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13 mei. 2020
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Taken from his 2nd special POLITICS, the recent host of the 2020 Golden Globes and creator of The Office, Extras and AfterLife Ricky Gervais discusses sweatshops in third world countries, the fable of the two mice, nursery rhymes and everyone's favourite idiot Karl Pilkington
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  • We ok

    My MindMy Mind10 uur geleden
  • Ricky is like the non transvestite eddie izzard. both are hilarious and smart👍

    SandraSandraDag geleden
  • Humpty Dumpty is a story to encourage care of fragile possessions, in that, sometimes all efforts will fail to fix.

    Greg LucasGreg LucasDag geleden
  • Ricky and karl are funny as. Legends

    Eldin AuksoriusEldin Auksorius3 dagen geleden
  • I think the moral of the story of humpty dumpty is that be careful cuz sometimes some accidents maybe irreversible or incurable even by the most elite people

    E WE W4 dagen geleden
  • You know what? It never ever says anywhere that Humpty Dumpty is an egg.

    Dean SusecDean Susec5 dagen geleden
  • the suit for 150 is also made in a sweatshop. it just has some letters stitched on it

    FiNFiN9 dagen geleden
  • And who are YOU, Ricky PAUL? If, "Knowledge is Power," you're still walkin' around cerebrally enemic, my friend.

    Ray GsbrelcikRay Gsbrelcik9 dagen geleden
  • Did anybody actually laugh at this......

    Owen O DonoghueOwen O Donoghue9 dagen geleden
  • Agree with Carl on the last one ;)

    dropnoel Fielddropnoel Field11 dagen geleden
  • Here's hoping the 150-quid suit wasn't just a sweatshop owner making huge money...

    Lumeron SwiftLumeron Swift13 dagen geleden
  • You think the £100 suit is the same factory with more markup?

    Gypsy SnickerDoodleGypsy SnickerDoodle13 dagen geleden
  • Come to think of it, who goes uphill to find water? Water runs downhill. Intreaguing. 🤔

    Gentilly GirlGentilly Girl13 dagen geleden
  • The humpty dumpy story meaning was sometimes something that is broken cannot be fixed. So don’t be reckless.

    Nola FinnNola Finn14 dagen geleden
  • ******** ****** **** Moreover: **********

    RenatoRenato14 dagen geleden
  • Thank God there're captions

    D ChandulaD Chandula14 dagen geleden
  • Whoa! Really, though...if there were no picture books, how in the fk would any of us know that Humpty Dumpty was even an egg?! Who was that first illustrator anyway?! H.D could've been anybody for crying out loud! Lol!

    Shelley BeeShelley Bee14 dagen geleden
  • Don't trust wikipedia for ANYTHING. 💯

    Dustin HoltDustin Holt14 dagen geleden
  • Humpty dumpty wasnt an egg

    Adam LavalleyAdam Lavalley15 dagen geleden
  • Never telling the same lie twice came straight from Garak on Deep Space Nine from about 10 years ago. He even referenced the cry wolf story with Dr. Bashir.

    Eric HEric H15 dagen geleden
  • Wasn't a Monday, everyone knows that Tuesday is the worst and most boring day of the week for everything and everyone!

    K MK M16 dagen geleden
  • I always thought the moral of the boy who cried wolf story was not about lying but about not breaking peoples trust in you. Because if people don't trust you when you need them the most, they won't be there for you.

    Harry JamesHarry James16 dagen geleden
  • "Ricky Gervis" has already taught so much; he's qualified to teach ANYTHING! *(except a comedy class) - Jenny Craig 😉

    Chris HChris H16 dagen geleden
  • Excellent.

    Marley BedfordMarley Bedford16 dagen geleden
  • So we Mancunians have a reputation for thinkin everything's rubbish? That's rubbish, that is.

    Global WarmhugsGlobal Warmhugs17 dagen geleden
  • Love Karl Pilkington. That man has his priorities sorted.

    Kadambini NarangKadambini Narang17 dagen geleden
  • Funny but it’s not about an egg it was a canon lol

    David MyrickDavid Myrick17 dagen geleden
  • Nowhere in the humpty dumpty story does it say he was an egg.

    NethiuzNethiuz17 dagen geleden
  • “Never tell the same lie twice” -Garak, Deepspace 9

    Emperor PalpatineEmperor Palpatine18 dagen geleden
    • “The truth is usually just an excuse for a lack of imagination."

      Brian CatesBrian Cates3 dagen geleden
  • The thing people always forget about 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf' is that in the end... *the wolves were real.*

    Its Always Funny in SillydelphiaIts Always Funny in Sillydelphia18 dagen geleden
  • It’s funny I can tell he’s performing for a UK crowd lol

    R JR J18 dagen geleden
  • The total price of makin brand clothing vs cheap Chinese fake brand clothing is often like 10 dollars per unit difference or something the rest of difference you pay is for that little brand name written somwhere on the corner of the shirt lol

    lightartis4321lightartis432118 dagen geleden
  • It's raining it's pouring the old man is snoring he bumped his head then went to bed and couldn't wake up in the morning, it took me years to realize that was a song about an old man dieing from a concussion.

    Sean CasitySean Casity18 dagen geleden
  • Humpty Dumpty was a giant cannon.

    steve antonsteve anton19 dagen geleden
  • Did he just admit that Carl is the subject of a lot of his material and without him his shows would be a lot shorter?

    Wynand LouwWynand Louw19 dagen geleden
  • According to the Oxford English Dictionary, in the 17th century the term "humpty dumpty" referred to a drink of brandy boiled with ale. The riddle probably exploited, for misdirection, the fact that "humpty dumpty" was also eighteenth-century reduplicative slang for a short and clumsy person

    Robert JamesRobert James20 dagen geleden
  • I waited 3 minutes for him to be funny and I couldn’t take it anymore

    ex piredex pired20 dagen geleden
  • It amazes me how ricky is reconciliated with himself he embrasses the flow of authenticity,empowering.

    Fullmoon JudgessonFullmoon Judgesson20 dagen geleden
  • I sent them to mend an egg loool I LOVE Ricky Gervais he's such a genius

    A WA W20 dagen geleden
  • I like Andrew Dice Clays verson better. Jack and Jill went up the hill, each with a buck and a quarter. Jill came down with two-fifty. OH!

    greg johnsgreg johns21 dag geleden
  • Wasnt that joke about the boy who cries wolf in star trek ds9 aswell? 😂

    nodoctoryetnodoctoryet22 dagen geleden
  • Carl Pilkington , classic northern wit

    commodore665commodore66523 dagen geleden
  • The actual moral of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" is that sometimes, albeit very rarely, there's an actual wolf, and the herd doesn't really care how so very not gullible you were before. It never hurts anyone to just check. Well, maybe except for your ego...

    Leo TsisinLeo Tsisin23 dagen geleden
  • I can kinda see that Ricky based Derek off of Karl a bit. Innit?

    Louie CafarellaLouie Cafarella23 dagen geleden
  • Fav comedian yeah? Legend

    Ray PilkingtonRay Pilkington23 dagen geleden
  • The horses were used to make glue!!!!😧!!!

    6stringgunner6stringgunner23 dagen geleden
  • He stole the "never tell the same lie twice" bit from Elim Garak

    Zachary AlexanderZachary Alexander24 dagen geleden
  • Jack and Jill going uphill to get water never made sense to me.

    Jon HutchensJon Hutchens25 dagen geleden
  • Humpty Dumpty only became an egg much later when the rhyme was included in a children's book of illustrated rhymes. My favourite theory is that it is about the hump-backed King Richard III.

    FFM0594FFM059426 dagen geleden
  • 2:45 he stole that from Star Trek DS9

    Cideous 4466Cideous 446626 dagen geleden
  • Humpty dumpty was an actual wall not an egg.

    Old Soul MelOld Soul Mel26 dagen geleden
  • Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch some marijuana! Jack got high and dropped his fly and then asked "If you wanna?" Jill said "yes!" Then dropped her dress and then they had some fun! Silly Jill forgot her pill and now they have a son... 😐

    William FrederickWilliam Frederick26 dagen geleden
    • Or, "Silly Jack, forgot to pull out, and now they have a cub scout". I'm sure there's a rhyme for "condom" being "beyond him", but heh, when you can blame the girl....blame the girl.

      Drew MarshallDrew Marshall15 dagen geleden
  • fun fact for anyone reading in the future: Humpty Dumpty was a cannon

    The Center IsleThe Center Isle26 dagen geleden
    • Congratulations, you have the ability to read things that others have already commented.

      Riley GoddardRiley Goddard26 dagen geleden
  • The rightful attention semiannually smash because knot curiously tumble aboard a well-made tile. wretched, gainful reminder

    Dorothy MilesDorothy Miles27 dagen geleden
  • "I sent them to mend an egg." Brilliant!

    JLFJLF27 dagen geleden
  • The Horses job was to get the Men there quickly....Ricky.

    LanCyferLanCyfer27 dagen geleden
    • @Nunofyour Business That's good to know. I love when Ricky roasts people, but not the horses, leave the horses alone, Ricky, LOL

      LanCyferLanCyfer23 dagen geleden
    • in reality the horses were used (without success) to try and pull the canon (called Humpty Dumpty) back onto the wall (battlement) from which it had just disastrously fallen. cheers

      Nunofyour BusinessNunofyour Business23 dagen geleden
  • They are called pennies and dollars.

    Arman ArashvandArman Arashvand29 dagen geleden
  • 3:22 - I thought the moral was simply, *watch your step after a good shag, because your legs might be a bit weak right after.* You know what it's like... you ever get a bit weak in the knees after an intense ride down the rapids on the old tuna canoe? Of course you have... so maybe it would be a good idea to take 15 or 20 minutes and have a good stretch before jumping up and sauntering back home. Otherwise, you could break your face.

    The Bonesaw ..The Bonesaw ..Maand geleden
  • I heard that Jack and Jill is about a beheading and that Humpty Dumpty is about a cannon. A lot of people have come to the conclusion that Ring-a Rosie is about the Black Plague, and I was told that the Three Blind Mice getting their tails cut off is referring to a very different type of tail. Dude, nursery rhymes are f*cked, lol

    Jargon MadjinJargon MadjinMaand geleden
  • Humpty Dumpty is a story about a massive cannon that was knocked off a wall and couldnt be repaired.... the cannon was like a mascot in a way.

    Phillip ThompsonPhillip ThompsonMaand geleden
  • Karl didn't say she'd be dead by now

    Keith WSKeith WSMaand geleden
  • Moral to humpty dumpty is actually that something can't be fixed and are permanent.

    Softren ProductionSoftren ProductionMaand geleden
  • F

    Darrel CrimminsDarrel CrimminsMaand geleden
  • Who else thought immediately: "Yeah he stole that wolf-joke from Garak"?

    Ben StahrBen StahrMaand geleden
    • @Jay Winner maybe not but just google "never tell the same lie twice" and you get a picture of garak

      Ben StahrBen Stahr11 dagen geleden
    • This was my first thought but then I realized I have no idea if DS9 even came up with that.

      Jay WinnerJay Winner11 dagen geleden
    • Good writers borrow from other writer. Great writers steal from them outright.

      Daniel WieseDaniel WieseMaand geleden
  • the way I understand Humpty dumpy has to do with pride comes before the fall.

    Craig LewisCraig LewisMaand geleden

    Michael ArtMichael ArtMaand geleden
  • Jill went up the hill, and Jack came back down. He left Jill up there, saw her hair, and you would leave her up there wouldn't you.

    DCW 87DCW 87Maand geleden
  • I've heard so much about him being one of the funniest people in the world. Actually seeing him for the first time, I think he's not funny at all.

    YoraYoraMaand geleden
  • He used the same joke about the wolf in After life, and it's still funny hahahaha

    Jose Ignacio Real LozanoJose Ignacio Real LozanoMaand geleden
  • This used to be funny. Until I realized the masses replaced basic morals with leftist values. Leaders long ago realized the masses, if left to their own without basic morals, destroy communities.

    No,IsaidposseNo,IsaidposseMaand geleden
  • Humpty Dumpty must be the stupidest thing I’ve heard in English

    Thurman MermanThurman MermanMaand geleden
  • Athi mhongg wachi en ma minat gutherdung ma lo esi machersov ghedinme

    Videos About StuffVideos About StuffMaand geleden
  • With her marrow n that

    XavXavMaand geleden
  • Please share this brief video with other people: nlworld.info/key/video/wKqGma61faJkqpo

    TheTruth About Science and GodTheTruth About Science and GodMaand geleden
  • Me & Ricky think alike

    Alpha AlphaAlpha AlphaMaand geleden
  • Ricky Gervais' good jokes can be listed in 10 words or less: 1: The one about Noah being gay 2: All the other ones

    Brazilian GoddessBrazilian GoddessMaand geleden
  • nlworld.info/key/video/q4JoZNfJgo2qong

    dellinger71dellinger71Maand geleden
  • The funny thing about the 29 quid suit...The more expensive suit he bought, was probably made in the same sweat shop, for the same price. He just paid more and lost a guitar.

    Mark CMark CMaand geleden
  • "Never tell the same lie twice." Didn't Garak, from Star Trek DS9 say the same thing when told that story?

    Zachary SheetzZachary SheetzMaand geleden
    • He did, Gervais totally stole that

      RAF StrayhornRAF StrayhornMaand geleden
  • Plus, if he's an egg, what is he when he hatches?

    dudewithaniphonedudewithaniphoneMaand geleden
  • Where can I find the Karl Pilkington piece about bone marrow

    Prettiest Girl In SchoolPrettiest Girl In SchoolMaand geleden
  • I smoked one marijuana cigarette and went bloody mental

    Mitchell JonesMitchell JonesMaand geleden
  • Karl pilkington is the man

    Matthew WeeksMatthew WeeksMaand geleden
  • True story: Nothing in Humpty Dumpty said anything about him being an egg. Makes it more like a Frankenstein, doesn't it?

    ComicsluvrComicsluvrMaand geleden
  • To me (even now knowing the real story of Humpty Dumpty) it never explicitly said humpty was an egg, so to me as a kid it was" just don't fall off walls or you will be broken ". A fall from a good height could break a person's bones/skull so it made sense to me XD

    Spamachu ChanSpamachu ChanMaand geleden
  • Kakyoin did you lay this egg?

    Kakyoin TheGamerKakyoin TheGamerMaand geleden
  • He stole the wolf joke from a episode of Star Trek DS9.

    Khyron KravsheraKhyron KravsheraMaand geleden
  • Sadly, paying more for an item does not mean that there was less exploitation involved in producing it. Look at Nike as just one example.

    susan tatrosusan tatroMaand geleden
  • If only he was a boiled egg

    Dr. WHODr. WHOMaand geleden
  • morals is not something you actively teach. you try, you fail. morals is something kids learn through watching other people in the family and elsewhere. if it's not as some think and they get it with their mother's milk.

    Hans OlavHans OlavMaand geleden
    • Well, I think that morality is on the one hand part of our biology because of our ability to experience empathy, and the rest is just picked up from your experiences, which includes what you are taught.

      Hm GrraarrpffrzzHm GrraarrpffrzzMaand geleden
  • Horses may not have opposable thumbs but they do have a prehensile upper lip that they use much like an elephant with a very short trunk, to grab things to eat. Still probably not all that useful in a medical emergency tho. That is all 😊

    rhythmandblues alibirhythmandblues alibiMaand geleden
  • When you realise in the humpty dumpty ryme they don't mention anything about an egg

    ResPhantomResPhantom2 maanden geleden
  • That reveal of him getting the cheap jacket was fucking brilliant, comedic timing on point!

    TaSKTaSK2 maanden geleden
  • i finally find my spirit animal

    Bon Reynan TaladhayBon Reynan Taladhay2 maanden geleden
  • The lesson of Humpty Dumpty is entropy. Duh. Some lover of science Gervais turned out to be.

    KAZ VorpalKAZ Vorpal2 maanden geleden
  • The Moral of Jack and Jill is a valid point.

    sporngespornge2 maanden geleden
    • @J K --Are you sure of that? 🤔Doesn't sound 'right'

      Cheri Anne S.Cheri Anne S.20 dagen geleden
    • There are no morals to English nursery rhymes. Morals are taught in ancient Greek parables. The English were just gossips.

      J KJ K27 dagen geleden
    • I always thought Jack and Jill were siblings and the moral was “be careful when going up and down hills”.

      Kensei HayabusaKensei HayabusaMaand geleden
    • Gravity always wins eventually.

      Brazilian GoddessBrazilian GoddessMaand geleden
  • No where in humpty dumpty is it written that he was a egg... Original rhyme, humpty was a person.

    John Antonio Von TrappJohn Antonio Von Trapp2 maanden geleden
  • Brilliant

    Rachel RingRachel Ring2 maanden geleden
  • Humpty Dumpty wasn't called an egg.

    Tigerfire75Tigerfire752 maanden geleden

    p wp w2 maanden geleden