Ricky Gervais On Flying Shortly After 9/11 | SCIENCE | Universal Comedy

19 nov. 2020
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Ricky Gervais talks through his fears of flying shortly after 9/11 in New York.
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  • Not irrational though. Better chance of him being one than, let's say a kiwi

    jj cusackjj cusack5 dagen geleden
  • Well, I got recommended this video after SJ-182 crash

    AmandoVVAmandoVV8 dagen geleden
  • So many snowflakes in the comment section

    Aditya SharmaAditya Sharma8 dagen geleden
  • Statistics (The one who is worried is well rounded and perfectly rational)

    Jack VixenJack Vixen12 dagen geleden
  • He's got 'all the gear'. Lmao!!

    daverage47daverage4715 dagen geleden
  • I like Mr Gervais he is so down to earth and REAL

    Mary UnderwoodMary Underwood17 dagen geleden
  • 'He had all the gear'. Lol

    Brix BrooxBrix Broox18 dagen geleden
  • But if you're a suicide bomber wouldn't you want to fit in?😂 Dressing in traditional attire is the last thing you want to do lol

    Yusur KassemYusur Kassem18 dagen geleden
  • Please start or grow your business for free at BuckGet.net

    Eric SkaggsEric Skaggs21 dag geleden
  • What a legend

    Frankie FryFrankie Fry22 dagen geleden
  • Funny how it's not funny anymore...at the time you'd be cracking up...

    noel keanenoel keane24 dagen geleden
    • @Khy Maaren it was riske at the time...now it's not

      noel keanenoel keane17 dagen geleden
    • It's still funny. What do you mean?

      Khy MaarenKhy Maaren17 dagen geleden
  • Atheism is like gambling when you die and found that God exist what your reaction would be

    Amin HamitiAmin Hamiti24 dagen geleden
    • Then so is religion, or are you absolutely certain that out of the hundreds if not thousands of gods we know you just happened to pick the right one? What if you get up there and Zeus or Odin is very upset with you for not worshipping the right god?

      Zwenk WielZwenk Wiel5 dagen geleden
    • @ThomThom Yes, but in each of their ideological "teachings", must conform to their individual rules and belief systems, regardless of whether your religion is basically a copy and paste of the next one, or else it's hell for you

      Rowan MeltonRowan Melton9 dagen geleden
    • @Gucci As Always The point is that even if there is a god, you have absolutely no idea what their preferences are. For example, perhaps there is a god who exists but will sentence anybody who worships them to eternal torture because they find it distasteful. The argument that you should believe in god, or a god just to be safe doesn't work because you literally know nothing about what the god wants.

      BOB MATTBOB MATT10 dagen geleden
    • @BOB MATT This is why you forgo religion and just believe in “a god.” Then you’re safe either way ;)

      Gucci As AlwaysGucci As Always10 dagen geleden
    • Besides, for atheism to be like gambling, you'd have to put a lot of faith in chance. No, mate. It's exactly the people of faith who bet on the number 37 and still expect to win at the end of their turn. Good luck.

      Khy MaarenKhy Maaren17 dagen geleden
  • Haha it happened.

    Yonas SmethYonas Smeth24 dagen geleden
  • I'm Arab Muslim and I find this hilarious because Ricky simply isn't doing it out of a place of hate or spite against us. However, I have to say there are actual Islamphobes in this comment section.

    klouchyklouchy26 dagen geleden
    • @OmniPi you're not wrong but is that the most constructive attitude to have? Like these are still people and most of them aren't terrorists or anything. They just happened to grow up in a different culture. Like 9 times out of 10 religion is just "inherited" from your parents. Even more so in a repressive and totalitarian regime. Anyway I Don't think calling them barbarians will win them.over to your side any time soon...

      Zwenk WielZwenk Wiel5 dagen geleden
    • @Restricter15 And the Hizb ut-Tahrir question is very simple to answer. Are they real muslims - Yes or No?

      Mats JönssonMats Jönsson7 dagen geleden
    • @Restricter15 No religion makes sense. Science and reason does.

      Mats JönssonMats Jönsson7 dagen geleden
    • @Mats Jönsson You are asking too many questions in one comment and that, combined with the number of comments leaves too many questions unanswered. You really can't stick to one point you're making. You are opening doors to too many things including atheism, that religion poisons everything, Hizb utahrir etc. I am not trying to have a year long discussion here, because you're completely ignoring my points. Don't comment further on the Saudi Arabian restricion on publically practising religion, they are allowed to practice their religions. We are talking about the country that has the holiest city inside it (It is also the Golden Ratio of the World btw.), its not supposed to have churches and synagogues and all of that, there are plenty of Christian countries where you can do that. I don't go to Vatican City to publicly pray my salah for example, kt doesn't make any sense. I am no judge of who is considered a muslim, Allah is. But Allah has made it clear that killing of the innocent is like you killing the entire world population. I also made a point which you also ignored, that there is an opinion that if a muslim kills an Innocent muslim, then he is considered eternal dweller of hell. Yes, I believe that Islam is the last and true religion because IT MAKES SENSE.

      Restricter15Restricter158 dagen geleden
    • @Restricter15 Just because YOU can't imagine yourself killing innocent children that doesn't stop other muslims from doing it. Obviously. Stockholm is just one example. And who made YOU the judge to decide who's a muslim and who isn't? No wonder sunni and shia muslims don't get along that well. And....Is islam the last, and only true, religion - according to you? They can't all be true - can they? That would be a bit messy - wouldn't it?

      Mats JönssonMats Jönsson8 dagen geleden
  • If i saw a middle eastern man wearing traditional clothing in first class i would think he just a billionaire from the UAE

    officalpctechnoofficalpctechno28 dagen geleden
    • Yup

      Armando LunaArmando Luna7 dagen geleden
    • @Kevin Walsh yeah, I was so misguided and scared on September 12th, I made the mistake of enlisting and serving in republican propaganda.

      Christopher StrongChristopher Strong12 dagen geleden
    • No, Sept 12th you wouldn’t have.

      Kevin WalshKevin Walsh15 dagen geleden
    • @Daniel San That's why they're billionaires

      Alias of an aliasAlias of an alias17 dagen geleden
    • The chances are UAE billionaires have, at least, one private jet each. Then again, Bin Laden wasn't exactly poor. 21st century, high-tech, world-wide, terrorism costs money - big money.

      Mats JönssonMats Jönsson20 dagen geleden
  • Nice, I can appreciate some good jokes as well. Your content is the funniest thing I’ve seen since my sketches! Love the videos and I’m sure you would love ours too. I am going to support you hopefully you can do the same back. If you want to collab or talk business dm me on Instagram @servidiohs

    The ServidiOH'sThe ServidiOH's29 dagen geleden
  • “Yeah, but not in foreign!”

    IRON H34RT221IRON H34RT221Maand geleden
  • I guess they do check the beard. At least they briefly checked my hair before a flight. I was a little girl at the time. I always wondered what kind of threat they were looking for. Or was it just a sudden impulse of feeling some nice fluffy curls?

    Elisa Senza.cognomeElisa Senza.cognomeMaand geleden
    • @Taege e haha, in that case thorough inspection would be in order XD

      Zwenk WielZwenk Wiel5 dagen geleden
    • Its cos some drug runners hide their contraband in thick hair

      Vinnie DavisVinnie Davis20 dagen geleden
    • @Taege e ahaha That would be interesting

      Elisa Senza.cognomeElisa Senza.cognome20 dagen geleden
    • For a second I thought that you were saying that you were a little girl with a big beard...my mistake!

      Taege eTaege e21 dag geleden
    • A sharp, non metallic weapon can be hidden in hair, although not in mine.

      faustus tfaustus t21 dag geleden
  • When all your friends look like you, you have a unrealistic precision of reality

    mckensyqmckensyqMaand geleden
    • @Viracocha I was asking if he meant perception instead of precision.

      faustus tfaustus t4 dagen geleden
    • @faustus t he’s basically saying he has no friends because he was looking in the mirror.

      ViracochaViracocha5 dagen geleden
    • Perception?

      faustus tfaustus t21 dag geleden
  • got all the gear

    dudewithaniphonedudewithaniphoneMaand geleden
    • The full regalia.

      faustus tfaustus t21 dag geleden
  • I was expecting the audience to laugh when he said filming was very important!! The fact that they didn't laugh clearly shows how important movies are to some people

    Lar KirbyLar KirbyMaand geleden
    • He told the same joke when he was performing for hbo in chicago and they laughed at it.

      Jag MaharesiJag Maharesi4 dagen geleden
    • @Amir Yasin you sound like richard 😂

      Lar KirbyLar Kirby6 dagen geleden
    • @L Chi I'd take a day off if planes were fucking exploding in the sky

      Nero VukNero Vuk7 dagen geleden
    • And what exactly is wrong with movies being important? It's one of the most important things in eveyones life.

      Amir YasinAmir Yasin7 dagen geleden
    • but its his job.why laught cause he had to fly for his job? where is the funny part?

      L ChiL Chi25 dagen geleden
  • I am Arabian and i have to say that being afraid and profiling in this situation is a very natural response.

    thurqsthurqsMaand geleden
    • @Zwenk Wiel consider it s threat yes. I'll come get you. ^_^

      thurqsthurqs5 dagen geleden
    • So you're saying we should be afraid? Is that a threat?! Xd

      Zwenk WielZwenk Wiel5 dagen geleden
    • @Ben Collins no it doesn't, lions are predators. while foreigners are just different from you. it's only natural in that humans have used scapegoating and fear mongering for so long that you could say it is in our nature.

      Tom MerkerTom Merker15 dagen geleden
    • @faustus t well still gets the point across, they’re still menacing and profiling is basically that, looking to see who would be the most threatening

      Ben CollinsBen Collins21 dag geleden
    • @Ben Collins To be fair, I'd be afraid of lions even if they'd never so much as glanced at my brother. Maybe not a great analogy.

      faustus tfaustus t21 dag geleden
  • Why wouldn't you take one of your wives along with you if you knew you were going to be in paradise before the cabin crew thought they would be starting their final descent? You'd know your wife would be following you later, why not take her along while she's still young?

    Martin WillettMartin WillettMaand geleden
    • @Felix_D Their final everything.

      faustus tfaustus t21 dag geleden
    • "thought they would be starting their final descent?" Well, it IS their final descent.

      Felix_DFelix_DMaand geleden
  • Absolutely nothing wrong with profiling, it’s not racist. I feel the same when I see white folks at the mall, at a college campus, high school, elementary school, church, Walmart, movie theater, planned parenthood, concert, hotel. It’s totally justified.

    J DJ DMaand geleden
    • @TW3F4TES5 because in certain places or contexts white people can be dangerous? NZ is a nice place but there are parts of west Auckland where being the wrong skin colour can be the difference between a bad night and a fucking awful night.

      Samuel KristopherSamuel KristopherMaand geleden
    • @J D What’s the point of profiling if you decrease the chance of getting it right?

      TW3F4TES5TW3F4TES5Maand geleden
    • Why would you feel that way seeing white people?

      TW3F4TES5TW3F4TES5Maand geleden
  • Awesome

    lisa Szantolisa SzantoMaand geleden
  • How am I seeing people in the comments get offended😂 I’m Arab my self and I laughed, too many snowflakes😂

    L Stacks YTL Stacks YTMaand geleden
    • Are you in a different comment section?

      dhltn8624dhltn8624Maand geleden
    • Ong bro, ricky is prolly my favorite comedian, so much dark humor.

      Justin CoenJustin CoenMaand geleden
    • The white guilt is absolutely disgraceful!

      IRON H34RT221IRON H34RT221Maand geleden
    • @lisa Szanto In what countries? and do you have a point? lol

      MomMomMaand geleden
    • @lisa Szanto Did you know that this was a comedy routine? And no, in questionnaires, arabs do not tend to identify as Caucasian - it's never an option. Have you ever done one of these questionnaires?

      Stew TaylorStew TaylorMaand geleden
  • Is it ok to mouth "you're first". As a joke obviously. If someone looks at me like that at an airport.

    Hamed KhanHamed KhanMaand geleden
    • that would be fucking hilarious but stressful at the same time

      sophioso musicsophioso music29 dagen geleden
    • I just can't wait for my next international holiday now

      Baby Boy SmoothBaby Boy SmoothMaand geleden
    • If they start questioning you, you can just say "i said you can go first?" Then smile

      ItsReefItsReefMaand geleden
  • The PC culture wants us to think that profiling is 'wrong' or 'racist' or some other -ist. Total nonsense of course, it's a survival strategy practiced by ALL since time immemorial and always will be. Get over it already, lol.

    James D Spader FJames D Spader FMaand geleden
    • @thurqs no the terrorist attacks tend to happen just outside the airport now...

      Zwenk WielZwenk Wiel5 dagen geleden
    • @Thomas E In America? Maybe, yes. Although you could narrow that down to lonely, strange and most likely bullied white kids. Although I'm sure that wouldn't go down well with a lot of people, it could potentially save lives

      Rowan MeltonRowan Melton9 dagen geleden
    • we're waiting for you to do just that: get over it!! been 20,000 years

      mistah Jacksonmistah Jackson20 dagen geleden
    • So every white kid has to have their bags checked everytime they go into school to check they are not planning to shoot it up? Or isn't that the "profile" lol.

      Thomas EThomas E21 dag geleden
    • Yes. If you see a swarm of hover flies by some chance, flying straight towards you, You don't start thinking if it's a hover fly or honeybee swarm. You look in the opposite direction and run for your life. You're not racist if you mistake hover flies to honeybees...

      p Hsp HsMaand geleden
  • I like it when Ricky makes jokes about controversial things. I wonder if he has the balls to joke about denying the Holocaust...

    M AM AMaand geleden
    • @faustus t lol. Me making a comment saying censorship is never the answer. NLworld immediately deleting said comment.... I give up

      Zwenk WielZwenk Wiel5 dagen geleden
    • There is nothing controversial about making fun of idiots. What, would you consider making fun of flat-Earthers be controversial? Or those that pretend there's no virus?

      GojiGoji19 dagen geleden
    • Why should that take balls? Being a denier can get you locked up in some places, rightly so.

      faustus tfaustus t21 dag geleden
    • I'm sure he has

      Matthew WeeksMatthew WeeksMaand geleden
  • Never gets old! Watch Ricky all the time🥇

    SoundSharp Music Ltd Wade SharpSoundSharp Music Ltd Wade SharpMaand geleden
  • And just look where Mayor of New York during 9/11, Rudy Giuliani, is now... Scary!

    grant houghtongrant houghtonMaand geleden
    • @Christopher Strong that’s horrible to say. I don’t care if you disagree with his politics, there aren’t very many people who deserve death and he’s not on that short list.

      Hufflepuff BaseballHufflepuff Baseball21 dag geleden
    • It's shame Rudy wasn't a victim of 9/11.

      Christopher StrongChristopher Strong25 dagen geleden
  • This shows how racist american became towards any middle eastern guy just by the look, peaceful ordinary muslim and non muslim arabs suffered a lot since then

    caldorecaldoreMaand geleden
    • @Vink Well, you only have to look over the last decade of British history, to see that you are more likely to be stabbed by a Middle Eastern immigrant than a native.

      Rowan MeltonRowan Melton9 dagen geleden
    • I get what you're saying but... I mean, if I walked into a public place with a Hitler stache and started speaking German do you think people WOULDN'T judge me? It's natural for people to judge other's based on appearance. It's just how humans are wired based on survival instincts. So long as they don't take it to irrational extremes like blatant hatred, aggression or refusal to acknowledge or interact with the other person to see that they may be wrong, I don't see much harm in it. As this video kinda pointed out, the problem starts when the irrational part manages to overrule rational thoughts.

      GojiGoji19 dagen geleden
    • @Mohammed Rahman it's terrible and it shouldn't happen for sure ,as I said this wouldn't be the case only in an ideal world ,but I'm not american/from uk nor do I support their cause,also I wouldn't say it happens from incompetence ,they know fully well what they are doing they just don't care ,they only care of their interest and only needed a reason to move forward with them ,and the mistake was done and the reason was given ,or at least thats what most of the citizens of these countries think.

      DanToryDanTory19 dagen geleden
    • @DanTory can u also blame the millions that died in iraq because of the incompetence of the uk/us, it wouldn't fit ur narrative to talk about these people only the people that died in 9/11 not the millions of muslims that also died.

      Mohammed RahmanMohammed Rahman19 dagen geleden
    • @Martin Willett That will go right over his head, unfortunately.

      faustus tfaustus t21 dag geleden
  • Stop by

    tri kocaktri kocakMaand geleden
  • Trump won by a land slide

    Lava BulletsLava BulletsMaand geleden
    • @Steel String With people like you God Help America, you cannot be that Stupid.

      Stan StanStan Stan10 dagen geleden
    • He probably did win, but not by a landslide.

      Steel StringSteel String10 dagen geleden
    • Won what?

      greggdilligaffshellygreggdilligaffshellyMaand geleden
    • @Vink Do you tell British comedians off for criticising Donald Trump?

      Martin WillettMartin WillettMaand geleden
    • He did in Never Never Land.

      Stan StanStan StanMaand geleden
  • The best... The best

    Imti AkumImti AkumMaand geleden
  • Funny as ever but sadly ironic that part of this joke is relevant to a real situation.

    Jason 01Jason 01Maand geleden
    • @Bish Neegus feelings ain’t hurt you mug. You don’t even know what I was referring to so get back in your cave.

      Jason 01Jason 0115 dagen geleden
    • It's satire based on that very situation. No irony here.

      Khy MaarenKhy Maaren17 dagen geleden
    • @Alias of an alias That's not completely true. It also works the other way. If I say all blacks have large wangers that's me expressing a feeling of inferiority. That's still racist though.

      GojiGoji19 dagen geleden
    • @Jason 01 It is mental init. No one knows the definition of racism anymore and it's taken out of context constantly. Racism is characterized by a belief of superiority.

      Alias of an aliasAlias of an aliasMaand geleden
    • @Yer Nan it was regarding the joke Ricky was telling and the situation one of the young security guards was in. The whole ridiculous awkwardness of being labelled a racist over the slightest thing. World gone mad stuff

      Jason 01Jason 01Maand geleden
  • What a beautiful title x)

    TWhiteShadowTWhiteShadowMaand geleden
  • PLEASE READ THIS RICKY..............hey ricky big big fan off you👌👌 your a top man👌👌 i seen warick davis on itv4 hosting game shows he is doing very well for himself.. i see you and steve still doing work and bein susesfull👌 BUT how is karl doing ricky???? Is he ok???? Has he being abducted by aliens??Please let us know please get him on a podcast skype type off podcast even.. everyone is worried about karl how is he doing? I hope he is well and in good health👍

    j ddj ddMaand geleden
    • @j dd "Karl Pilkington chats to the Two Shot Podcast (Full Episode 2020)" Here is the name of a podcast he did a few months ago.

      Joe GillbanksJoe GillbanksMaand geleden
    • @Joe Gillbanks but has he any new content?? Id love to hear from him durring covid times😃

      j ddj ddMaand geleden
    • Karl is fine, he's always doing podcasts and has had two of his own TV shows on Sky!, current being 'Sick of It'.

      Joe GillbanksJoe GillbanksMaand geleden
    • DuckDuckGo it.

      AJayAnswersYouAJayAnswersYouMaand geleden
  • Let's be honest. We have all been in a similar situation..😂

    Ash MyersAsh MyersMaand geleden
    • @Christopher Strong which one is your father

      Leo KingLeo King8 dagen geleden
    • @ANDYofzz oh how i love blatant racism

      lialia11 dagen geleden
    • @Ash Myers I stopped talking to him 7years ago when I grew the courage to tell him I was raped in iraq and he victim-blamed me.

      Christopher StrongChristopher Strong25 dagen geleden
    • @Ash Myers may I attempt to help the karma here by apologizing for my racist Texan police officer father?

      Christopher StrongChristopher Strong25 dagen geleden
    • @Samuel Black yeah I’m sure you do 😂😂

      Tommy JayhawksTommy JayhawksMaand geleden
  • Gotta love Ricky

    Peter WhittinghamPeter WhittinghamMaand geleden
    • @Christopher Strong uhh I'm confused

      Jordan 23Jordan 2322 dagen geleden
    • You are NOT WELCOME for my service

      Christopher StrongChristopher Strong25 dagen geleden
    • Nope. Sorry but after serving your lies in Iraq I'm disabled and no longer have to do a goddamned thing you say.

      Christopher StrongChristopher Strong25 dagen geleden
  • this man danced around the bar of contraversy

    LuconadeLuconadeMaand geleden
    • @Demonic's Gaming Domain maybe not maybe contavercy is Ricky's new domain and he has championed that one too!! Lol

      And AAnd AMaand geleden
    • *controversy*

      Demonic's Gaming DomainDemonic's Gaming DomainMaand geleden
  • Good day this is your pilot speaking. I am happy to announce that your flight has been diverted to paradise

    Cameron BranfordCameron BranfordMaand geleden
    • Population of 72

      Conor McMenaminConor McMenaminDag geleden
    • ..oh no, not Utah!

      jacob millerjacob miller9 dagen geleden
    • @Christopher Strong You seem to have some Islamic beliefs in you. Are u Muslim?

      Alnivol666Alnivol66614 dagen geleden
    • @Alnivol666 🔥🔥🔥in hell

      Christopher StrongChristopher Strong14 dagen geleden
    • Pretty sure Hugh from Mock the week said that one.

      DreamsDreams14 dagen geleden