have said "let there be sound" to create sound? 🤔

    Nivesh ProagNivesh Proag20 dagen geleden
    • @Dramatic Rooster So what he said was "let there be ears" and lo and behold, ears were!

      Nivesh ProagNivesh Proag17 dagen geleden
    • @Nivesh Proag But sound is only vibrations, sound is only when the vibrations are picked up and processed

      Dramatic RoosterDramatic Rooster17 dagen geleden
    • @LeviFangirl 308 Who heard him say "let there be light"?

      Nivesh ProagNivesh Proag18 dagen geleden
    • Who would hear him say that?

      LeviFangirl 308LeviFangirl 30819 dagen geleden
  • Actually, the gorilla's name was Harambe and they shot him.

    Terry PoldTerry Pold20 dagen geleden
  • this just shows he has no clue about the bible.

    Immortal WarriorImmortal Warrior20 dagen geleden
    • Immortal Warrior Way more than you seem to grasp

      donniecatalanodonniecatalano18 dagen geleden
  • Let's replace priests with this kind of preaching.

    Elijah BoquilaElijah Boquila21 dag geleden
  • I’m a Christian and this is the most loggers thing I’ve seen

    Panzerkampfwagen VIPanzerkampfwagen VI21 dag geleden
    • @Panzerkampfwagen VI i can actually help with that. they do not worship satan at all as a matter of fact. that would be quite dumb it is not devil worship nor is it evil. i don’t plan on writing an essay on this yet so i’ll just leave you with this. The Eleven Rules of Satanism Do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked. Do not tell your troubles to others unless you are sure they want to hear them. When in another’s lair, show him respect or else do not go there. If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat him cruelly and without mercy. Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal. Do not take that which does not belong to you unless it is a burden to the other person and he cries out to be relieved. Acknowledge the power of magic if you have employed it successfully to obtain your desires. If you deny the power of magic after having called upon it with success, you will lose all you have obtained. Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself. Do not harm little children. Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked or for your food. When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him.

      Soup snekSoup snek3 dagen geleden
    • @Panzerkampfwagen VI I think blood sacrifices happens, but not because of Satan himself. I think it's a more delicate situation, it may be because of adrenochrome and theories suggests that celebrities do this to remain young. Satan teach that the real power comes from the mind only, if you're using blood you're just a perverted person who thinks is a Satanist. Blood magick can be found basically in any cults like Maya, Judaism, Christianity (blood of Christ and child sacrifices in the Bible). We stand for enlighting and Freedom, we will only harm those who are trying to strip away the people's rights

      Swamp RaiderSwamp Raider19 dagen geleden
    • @Swamp Raider What do satanists even do, I know that they worship satan and what not but do blood sacrifices even happen like hollywood suggests?

      Panzerkampfwagen VIPanzerkampfwagen VI19 dagen geleden
    • I'm a Satanist and I respect all the Christians that can think with a critical mind without following blindly a book. United we stand, divided we fall

      Swamp RaiderSwamp Raider20 dagen geleden
  • When was this filmed?

    Cole BoninCole Bonin22 dagen geleden
  • 1666 Redemption through Sin A book by Robert Sepehr

    J KellyJ Kelly23 dagen geleden
  • THE FORBIDDEN RELIGION Jose M. Herrou Aragon

    J KellyJ Kelly23 dagen geleden
  • “Egregores: The Occult Entities That Watch Over Human Destiny" Book by Mark Stavish The psychic and physical embodiment of ideologies and systems.

    J KellyJ Kelly23 dagen geleden
    • Not demons, eggregores are created by human mind and we know who create them: the elite

      Swamp RaiderSwamp Raider20 dagen geleden
  • The Thirteenth Tribe: The Khazar Empire and its Heritage Book by Arthur Koestler

    J KellyJ Kelly23 dagen geleden
  • Atheism is like gambling when you die and found that God exist what your reaction would be

    Amin HamitiAmin Hamiti23 dagen geleden
    • _Atheism is like gambling when you die and found that God exist what your reaction would be_ Christianity is the same gamble, when you die and find that Allah is the only god. Or Ganesha. Or Thor, Zeus, Odin, Aphrodite, or some god who really, really wants human beings to be evidence-based, not faith-based. God can go screw himself if he can't take a joke. (Hey, if he's all-powerful, he could probably _do_ that, huh?) :)

      Bill GarthrightBill Garthright19 dagen geleden
    • That's Pascal's wager. Its wrong because if God doesn't exist then you've wasted your life following false teachings.

      Kiro R.Kiro R.21 dag geleden
  • As a Christian, I can say that I’d pay good money to hear him talk about funny stuff in the Bible. Sure it’s my book of faith, we can debate later, but this guy is funny!!!

    Daniel De LangeDaniel De Lange24 dagen geleden
  • Have balls and make fun of the Koran... coward or islamic apologist?

    NPC 69541NPC 6954124 dagen geleden
  • Pol Pot, or more precisely the Red Khmer, killed around 2 million of its own people, being 50% of the entire population of Cambodia at the time.

    Tom MTom M25 dagen geleden
  • I'm a Christian and I know he is poking fun but I can appreciate the humor because even though he disagrees with the Bible, he is still being relatively good natured. I got quite a few good laughs.

    Mason RothMason Roth25 dagen geleden
  • A fool in the truest sense of the word.

    Clint CarothersClint Carothers25 dagen geleden
    • Where as Hitler was a Catholic and Stalin trained in a seminary. So what?

      Andy MillsAndy Mills23 dagen geleden
  • Making fun of the word of God...when he stands in front of God he will totally change his mind about this blasphemy

    David NewcombDavid Newcomb25 dagen geleden
    • god is all powerful right? then he can take a joke

      Soup snekSoup snek3 dagen geleden
    • LOL... oh really? Or maybe at the end of the day, ALL religions are full of pathetic fairy tales for the exploitation of the simple minded by their parasitic "leaders" and their hideous hypocrisies and absurd obscenities stink to high tax haven... prophets and profits... just look at the so-called "holly lands" - especially these days - for starters...

      noIMspartacusnoIMspartacus25 dagen geleden
  • The utter gander trivially step because mechanic nouzilly coach absent a lavish decrease. ignorant, quizzical fender

    Anthøny PAnthøny P25 dagen geleden
  • As a Christian I can’t be upset about this because honestly he still reading the word of God in public so thanks for that Ricky you’re the best ;)

    shawn Londonshawn London26 dagen geleden
  • If God said let there be light, who did he say it to? 🤔 And do God need to talk, could he not just communicate some other way? And why he/she/it need to explain, any one there should notice the difference between darknes and light any way?

    Wiking SwedenWiking Sweden26 dagen geleden
  • Not funny at all. British comedy sucks badly

    Francisco VessaniFrancisco Vessani27 dagen geleden
  • Life according to the bible - nlworld.info/key/video/xq6YmsjHio2niao

    Agee RamosAgee Ramos27 dagen geleden
  • The Bible remains the best selling book of all time.

    Heidi RobinsonHeidi Robinson27 dagen geleden
    • And right next to it: Don Quixote, curious how both are full of insanity.

      Moody FingersMoody Fingers25 dagen geleden
    • Yes... in the fiction section...

      noIMspartacusnoIMspartacus25 dagen geleden
    • If popularity equals truth then I guess The Wizard of Oz must be real.

      Mickey BitskoMickey Bitsko26 dagen geleden
    • sadly

      Fabio GuedesFabio Guedes27 dagen geleden
  • Fearfully is meant in the context of having respect for..... God and ourselves. Also, respecting His creation. However, again, for all have sinned and fallen short of God's glory.

    Heidi RobinsonHeidi Robinson27 dagen geleden
  • The 3rd Temple is about to be completed being built. Don't take the Mark of the Beast. You won't see God or Heaven if you take the Mark of the Beast.

    Heidi RobinsonHeidi Robinson27 dagen geleden
    • seek help

      Soup snekSoup snek3 dagen geleden
    • What does this mark look like? Is it a tattoo? A microchip? A shot?

      XoPURExLUCKoXXoPURExLUCKoX27 dagen geleden
  • God has given Satan domain over this earth, in this life. This earth & this life are not Jesus Christ's Kingdom. Jesus Christ Kingdom exists in Heaven. Jesus Christ is seated at the right hand of God the Father of everyone who chooses to love Him and obey Him.

    Heidi RobinsonHeidi Robinson27 dagen geleden
    • @XoPURExLUCKoX :: to give us a choice to choose Him or reject Him. We really can't do anything apart from God.

      Heidi RobinsonHeidi Robinson27 dagen geleden
    • Why would God give Satan domain over the earth? Why would God create Satan at all? God's plan includes creating his own enemy, to enact suffering on his creation. This story has some holes....

      XoPURExLUCKoXXoPURExLUCKoX27 dagen geleden
  • According to KJV Bible & God, there is a Heaven and Hell. God determines where a person's soul spends all of eternity when they are passed away & then judged before Him. For all have sinned and fallen short of God's glory.

    Heidi RobinsonHeidi Robinson27 dagen geleden
    • cool, ok

      Comment ThiefComment Thief26 dagen geleden
  • God is the giver & taker of life. He also gives us our talents. He allows us to have the opportunity to escape temptation and heal & learn when bad things happen to us,especially that are outside of our control.

    Heidi RobinsonHeidi Robinson27 dagen geleden
  • The Holy Spirit is our Comfort and our Conviction of our conscience,knowing right from wrong. It's not enough to be sorry for your sins, according to Jesus Christ. You must choose to have a change of heart. Love is obviously a verb.

    Heidi RobinsonHeidi Robinson27 dagen geleden
    • @Heidi Robinson LOL... says a silly bible basher... give it a rest, as now your pathetic rants sound like you're trying to convince yourself rather than me of your silly "beliefs"...

      noIMspartacusnoIMspartacus27 dagen geleden
    • @noIMspartacus :: Jesus is His Name. Christ is His title. Admit it. You're learning a lot from myself and others sharing what they're learning about God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I'm not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

      Heidi RobinsonHeidi Robinson27 dagen geleden
    • @noIMspartacus :: He'll be laughing at you soon enough if you don't change your godless heart choose to live for God. Jesus Christ was amazed that so many people during the course of His life, here on earth didn't believe Him to be the Savior of the world. This is according to His teachings. You're an atheist thumper.

      Heidi RobinsonHeidi Robinson27 dagen geleden
    • @Heidi Robinson LOL... you are very funny preaching your absurd false hoods... and if there was such thing as god, he'd be laughing his head off too...

      noIMspartacusnoIMspartacus27 dagen geleden
    • @noIMspartacus :: you're preaching your false hoods but I can't preach the truth regarding God our Creator. Fascinating. God's thoughts are higher than our thoughts. God's ways are higher than our ways. Those who choose to reject God, God will be laughing at them. Tell God about your sense of humor then.

      Heidi RobinsonHeidi Robinson27 dagen geleden
  • The Bible states for Christians are to help other Christians first, if they actually need it, then to help everyone else. Compassion service for others is part of our fruitful process of growing as God wants us to. We weren't created by God to exist only for ourselves. We weren't created by God to destroy the earth or ourselves or each other. Sing unto the Lord a new song. Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. God's light can have no fellowship with the Devil's or the world's darkness. God's mercies are new every morning. Forgive as you want y/our Heavenly Father to forgive you your sins. Satan is the father of lies & the author of confusion.

    Heidi RobinsonHeidi Robinson27 dagen geleden
    • LOL... you "believers" are obviously easily confused and hopelessly deluded....

      noIMspartacusnoIMspartacus27 dagen geleden
  • We are to choose to give thanks to God in our good and bad situations. We are not to rely upon our feelings or our own understanding of God to be able to choose to have a personal relationship with God. Narrow is the way to Holy (meaning set apart) righteousness because Jesus Christ died & rose again as an atonement before God for our sins.

    Heidi RobinsonHeidi Robinson27 dagen geleden
  • The book of Genesis is written in the form of a Prose poem. Not that I know everything about the KJV Bible.... I don't, of course. I'm definitely a flawed created by God human being. God loves us despite our sins. God hates sin. He gave us a choice to choose to love and serve Him, or not, so that we wouldn't be forced to love God. God is the Creator of the Universe. He's the Creator of everything & everyone.

    Heidi RobinsonHeidi Robinson27 dagen geleden
  • Human beings have the stuff of stars inside of our bodies. Also, the human brain and the human heart each have their own memories. Human beings having their own memories is part of what makes us human. We are flawed created human beings. We are created by God. Also, God is mysterious.

    Heidi RobinsonHeidi Robinson27 dagen geleden
    • Hearts don't have the ability to hold memories. It's just reacting to what the brain tells it to do.

      Davey JonsDavey Jons27 dagen geleden
  • The word happy (in the KJV Bible..... especially, not the Scofield edition) is about a 1,600 year old word. It comes from the word happen. Happiness is based on your circumstances. It's different than joy.

    Heidi RobinsonHeidi Robinson27 dagen geleden
  • Carbon dating have been proven to be incorrect. We are fearfully and wonderfully made by God.

    Heidi RobinsonHeidi Robinson27 dagen geleden
    • LOL... you really are a riot... Dinosaurs and and the likes of you are proof that if there was such a thing as god, he is messin' with rather than blessin' you "believers"...

      noIMspartacusnoIMspartacus27 dagen geleden
  • God will judge atheists according to their non belief in Him (God).

    Heidi RobinsonHeidi Robinson27 dagen geleden
    • LOL... you are even funnier than Ricky...

      noIMspartacusnoIMspartacus27 dagen geleden
  • Evolution is obviously a lie.

    Heidi RobinsonHeidi Robinson27 dagen geleden
    • Sadly for you, lacking the intellectual capacity to understand the T of E does not make this accepted scientific theory any less true, moreover the largest Christian sect (CC) accepts the T of E.

      Andy MillsAndy Mills23 dagen geleden
    • It has been proven hundreds of times over. Where as creationism has never been proven even once.

      Davey JonsDavey Jons27 dagen geleden
  • Bible prophecies are continuing to be fulfilled. God is love!! God is glorious!!

    Heidi RobinsonHeidi Robinson27 dagen geleden
    • Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

      scott watsonscott watson27 dagen geleden
  • The Shroud proves Jesus is God. I met God in 2003. Shroud of Turin: Absolute proof the man in the Shroud is Jesus Christ = (Catholic Jesus) nlworld.info/key/video/qo13l821fZxyg6I Heaven is Mark 10:6-9 --------------------------------- Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God nlworld.info/key/video/pqmFa7-wpISpgnw @55 seconds=postage on my postcard My postcard from God -----> ibb.co/jRKyFKW & ibb.co/7YWTywS --------------------------------- And what about you? He asked, Who do you say that I am? ibb.co/bFTf71v

    luckyisme10luckyisme1028 dagen geleden
    • The shroud is a proven fake. Grow up and stop believing in fairy tales.

      Andy MillsAndy Mills23 dagen geleden
  • Then in Chapter 2, God did it all again, but in a different order. But the Bible is still 100% accurate...

    Ran WolfRan Wolf28 dagen geleden
  • As per Zeitgeist, "Christianity along with all other theistic belief systems is the fraud of the age. It serves to detach the species from the natural world and likewise each other. It supports blind submission to authority. It reduces human responsibility to the effect that God controls everything and in turn aweful crimes can be justified in the name of divine persuit. And most importantly, it empowers those that know the truth that use the myth to manipulate and control societies. The religious myth is the most powerful device ever created and serves as the psychological soil upon which other myths can flourish. "

    chimeranzlchimeranzl29 dagen geleden
  • Not ISLAM. Nooooo it the religion of peace.

    Toby CosmoToby Cosmo29 dagen geleden
  • What I’ve always thought was interesting was that, in reading genesis, we see that Adam and Eve are made and exiled from eden. But out in the world they find other peoples. I think that it’s not that they were the first people, but the first of gods people (the Jews).

    darian beardarian bear29 dagen geleden
    • Spot on! Genesis talks about God creating "man" about a chapter before creating Adam. I've interpreted it the same way. He created humans to people the earth, but later created Adam as caretaker of Eden. That would explain why of all the people on Earth, Adam's descendants (in spite of the fall) became His "chosen".

      Butch PorterButch Porter27 dagen geleden
    • Yes, one can literally make up anything they want to explain away Bible absurdities.

      notfiveonotfiveo27 dagen geleden