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7 okt. 2020
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The Holocaust isn't your average comedy subject, but Ricky Gervais (creator of The Office, Extras, Derek and After Life) has a good go at it.
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  • The sheer concentrated camp of these jokes...

    MaugradeMaugradeUur geleden
  • "What is politics?" Immediately subscribes*

    DBKMinecraftDBKMinecraft6 uur geleden
  • Brilliant

    glormp glormpglormp glormp7 uur geleden
  • If he is an atheist shouldn’t he talk about the devil too seeing how he doesn’t believe in anything? Most of these atheist comedian don’t talk about the devil just about god. I mean wasnt there this monk that wrote the devils bible in 1 night but he makes fun about the bible being written in 1 week.

    CJFromGroveStreetCJFromGroveStreet8 uur geleden
  • He did this joke way better on a different show. He didn't seem to be having fun during this.

    NothingToo SpiffyNothingToo Spiffy16 uur geleden
  • highly offensive jokes that are executed in a hilarious manner. Ricky is right up there with Bill Burr for the comedians we truly need in 2021

    CamCam22 uur geleden
  • USSR killed 20 million of their own and the Chinese 100 million, they make the Nazi look like amateurs

    Ron SchaeferRon SchaeferDag geleden
    • In comparison the Cambodian did not have the numbers but look at the percentage! www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/20TH.HTM

      Wolfgang PagelWolfgang PagelDag geleden
  • This guys funny as hell

    Robert FlaskRobert FlaskDag geleden
  • Hitler was a socialist a nationalist socialist. Just like Mussolini was a nationalist socialist who created fascism.

    Coltious TayloropitousColtious TayloropitousDag geleden
  • number of yews died in holo is rising year by year. First after war they claim od 30.000, than few years later they claim over 100.000, in recent years they stuck on 3 milion for many years, and now I hear that they moved forward to 6 milions??? wtaf? in year 2030 they will claim 15 milions? and in 2100 they will say about 1 BILION?

    grodt88grodt88Dag geleden
  • finally, a public figure who understands dark humor.

    Jashwin ReddyJashwin ReddyDag geleden
    • No, a public figure who's not AFRAID to make dark humor in modern society...

      David TuckerDavid TuckerDag geleden
  • Funny, ha ha! Our fools are our true philosophers. They hold a mirror to our faces everyday. #THE COSMIC JOKER

    Marcia SymeMarcia Syme2 dagen geleden
  • He didn't talk about killing Jews in "the book".

    Blaž VeberBlaž Veber2 dagen geleden
    • @William Inbody Read the book.

      Blaž VeberBlaž Veber18 uur geleden
    • Someone doesn’t know their history.

      William InbodyWilliam Inbody21 uur geleden
  • So when Nietzsche talked about universal literacy he meant about people like Hitler?

    ProkrastinatorproProkrastinatorpro2 dagen geleden
  • 3:28 I just love how, initially, people were laughing, then upon the realisation of how dark that joke was and thar they shouldn't laugh, came the sounds which hinted that they suddenly started thinking "oh god that's terrible", and then immediately after that, came mixed voices of aws and hahas

    Sujal GuptaSujal Gupta3 dagen geleden
  • Shoulda had Karl Pilkington do this speech

    Omar DiazOmar Diaz3 dagen geleden
  • The weird thing is that Nietzsche actually identified the European Jews as the closest people existing to his Ubermensch ideal....

    The DarkwolfThe Darkwolf3 dagen geleden
  • There is a comedian who told the best Schindler's List joke I've ever heard but I cannot remember his name. He tells the joke, "My wife can't take me anywhere anymore. It's just too much for her. We went to see that new movie "Schindler's List" and when it was over and we got up to leave I turned to her and said a bit too loud, 'Wow! Can you imagine if this was real?'" I still laugh at that joke after all these years. It's priceless.

    Psychotic BobPsychotic Bob4 dagen geleden
    • @Joker pandroidc That`s the joke. The fact that it did happen.

      Tor Andreas AartunTor Andreas Aartun5 uur geleden
    • Did it happened, I didn't get the joke, can u explain plz? U just commenting just recently

      Joker pandroidcJoker pandroidc14 uur geleden
  • This is how to do stand up Frankie you tw@.

    Datrén ArakielDatrén Arakiel4 dagen geleden
  • Kill the whos?

    Lou SasseLou Sasse5 dagen geleden
  • These english comedians they make jokes about christians ,jews,everybody but never about muslins.

    Desert Fox85Desert Fox855 dagen geleden
    • why do you think that is?

      hi byehi bye4 dagen geleden
  • a clawn questioning the actions of lunatic!!!

    Ahmed MustafaAhmed Mustafa5 dagen geleden
  • Aw...back when Ricki was actually funny

    Lidser G-BLidser G-B6 dagen geleden
  • Hitler's antisemitism had deeper connections with Martin Luther's writings than Nietzsche's.

    Mathew SteeleMathew Steele6 dagen geleden
  • Spread this message... The Democrat party incites violence when it steals elections.

    LION AND LAMBLION AND LAMB7 dagen geleden
  • What is this blockbuster you speak of? Got it out on video?

    Don RobertsonDon Robertson7 dagen geleden
  • soon dark humor will be extinct, because it's like food in Africa, not everyone gets it

    bucwolfbucwolf7 dagen geleden
    • That joke is decades older than most kids down there ever get

      Maximilian DortMaximilian Dort3 dagen geleden
  • The entire basis of politics is that we are all the same. That's the evil of it. "We" aren't a thing, and if it were, there's nobody who could speak for it. The notion that government is preventing chaos is so utterly ridiculous on its face. Look around you. They caused this.

    Gee WillickersGee Willickers7 dagen geleden
  • I didn't know someone could joke about the Holocaust and that it would make me burst out laughing. I'm surely following Ricky to Hell!

    Sridhar SubramaniamSridhar Subramaniam7 dagen geleden
  • So I see that these jokes sit all Kosher with his investors... hmm.. I wonder why. I wonder how he became so popular.. ah wait yes, acting the silly, self depreciating white-european male. Oh aren't they so funny with their non sexually attractive ways. So very much the 'in' thing these days. Yeah let's all laugh at Germany in the 1940s while we are being gradually ground into the floor day after day having apparently 'won' the war against our 'enemies', yeah great idea.

    ArgoohArgooh7 dagen geleden
    • what

      Cinder BlockCinder Block13 uur geleden
  • politics are not funny PEROID.

    Some GuySome Guy8 dagen geleden
  • They didn’t ban popcorn. That’s just dumb. I watched it in theaters. With popcorn

    C AlexanderC Alexander9 dagen geleden
  • I used to find your comedy funny Ricky what's happened?

    Luke ConnollyLuke Connolly9 dagen geleden
  • A laugh track on Schindler's List! I'm dying!

    Jero BriggsJero Briggs9 dagen geleden
  • The delivery in the latest shows Is way more funny

    Marco TrainaMarco Traina9 dagen geleden
  • How dare you use that name as clickbait! That’s disrespectful to aal the people who died in WW2!!!😠

    Marc PabelMarc Pabel9 dagen geleden
  • We all want peace. So let's get it. Whoever is reading this, regardless of your crappy opinions, I love you. Stop the hate and violence. This is bipartisan. Stop. "Happiness is a thing that needs to be practiced, like the violin." - Jack Lubbock

    Erc LuchnskErc Luchnsk9 dagen geleden
  • In the US, one can make fun of every ethnic group (Black, Hispanic, Asian, Muslim, you name it), except for one whose name must not be spoken. To my gladness, the world has achieved some consensus about this most sensitive group who must never be made fun of in the US.

    Leonardo HuangLeonardo Huang10 dagen geleden
    • crippled children?

      beebobeebo8 dagen geleden
  • Why did they ban popcorn during Schindler’s list?

    wayne Lastwayne Last10 dagen geleden
  • Nazi jokes are such low-hanging comedic fruit. It's almost as witless as driving jokes.

    BonzoDog67 LizardkingBonzoDog67 Lizardking10 dagen geleden
  • Excuse me Frederick, Mr. Dorsey would like to have a word.

    Robert VaughnRobert Vaughn11 dagen geleden
  • Mad max took place in 2021

    JayJay StolteJayJay Stolte11 dagen geleden
  • "Polytics - latern meaning - Poly means many - tics means blood sucking creatures".

    Simon MSimon M12 dagen geleden
  • Ricky makes you take a good look at the utter stupidity of man

    Film FelineFilm Feline12 dagen geleden
  • Little known fact. Hitler did read Das Kapital and Marx clearly does not like Jews.

    Shangri-la-la-laShangri-la-la-la12 dagen geleden
  • Great. But still less then the English killed with their empire lol

    Ell dos Santos da Cruz Therapist /spiritual healerEll dos Santos da Cruz Therapist /spiritual healer12 dagen geleden
  • THE MOST UNFUNNY person on the planet by far. Why does anyone give this tool airtime!!

    Nigel CrouchNigel Crouch12 dagen geleden
  • I thought this was kill the rabbit.

    Micah HammacMicah Hammac12 dagen geleden
  • These idiots laugh at the sound of a painful scream!

    S.W.WS.W.W13 dagen geleden
    • @S.W.W no

      Cinder BlockCinder Block13 uur geleden
    • @Dalgus Maximus Is that an order?

      S.W.WS.W.W12 dagen geleden
    • Stay mad.

      Dalgus MaximusDalgus Maximus12 dagen geleden
  • Brilliant!

    Pankaj SinghPankaj Singh13 dagen geleden
  • His abilities with his timing is almost unparalleled, having the ability to be so funny whilst doing a one man bit for a hypothetical situation is awesome.

    Jack RoseJack Rose13 dagen geleden
  • "Neitchze a great scholar" that was his best joke 😂

    campbell holtcampbell holt14 dagen geleden
  • Why did Hitler hate the Jews so much? Did he really have Lyme disease?

    Charles FeatherstoneCharles Featherstone14 dagen geleden
  • We'll fish and chips.

    nekrogoregasmnekrogoregasm14 dagen geleden
  • Ce mec est fou !

    Philippe CALPhilippe CAL15 dagen geleden
  • I'm not a Hitler defender and I don't even know history of world wars too much , but it's so ridiculous how they make fun of him and show him like a psychopath who knows nothing about anything becuase he germany has been the enemy of united states in the world war this actually shows the true power of media and shows how they can make a culture , person , country , etc. so much more different than the reality. And also I don't get it how does everyone say people are equal and should have the same rights and has no proof I myslefy don't think so and I say what I believe logically if you wondet why ask. All in all I mean modern society thinks it's going twoards the good way while it's not

    Aka TakaAka Taka15 dagen geleden
    • @Soup snek I don't know what you are talking about. Anyways, I bought a microphone and I will make a video about this in my channel in a couple of days and I will tell you when I uploaded it , you can watch it if you want and if you do I really appreciate it

      Aka TakaAka Taka8 dagen geleden
    • @Aka Taka people call it race realism. Fun Fact: that isn't true either

      Soup snekSoup snek8 dagen geleden
    • @Soup snek no I'm not nazi if you have to ask

      Aka TakaAka Taka8 dagen geleden
    • nazi in the making?

      Soup snekSoup snek8 dagen geleden
  • He'd never do this in Germany ... He wouldn't be allowed to, so it's great to watch this on NLworld. Thank You, America.

    KremlqueenKremlqueen16 dagen geleden
  • the Egyptians believed citizenship was earned not given, very few egyptians obtained citizenship as this meant a life dedicated to truth and charity towards those who aren't as capable. This is the bases for the philosophy of the masons, earning a place not being given a place and giving back what you can to those who struggle to help themselves.

    ben Sengben Seng16 dagen geleden
  • What sort of book was Schindler's List based on?

    Kristof PKristof P16 dagen geleden
  • The invincible vinyl customarily kneel because clutch virtually brush against a spotless beam. gigantic, tame sagittarius

    Alex GolubAlex Golub16 dagen geleden
  • Count Dankula was arrested, charged and sentenced in Scotland for making a joke about the holocaust.........

    Oru's and Or notsOru's and Or nots16 dagen geleden
  • The political stop astonishingly matter because helium terminally consist toward a marvelous deadline. symptomatic, zealous icicle

    Dorothy MilesDorothy Miles17 dagen geleden
  • Anglos sent back fleeing people, children and families too, after the war back into commie hands, and commies tourtured, skinned alive 60000 at Kočevski Rog. Thats how cool you are.

    Atelier.siAtelier.si17 dagen geleden
  • Ricky is a legend 😂

    Jack MarchJack March17 dagen geleden
  • That right there is Mr. Michael Scott!

    Rahul PandeyRahul Pandey18 dagen geleden
  • What about evolution kill the weak so the strong can reproduce for us to evolve faster. Evolutionists are holding evolution back hahahahahahaha idiots

    First name Middle names Last nameFirst name Middle names Last name18 dagen geleden
  • Julian Assange

    Boxy BrownBoxy Brown18 dagen geleden
  • ‘Democracy is the closest thing to everyone chipping in.’ *C O M M U N I S M I N T E N S I F I E S*

    Fishing pole studiosFishing pole studios19 dagen geleden
  • disgusting anti-German drivel from an absolute conformist...

    Tony BeerTony Beer19 dagen geleden
  • I closed the skit at 1:24. I don't understand what was supposed to be funny.

    Sailor WavesSailor Waves19 dagen geleden
  • who do you eat first, when you start running out of food? enjoy your island....inbreeds.

    Robert LocklinRobert Locklin19 dagen geleden
  • he’s like a really funny professor

    lu ciuslu cius20 dagen geleden
  • No one better than Gervais. Genius.

    Don LessnauDon Lessnau20 dagen geleden
  • It's tragic how people can joke about concentration camps and all those victims facing death every single minute back then. Such low immagination.

    mikomiko20 dagen geleden
    • Hahaha

      Rutger BRutger B20 dagen geleden
  • Only Jezza could pull this sketch off. and we all laugh..

    PowerOf OnePowerOf One20 dagen geleden
  • Did people convert to judaism just to be killed then? What a stupid stat, this is partially why they’ve stolen Palestine

    shutupmanshutupman20 dagen geleden
  • I love plotkc

    Tposs dailyTposs daily20 dagen geleden
  • A bit fucked up and disrespectful that people just talk about the 6 million jews and ignore about 10 million others. Nobodys talking about soviet civilians and prisoners, poles, disabled people, serbians etc. I get that hitler hated jews but they werent the only ones he hated.

    GamerGod337GamerGod33720 dagen geleden
    • @Tony Beer what?

      GamerGod337GamerGod33719 dagen geleden
    • care to comment on the everybody whom the jews hate?...thought not...

      Tony BeerTony Beer19 dagen geleden
  • If Gervais had said "may be 5 million", he would have been in jail.

    Bharath RBharath R20 dagen geleden
    • Yup, you heard of Ursala Haverback?

      Small Hats Hate The TruthSmall Hats Hate The Truth19 dagen geleden
  • Anti semitism is not hilarious, the audience should be ashamed to laugh

    12 02412 02421 dag geleden
    • Don't mistake the subject for the joke. Its healthy to laugh at the sheer absurdity of the past. Nobody is laughing at the loss of life.

      Luke DayLuke Day21 dag geleden
  • Hitler's politics are the politics of today's left.

    Join me on GAB at: JackTannerJoin me on GAB at: JackTanner21 dag geleden
    • Schrödingers Left: following alt right ideology, but also striving for basic human rights and equality what? lmfao

      jungjikook from btsjungjikook from bts21 dag geleden
  • I wonder how many people got offended..

    DerplerDerpler21 dag geleden
  • Stalin killed 30 millions ! And not just jews.

    Olga MarshOlga Marsh21 dag geleden
    • @Dalton Williams I was talking about millions they killed after the bolshevik revolution 1917 and prior to 1941 by way of man made famines repressions of 1937 by killing and sending people to gulags. Who gave them right to do it?!

      Olga MarshOlga Marsh19 dagen geleden
    • The soviets actually conveniently evacuated most of there jews. None of there other citizens though. Since when do the soviets care about any citizens?

      Dalton WilliamsDalton Williams20 dagen geleden
  • Ricky who

    Geoff JonesGeoff Jones21 dag geleden
  • This man walks right up to the line, then ignores it and keeps walking.

    BitEquation 314BitEquation 31421 dag geleden
  • Amusing how Ricky Gervais has gone for the Hitler hairstyle too

    Joseph HydonJoseph Hydon22 dagen geleden
    • hehe... well, its just a side parting but yes it gave me a nice laugh x

      Luke DayLuke Day21 dag geleden
  • 1.4k people from USA who don't understand ironic humour gave this a 👎

    ElmsyElmsy22 dagen geleden
  • racist

    Team RocketTeam Rocket23 dagen geleden
    • He’s the most liberal person I know but ok

      I miss my old accountI miss my old account20 dagen geleden
  • Neitzche died when Hitler was 11

    Michael BeachMichael Beach23 dagen geleden
  • I don't know if I'm out of the loop in British comedy but can someone explain the Lenny Henry reference at the very end

    Joe ExoticJoe Exotic23 dagen geleden
  • "Pffffft..... What?" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    DanielDaniel23 dagen geleden
  • It's a well known fact that horror movies make the best subjects for black comedy. The knight sword fighting in Monty Python, losing his limbs and still talking like Rambo on speed. The saying: "There's no such thing as good taste in good comedy" holds true in this sketch and others like it.

  • Proving conclusively that comics get away with murder... Or to be more specific, jokes about mass murder.

  • Still funnier than Frankie Boyle 😂😂😂

    Tilly TTilly T23 dagen geleden
  • I love it when Brits make fun of Hilter who killed 20m, whlle the British Empire was responsible for 120m deaths...

    Peter DerbyPeter Derby23 dagen geleden
    • Hitler killed 20 million?.He had a war forced on him..if you could just listen to yourself. He made umpteen peace offers to the warmongers (UK and USA) but lets just ignore that because it is youtube, right?

      Tony BeerTony Beer19 dagen geleden
    • I hate the British empire, thank god Britain is destroying itself

      Chris O'BrienChris O'Brien23 dagen geleden
  • lmao

    李李钊李李钊23 dagen geleden
  • Michael Scott wanted a time to make fun of Nazis and WW2. Now creator of the original office and producer of the US version actually did and nailed it 😂

    杰森Jasonジェイソン杰森Jasonジェイソン23 dagen geleden
  • That's the comedy all the safespace babies need.

    Aleksandar IvanovAleksandar Ivanov24 dagen geleden
  • Chyna !

    Jimmy BondJimmy Bond24 dagen geleden
  • I miss the dicey jokes.

    Gage MorganGage Morgan24 dagen geleden