Ricky Gervais Defends His Opinion On Fat People | Universal Comedy

25 nov. 2020
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Never one to shy away from a controversial opinion, the star and creator of The Office, Extras and repeat offender of hosting the Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais here discusses and defends his opinions on fat people.
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  • I used to judge fat people for committing a slow suicide, now I don’t care. Live and let live.

    Extraordinary MindsetExtraordinary Mindset3 uur geleden
  • This didn't age well. Now women celebrate being fat and men are called trash.

    Sardonic SpartanSardonic Spartan3 uur geleden
  • Yeah, but empathy for the addicts. It's real hard when the thing you're addicted to is an everyday necessity.

    waranghirawaranghira3 uur geleden
    • ​@Frijo Froisdeern Yes, it's a choice. Always have been. But not all choices are equal. Your choice not to stuff your face (or a diabetic's face) might not be as hard as if I were to choose it.

      waranghirawaranghira2 uur geleden
    • @Frijo Froisdeern thats what they were saying ? Food addiction

      Hannah CollierHannah Collier2 uur geleden
    • Diabetics do it. Obese can do it to.

      Frijo FroisdeernFrijo Froisdeern2 uur geleden
  • Fat positivity is just as dangerous as "alcoholic" positivity or "crack head" positivity.

    elliot Stannardelliot Stannard7 uur geleden
    • @Hannah Collier it's like you learned nothing from this video

      elliot Stannardelliot StannardUur geleden
    • @Hannah Collier that's not what I, nor anyone else with any sense, has seen. If you keep telling people "they are ok" even if they are dangerously overweight, then it'll just encourage them to, or at least won't deter them from, continuing down that path. Sparing someone's feelings might mean you don't spare their life. It's the same thing with other forms of addiction, and make no mistake it's addiction that can lead to death, which is why I made the comparison. Also, the front cover of magazines saying "this is healthy" when depicting a morbidly obese woman is obviously a dangerous prospect. The worst thing is that it is allowing people who have mental health issues to continue harming themselves with a constant "it's alright". It's like watching someone cut themselves because of their hallucinations, and you not saying anything because you don't have the spine to intervene. You are a bystander and enabler.

      elliot Stannardelliot StannardUur geleden
    • It’s not fat positivity it’s body positivity , and it’s not about encouraging people to be overweight

      Hannah CollierHannah Collier2 uur geleden
  • Two major issues and causes for obesity are often underestimated and sometimes totally ignored: A) Our society generates sad and unhappy people in so many ways. It starts with mobbing in school and goes on in jobs. Families have no value any more. The old are often simply removed from the family. Media have an addicting and negative effect. Loneliness is spreading all over the world and especially in big cities. All this leads to the urge to get some comfort. And the easiest ways are either drugs or food. Simple. B) The food industrie knows this and produces highly addictive food with tons of sugar! Everything that gets you hooked is put into our food. Sugar, salt, fat and msg are the key compounds to get us sluggish. The food is convenient and easy to prepare. Food ads are suggesting happines and comfort. Lemonades are crack in liquid form that you can freely buy in grocerie stores. Yes, fat shaming is a big problem! You are not helping and you are blaming again the victims instead of the perpetrators, because they are many and they are hidden. And fat people have no selfesteem whatsoever to truely speak out for themself.

    AaackermannAaackermann23 uur geleden
  • Ricky is like one of those people that find a religion, barely change their life, and then judges everyone elses morals. Hey ricky you where fat 15 minuets ago and you are still kind of doughy AND now you can afford trainers and a perfict diet. So... ya know.

    PhilodoxPhilodox2 dagen geleden
  • Genau wie diese Anorexie-Mädels. Die tun ihrem Körper ebenfalls nur Schlechtes an. Die müssen eben nur mal was essen! Genau wie die Fetten einfach nur mal eine Mahlzeit weglassen müssen!

    VibeVibe2 dagen geleden
  • "Im not having a go at fat people." *HAS A GO AT FAT PEOPLE*

    Ali IdrisAli Idris2 dagen geleden
  • It is my intention to lose weight, just waiting to see if the world ends before I concentrate any real effort into it.

    KoorobKoorob2 dagen geleden
    • I felt this lmao

      bRenegadezbRenegadez2 dagen geleden
  • Very good standup

    Old VegasOld Vegas4 dagen geleden
  • Ricky is fat, so why wouldn’t he have an opinion on fat people?

    shonz88shonz885 dagen geleden
  • Anyone know what special this is from?

    Raul Rene LepsaRaul Rene Lepsa6 dagen geleden
  • SJWs: Comedy must be politically correct! British comedy: So you've chosen death.

    he_is_not_a_bogeyhe_is_not_a_bogey7 dagen geleden
    • @Kompe2 as a society Britain is a lot less PC than the US which is what I think he’s hinting at

      FBIFBI9 uur geleden
    • I dont get it, isn't Doug Stanhope, Bill Burr & Louis CK etc just as non PC, or is there abundance of politcal incorrect comedians in uk?

      Kompe2Kompe221 uur geleden
    • Don't think Britain hasn't been infected by SJWs.

      Zidan MozumderZidan Mozumder3 dagen geleden
  • Sadly Ricky is wrong. Calories do not cause weight gain, that is down to insulin.

    sourcesciencesourcescience9 dagen geleden
  • I'm fat and this is so accurate

    Felicima22Felicima229 dagen geleden
    • Me too😂😂😂

      clair ashclair ashDag geleden
  • Some of the basics are correct. Calories in calories out, makes sense. But it is more complicated than that. A lot of people live in obesogenic environments that promote weight gain. There’s also mental health issues involved. People who experience trauma often gain weight, particularly women who were victims of sexual assault. Body fat acts an armor for some people. It’s not a personal problem where individuals are to blame. It’s a public health issue.

    Nick RepiceNick Repice9 dagen geleden
  • I have never laughed so hard in my entire life!!! « It’s not bad is it ??? 😂😂😂

    J. ZJ. Z9 dagen geleden
  • Is it another performance of the old stand-up? The audience doesn't laugh where they used to in this monologue. Maybe they have already seen it on NLworld. It's surprising how many times some comedians say the same jokes

    KasiaKasia9 dagen geleden
  • So only right-wingers are allowed to have opinions?

    Rachel DeRosierRachel DeRosier10 dagen geleden
  • I like how the title to this video isn’t that Ricky Gervais defends fat people, but he defends HIS opinion on fat people 😂

    Pedro MunchenPedro Munchen10 dagen geleden

    Laura RiveraLaura Rivera10 dagen geleden
  • I love how nobody ever acknowledges the Men's Fitness magazine models when they complain about unrealistic female models

    C. ReevesC. Reeves10 dagen geleden
    • I think it's because the pressures on women are FAR greater than it is for men

      Suck My DuckSuck My Duck3 dagen geleden
  • It was the lettuce man... Lettuceat whatever we want

    James BogucheskiJames Bogucheski10 dagen geleden
  • Sorry to disagree about the gay part, I think everything is about choice. You chose what you are.

    omul umanomul uman10 dagen geleden
    • I personally dont think it is a choice of if you want to be gay or not but rather environmental such as being molested as a child might have something to do with it lol

      Tobi CipherTobi Cipher10 dagen geleden
  • Anything but jogging lol

    Miguel ValenciaMiguel Valencia10 dagen geleden
  • Ya it funny how metabolism is a choice to some people with no education.

    TheNaznineTheNaznine11 dagen geleden
  • Love him 💙

    Alessia LattanziAlessia Lattanzi11 dagen geleden
  • A lot of fat people have an emotional eating problem. Somewhere along their development, food became a solution or coping mechanism for uncomfortable emotions or stressful situations. And this habit became cemented over years and years.

    T. PhamT. Pham11 dagen geleden
    • @Tobi Cipher yes I agree. But trying to treat treat fitness by itself is often times treating the symptom not the cause. For example, I was never able to stick with weight loss or fitness bc I had a lot of self loathing and self image issues. Id lose weight, and then gain it back again bc of emotional eating issues. Cycle happened again and again. After working with a meditation coach i was able to resolve a large part of these issues, and on my own I decided to lose and weight. I've dropped 17 lbs and I'm the leanest I've ever been. That's just me though and I know others have much bigger issues. But I've come to see that treating fitness in addition to treating the deep issues has done a lot more than just treating one or the other separately.

      T. PhamT. Pham10 dagen geleden
    • @T. Pham if you've talked to any psychologist or therapist they will tell you everybody comes in saying they have only an emotional or anxiety problem while the problem is seriously deep rooted into something else. Not to mention eating healthier/working out can act as a domino for good habits and seriously change their life for the better.

      Tobi CipherTobi Cipher10 dagen geleden
    • @Tobi Cipher speaking as someone who had an emotional eating problem for over a decade, its just not that simple. Most of these issues are interconnected and complex, and solving them on your own takes an incredible amount of self awareness and a very analytical mindset. Telling someone with deep seared emotional issues to "simply solve their obesity" is like telling a homeless person to "just get a job."

      T. PhamT. Pham10 dagen geleden
    • Then they should fix up their life, that helps with anxiety. The first problem that can fix is their obesity

      Tobi CipherTobi Cipher10 dagen geleden
    • Yup, and I did something about it!

      Mr NobodyMr Nobody11 dagen geleden
  • Your very first point is disputable. Look up dr jason fung.

    chersi mercichersi merci13 dagen geleden
  • Bbb n b n b. B. B be no n n be

    Richard TubbRichard Tubb13 dagen geleden
  • This aged well

    Magnus Friis KamelarczykMagnus Friis Kamelarczyk14 dagen geleden
  • A lot of his jokes were ahead of its time.

    Shreyas MuleyShreyas Muley15 dagen geleden
  • The “move to Brighton” part got me 🤣

    Gaijin HakaseGaijin Hakase16 dagen geleden
  • What about people who can't afford buying better food or have time to work out?

    SezarOrooSezarOroo16 dagen geleden
    • @SezarOroo it's not always about what you eat also calorie intake. You can survive on nothing but Donuts out of the Dunkin Donuts dumpster and not be fat as long as you control the calorie intake and work out. Not to mention even if that was the case health should be a high priority. You're basically buying extra years of life if you buy the healthy food.

      Tobi CipherTobi Cipher10 dagen geleden
    • @T J Man, I thought I was laughing before... but now that I read this I got tears going down. Let me see if I got this right: 1. You grand paps who never trained in his life but somehow had a 6 pack is a proof to anything but good genes? 2. Cause the UK got rockets on peoples heads and they didn't have enough food and the government had to ration things up this is a proof to anything in our times? Of course it's the same food etc., no changes made (I'm sorry I'm laughing so hard it's hard for me to even type). Hey maybe by this logic you guys should ask the Germans to start shooting again V2 rockets on your cities? That's the best exercise ever when you're running down for your lives. You don't need any motivational speeches than. You even yourself say that only rich people could buy "buy more food than they needed" - so again maybe the government just made everything it could to make you *not starve* or be *on the minimal caloric diet needed?* I know this cause when Israel was first created, the Government made the same thing here. 3. About what you wrote about parents to small children, since you say probably and I'm actual a parent not in theory and also dated something like 120 women in my life - no you're not right at all. That's not what happens. Sorry but you have no idea what you're talking about. Chasing around your kids isn't the equivalent of some nice gym workout. P.S - could you please bring more WW2 reference? Cause I'm a big history buff and I would love to hear some more funny ideas on why people in the second world war were thin. Here are some ideas for you to take from: A. Jews in concentration camps. B. Soviet poisoners. C. Political enemies of the Nazis and Soviets. D. Troops who got their planes crashed in remote areas and didn't have enough food. Looking forward for that thinking tank of yours.

      SezarOrooSezarOroo14 dagen geleden
    • @SezarOroo I'm not joking at all nor making fun. However, Disabilities that cause weight gain are rare. People in wheelchairs for example can and do get exercise. Woman who gain weight through pregnancy can lose the weight it just takes alot of time and besides that's not exactly the same as he's talking about in the video. As for parents with small children they probably get more exercise than anyone. Being a parent is very active. As for old people, my grandad had a 6 pack till he died and never exercised, most old people in the west weren't overweight when I was growing up in the 80s and 90s. During the second world war people in England were the healthiest they had ever been in history because the government put them on a healthy ration and were almost all thin (statistically). Before the war being fat was almost unheard of unless someone was rich and could buy more food than they needed. If issues such as thyroid and various genetic complaints were as common as it's sometimes made out people would have been fat then as well but they weren't.

      T JT J14 dagen geleden
    • ​@T J Yes it is a Western problem. And that's the point is, some people who have less money and can't afford either time or just the healthier materials to stay thin (please come and visit Israel, some nations still claim we are part of the western world). If you're for example a hard working mom that doesn't have the time and need to eat some very very basic food like bread for example you will get probably fat, if you can't afford buying better food or have time to do some walks etc' to burn it off. Plus I see you still kind of tried to avoid what I point out - not all people are healthy and can walk and do physical exercise. Even if I would accept you claim that it's simply cause people don't exercise enough cause they're too lazy or choose not to (and I really really don't) you still didn't mention other reasons like people with health problems like being in a wheelchair. How about people who are too old? Woman who give birth and gain weight during their pregnancy and can't lose it off? People with problems in their thyroids? Parents who can't go around jogging and walking since they have small children? Are ALL OF THESE PEOPLE REALLY TO BE BLAMED? I think he just made a joke, and I'm showing some logic showing that although it sounds funny, this isn't the truth at all.

      SezarOrooSezarOroo14 dagen geleden
    • @SezarOroo I'm not suggesting England is the whole world so no need to be funny! Your internet comment makes no sense!! The comedian is English and what I said is true of most of the western world. Easier to order a pizza than cook some veg and fresh meat. Fat tends to be a western problem overwhelmingly due to unnecessary poor diet and inactivity.

      T JT J14 dagen geleden
  • Joggin = waste of time

    Douglas CrespoDouglas Crespo16 dagen geleden
  • Ricky knows enough science to know "own free will" is highly contested. Actually, there is no evidence for it. And where I'm from he is considered fat himself. Something he often jokes about. The science is out on BMI: it's hereditary. The royal society just released a video interviewing a foremost scientist of behavioural psychology (4 decades in the field) that addressed BMI and other behaviours. nature vs nurture.

    frits germsfrits germs16 dagen geleden
    • @Roronoa Zoro actually, if you read my comment, I mention it.

      frits germsfrits germs15 dagen geleden
    • "And where I'm from he is considered fat himself." He's poking fun at himself. nothing wrong with that

      Roronoa ZoroRoronoa Zoro15 dagen geleden
  • Yep

    dropnoel Fielddropnoel Field16 dagen geleden
  • What about drug addicts? Do they choose to be addicted as well? Ricky overestimates free-will. That’s my only issue. It’s not easy making the right decisions and often times, we need a support system - not just pure will-power.

    Love&PeaceLove&Peace17 dagen geleden
    • It’s comedy, he’s trying to make people laugh, and it’s working. Why are you mad? Pretty sure he’s not talking to you.

      Sander LeuSander Leu10 dagen geleden
    • @T B that excuses it?

      Gaijin HakaseGaijin Hakase12 dagen geleden
    • @Gaijin Hakase I mostly agree with you, but you do have to account for fat peoples addiction to sugary foods

      T BT B12 dagen geleden
    • Nope, he’s right on the money. A fat person can stop overeating and get in shape anytime they choose.

      Gaijin HakaseGaijin Hakase16 dagen geleden
    • Initially taking drugs is free will. Then it becomes an addiction... but being fat and being a junkie is not the same

      lazzy2012lazzy201216 dagen geleden
  • 1. The factual bit is how people get fat. I mean it’s not the whole truth and it’s woefully out of context, but he’s not wrong. If he had stopped at that, it would have been perfect. 2. What isn’t a fact is how he said he didn’t judge fat people on any other factor, or assume anything about them. But then he goes on, assuming fat women try harder to keep their men, and that’s why they’re getting their hair and nails done - this is horribly sexist. Judging fat people for not running on the lawn. 3. It is well known that Gervais doesn’t care about making jokes about what he jokes about. That’s his choice. But his jokes on fatness are far from clever because of the hypocrisy from point 2. And because it’s an anti-fat world everywhere. His joke about uncomfortable fat people in his audience....buying two seats shouldn’t be the solution. Designing seats that fit the average person (average size is what is considered plus size acc to stats in the US) in auditoriums and flights should be. But that doesn’t provide profits...so it won’t be done.

    Mint ShassMint Shass17 dagen geleden
    • @Mint Shass ah okay, well then our moral compasses regarding comedy are very different. In my opinion, him saying those things is not offensive at all. We live in a society where peoples feelings become more and more important than freedom of speech, which I find ridiculous. As long as you insult everyone, and don’t single out one group, everything’s fair in my opinion. You also call him a hypocrite, and that’s why I assumed you missed the joke there. He was saying that because it’s funny, not because he’s not realising the hipocracy (don’t know how to spell that, excuse me) of his comment, but because that makes it funny. And regarding those seats... that’s an American problem. Or at least not a European one (especially since Brexit 😉). But that’s a whole other discussion about systemic unhealthy living in those countries, and I don’t know enough about those countries and their food/health habits to judge.

      Sjoerd van VelzenSjoerd van Velzen16 dagen geleden
    • @Sjoerd van Velzen Maybe if you read my comment fully, you’d realise I do understand. I have acknowledged that what Gervais says to sound funny is his choice. However, MY moral compass tells me: just because something sounds funny, it doesn’t give one a free pass to say something horribly offensive. It’s the reason we as a society, have grown out of finding racist jokes, sexist jokes etc funny. So, thank you for your reply, and I’d love to hear more from you if you actually have something to say about the points I’ve made rather than point out the obvious fact that he’s a comedian.

      Mint ShassMint Shass16 dagen geleden
    • Lol. I don’t think you understand that he’s saying those things to be funny, not to be taken seriously

      Sjoerd van VelzenSjoerd van Velzen17 dagen geleden
  • A bit disgusting as verbatim.

    Tamara ScallionTamara Scallion17 dagen geleden
  • It's not fat shaming, it's caring about the people you love and fighting against the number one killer in many countries which is cardiovascular disease. Being overweight leads to: stroke, diabetes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and highly susceptible to flus and colds amongst many other issues. If they weren't depressed to start, they'll eventually become depressed and it's a dark hole from there. I hope anyone who is fat and reading this, accept the truth of your weight and work on your health in order to make your goals and dreams come true. Drop the sugars and all drinks except water to start. Good luck! Also love Ricky's non PC ways, last of a dying breed.

    FredFred17 dagen geleden
  • Haha the last bit was fucking funny

    SeanSean18 dagen geleden
  • Ricky is just mean

    Lisa LoveLisa Love18 dagen geleden
    • He’s a comedian, he’s not being serious

      Dr. sludgeDr. sludge14 dagen geleden
  • 4:27 That one dude in the audience "AAAAAAAawwwwwwwww!" I feel you lol

    theonlycatonicetheonlycatonice18 dagen geleden
  • I would love to watch him perform in person

    Romy DelPoRomy DelPo19 dagen geleden
  • Coach Greg would be proud

    Joseph GwaltneyJoseph Gwaltney19 dagen geleden
    • 0

      Ahmad AuwadAhmad Auwad14 dagen geleden
  • We need more of this in 2021

    MegaDannyBoy6MegaDannyBoy619 dagen geleden
  • And here I am jealous of fat people. I had been underweight until 20 and now at 23 when I reached normal BMI still being skinny, I am struck with tuberculosis which is again drastically dragging my weight down. Statistics say the lesser the body weight the more is the mortality rate among TB patients. I just wish I was fat.

    Bratwurst mit biryaniBratwurst mit biryani19 dagen geleden
  • good stuff

    Ricky HernandezRicky Hernandez20 dagen geleden
  • It's obvious when someone is morbidly obese and just not fit. Gervais isn't fit here for example.

    thousandyoungthousandyoung20 dagen geleden
  • Over eating is slow suicide, same as smoking cig's and drinking too much alcohol or substance abuse. All point to a general dissatisfaction with life or psychological or social problems.

    Nicola RollinsonNicola Rollinson20 dagen geleden
    • @Eirini Lyviaki objectively healthists don't live long lives but in contrasted with junkies they live very long lives.

      Tobi CipherTobi Cipher10 dagen geleden
    • @Eirini Lyviaki My life has been a rollercoaster of spritual highs and intense lows of loss and abuse. Feast and famine. Moments of pure joy, for sure, thanks to faith and the love of the Divine' powers. This life hasn't broken me for this reason alone. I'm not exactly a health freak, I just happen to enjoy healthy food, when I can get it. Thankful if I eat. Moderation in all things including moderation, when opportunity knocks. Now I'm in the twilight of my years, I feel proud that I'm a survivor and that, in my finer moments I know true peace. I'm ready to leave this mortal coil, when "the Boss" calls 😁 I wish you a safe and happy life too. Peace, good health and ...well, whatever you hope for 💜

      Nicola RollinsonNicola Rollinson18 dagen geleden
    • Hi healthist! I hope you live a long life.

      Eirini LyviakiEirini Lyviaki18 dagen geleden
  • Energy in vs energy out. The laws of thermodynamics don't change because of your precious feelings. Put the fork down

    DaveSeeMeRollinDaveSeeMeRollin20 dagen geleden
    • put the cookie down ^^

      Gloria TeslaGloria Tesla15 dagen geleden
  • Not entirely true. In many cases children are raised by fat child abusers who feed them garbage. The kids are overweight before they have any independence and are deeply entrenched in this pattern of addiction that is extremely difficult to get out of. By the time they’re old enough to make their own food choices it’s an uphill battle to reverse the damage that has been done. In many other cases, people were physically or sexually abused and turn to food as a coping mechanism to deal with the pain.

    Kristian MatthewsKristian Matthews20 dagen geleden
    • We get to choose what we eat - it’s one of the few things we have total control over. We can all choose not to eat that cake / chocolate / takeaway.

      Pete GlantonPete Glanton3 dagen geleden
    • Ba dum bump

      Ernest AldereteErnest Alderete7 dagen geleden
    • That’s gotta be the tiniest minority ever so obviously he’s not referring to people in those situations

      Luke GumpLuke Gump11 dagen geleden
    • You’re making excuses , last year I had a heavy drug addiction. This year I workout 6 times a week and am sober. I don’t want to hear excuses, if a “fat” person went to a gym for two weeks most would end up loving it. Exercise releases the same chemicals as eating junk food

      ItzDonItzDon11 dagen geleden
    • It's a comedy show don't take it seriously he's not a doctor

      blaick974blaick97420 dagen geleden
  • Why are people so sensitive about fat people? It's seen as negative, cause it's unhealthy...That's that. But I disagree with the women thing. If a man is fat, then he is just a fat fucker, but if a womans fat then they're beautiful, cause all women are beautiful now.

    ZigZig20 dagen geleden
  • He isn't fit him self

    M SOLIMANM SOLIMAN20 dagen geleden
  • Yes this is pretty funny, but sometimes you really don’t realize how much you’re eating until one day it hits you. Here’s a great story to listen to nlworld.info/key/video/pWqCaLSYn491baI

    No perkeleNo perkele21 dag geleden
  • Don,t forgetbeing fat is adeadly sin !

    Terry FishTerry Fish21 dag geleden
  • You know, that metabolic disorders causing obesity are on the rise in america due to imgestion of hormonedistupters/ pseudohormones, both prenatal and in the development years. This is sadly no Hippie shmack I talk, nor a conspiracy theory.

    Manfred GesinkManfred Gesink21 dag geleden
    • @Andrew Curtis Yeah and america the culture where's something considered save unles proven otherwise in hindshight. It's a Land full of biases.

      Manfred GesinkManfred Gesink21 dag geleden
    • Metabolic disorders... c’mon... stop the excuses. America, the land of burgers, fried food, donuts & drive throughs. A land of couch culture which has made its way to the UK. No excuses for being fat... if you’re fat it’s your fault.

      Andrew CurtisAndrew Curtis21 dag geleden
  • He’s so right! 🤣😅😂

    bolotabr12bolotabr1221 dag geleden
  • Made by uninformed idiots, for uninformed idiots.

    Steven FletcherSteven Fletcher21 dag geleden
    • I'm sure the informed scientist eat donuts every day because they know of the great effects it has on their bodies am I right?

      Tobi CipherTobi Cipher10 dagen geleden
  • Ricky used to be a bit of a chub in his younger days.

    OldCountrymanOldCountryman21 dag geleden
    • Still is

      Teresa Quintero TerejovaTeresa Quintero Terejova13 dagen geleden
    • And especially now

      Matildo1212Matildo121214 dagen geleden
  • If you are just 20-40 pounds overweight, jogging is a great idea. Anything above that .. yeah, great way to ruin your joints. Pick up swimming instead, maybe biking if you have the money for a sturdy bike.

    Dood !Dood !21 dag geleden
    • Jogging is a shitty exercise anyway, run fast not slow. It will ruin your joints, your body is made to run fast not slowly while bouncing.

      Ed's WorkshopEd's Workshop2 dagen geleden
    • Stationary bike is very good

      Ben TenBen Ten3 dagen geleden
    • @Joaquim Liengme you misspelled rowing

      Mercutio EscalusMercutio Escalus8 dagen geleden
    • Jump rope is king

      Joaquim LiengmeJoaquim Liengme9 dagen geleden
    • @Harry Orson Not with 40lbs ... that starts with 80 and up. Interesting enough, body builders and fat people got really similiar problems.

      Dood !Dood !20 dagen geleden
  • I am over weight and this is F..... Funny and on the money, it reminds me It Is My Fault and I need to do something. Thanks Ricky.

    VideoAudioDisco09VideoAudioDisco0922 dagen geleden
    • @OKay The example of athletes doesn't help you here. They eat a lot more calories because their training requires them to burn a lot more calories. Obviously weight loss is not as simple as calorie out > calorie in but it works more often than not. Genetics, metabolism and body structure also play a role. But get this, most of the people who are overweight (including myself) got here due to lack of physical activities, eating more, drinking more, sleeping less, etc. I have lost about 20kgs in one year. Went from being a 105kgs to 85kgs(still overweight). And trust me the simplicity works. Proper diet(not starving yourself), proper sleep and a daily sports routine for 1-2 hours.

      Saurabh SumanSaurabh SumanDag geleden
    • @tɦɛ ɨʀօռɨċ ʍɨsaռtɦʀօքɛ» I obviously understand that losing weight requires you to "burn more calories than you consume" but people like Ricky don't understand that during the growth stage of most obese individuals, they don't eat a lot more than non obese individuals but they do tend to gain a lot more high energy tissue (fat) whereas more athletic individuals tend to gain low energy tissue(lean mass). Most high level professional athletes eat a lot more than morbedely obese individuals (even individuals who weigh twice as less. Eg. Manny Pacquiao)plus obese individuals have low metabolism. It's really hard for an obese individual in their adulthood to lose weight even with a good diet plan.

      OKayOKay2 dagen geleden
    • @OKay We have countless records of people who were quite heavy, loosing half their weights making them far less susceptible to health issues, by following the age old scientifically proven idea of weight loss, which is *Burning more calories than you Consume*. Sure, the diet and exercise plans vary depending on one person to another, but the idea when followed through works significantly more times than it has failed. Do you want to explain what your stance is exactly ?

      tɦɛ ɨʀօռɨċ ʍɨsaռtɦʀօքɛ»tɦɛ ɨʀօռɨċ ʍɨsaռtɦʀօքɛ»3 dagen geleden
    • @Akira Toro Thats the opposite of science lol. You don't even know what your talking about

      OKayOKay4 dagen geleden
    • @OKay but that's exactly how you lose weight not opinion it's science.

      Akira ToroAkira Toro4 dagen geleden
  • Only problem with this routine is he should be saying "us" not "them"

    Nick JonesNick Jones22 dagen geleden
  • RIcky is kinda fat

    Russell HareRussell Hare23 dagen geleden
  • "You move to Brighton"

    Nils RahmqvistNils Rahmqvist23 dagen geleden
  • Fat people are the same as Millennials.

    josh Staffordjosh Stafford23 dagen geleden
  • Ricky Gervais is a fantastic observationalist. His observational portrayal of other groups is heart rendering. Funny how the intelligence of certain groups is obvious the way Ricky does it. As those who think they are above others, get shown as fools and narcissistic. Brilliant and for te most part absolutely true.

    Deborah DuthieDeborah Duthie24 dagen geleden
    • Calm it down there da Vinci

      Geralt Of BoliviaGeralt Of Bolivia14 dagen geleden
  • Narcissists point out others faults but never see their own. Obvious being overweight not so obvious severe personality flaws which are worse than being overweight.

    Bugs BunnyBugs Bunny24 dagen geleden
    • @Bugs Bunny I mean it's a comedian's job to point out flaws in different groups of people and make a joke out of it. I've been made fun of before and I laughed along. Maybe we're not projecting, and you're just offended. So offended you're trying to take the moral high ground when in reality you are just trying to cover up your own inadequacies by calling everyone else narcissists.

      Captain RikerCaptain Riker22 dagen geleden
    • @Captain Riker was wieght not mentioned? Perhaps it's applies to you as judging overweight people.

      Bugs BunnyBugs Bunny23 dagen geleden
    • how is this relevant?

      Captain RikerCaptain Riker23 dagen geleden
  • False, b/c antidepressants and pharmaceutical drugs screw with ur body's metabolism.

    Sarah BSarah B27 dagen geleden
    • What you said does not disagree with anything in this video.

      James ThomsonJames Thomson18 dagen geleden
    • Yeah but you still gain weight by eating more than your body burns, that is still an undeniable truth.

      ClumpyClumpy26 dagen geleden
  • Self hate.

    TheArmchairrockerTheArmchairrocker27 dagen geleden
    • More like self-awareness and being good humoured about it.

      James ThomsonJames Thomson18 dagen geleden
  • Funny coming from a man with a beer gut and man boobs. Good laughs though.

    CosmicMicronCosmicMicron28 dagen geleden
  • ThankQ.

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  • Is it all the running? Best

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  • your fat Ricky

    Kerry JonesKerry Jones29 dagen geleden
    • @Kerry Jones I will have a look lol. K looked it up. I think Ricky is gonna be fine frankie looks like a massive hypocrite

      Callum SmithCallum Smith22 dagen geleden
    • @Callum Smith Frankie Boyle ripped his arsehole right up

      Kerry JonesKerry Jones22 dagen geleden
    • He is aware

      Callum SmithCallum Smith22 dagen geleden
    • What about his fat?

      Victor Beidil JohnsenVictor Beidil Johnsen25 dagen geleden
  • He makes good points

    Freak-BoyFreak-BoyMaand geleden
  • Hilarious

    OutlawedToastOutlawedToastMaand geleden
  • Ricky you're a sicko!!

    Aaron WilliamsonAaron WilliamsonMaand geleden
    • Explain

      Callum SmithCallum Smith22 dagen geleden
  • Fact checkers say this video contains FALSE INFORMATION

    TwowheeliesTwowheeliesMaand geleden
    • Any site for fact checking fact checkers?

      Wikram BhagwandinWikram Bhagwandin17 dagen geleden
  • Lol, he drinks FOSTERS. That's the lowest yuckiest beer from Australia, that we would neeever drink. We export it to the fools. C'mon Ricky, find some class

    Jimme JamJimme JamMaand geleden
    • He explained why nlworld.info/key/video/y4WdaLPWi7CcmIw

      Your wifes' boyfriendYour wifes' boyfriend13 dagen geleden
    • People like what they like.

      WuTang FistWuTang Fist15 dagen geleden
    • And remember it is a container with Fosters written on the outside, it could have anything in it.

      WaxingRadianceWaxingRadiance22 dagen geleden
    • Fosters is fucking horrible

      Billy AllenBilly Allen22 dagen geleden
    • I personally think that is part of the act.

      WaxingRadianceWaxingRadiance29 dagen geleden
  • The sad thing is fat people dont know its they're own fault.

    Patrick RyanPatrick RyanMaand geleden
  • Brilliant say it how it is 👍

    Teresa HarleyTeresa HarleyMaand geleden
  • "is it because of all the running?" lmao. This is hilarious

    Shashank NerurkarShashank NerurkarMaand geleden
  • You’re offended? I’m amused! Guess I’m happier than you are then - Ricky Gervais

    LingoLimboLingoLimboMaand geleden
    • @A JP my apologies

      George SpellGeorge SpellDag geleden
    • @George Spell How can you edit a comment and still make no sense?

      A JPA JPDag geleden
    • You know what is weird tho I’m not gay in fact I’m actually a little homophobic and I love Ricky but I literally had a straight face for the entire video

      George SpellGeorge Spell11 dagen geleden
    • Amazing!

      Roronoa ZoroRoronoa Zoro15 dagen geleden
  • I can only wonder what he would say if he was having a go. 😂

    CRCRMaand geleden
  • I give this same rant when arguing about obesity all the time it's so bad in America

    Minato monoshiMinato monoshiMaand geleden
    • well the covid will take care of it :D

      FinwaellFinwaell21 dag geleden
  • The bastards keep the price of food up

    jorge aldridgejorge aldridgeMaand geleden
  • Lol grow up you snowflakes

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  • 🤢

    HotwireHotwireMaand geleden
  • I am putting on weight involuntarily, cannot go out now

    • You can try shoving less down the front end and maybe utilising the space in your home to workout a little. Skip rope, crunches, squats, planks. All can be done at home. You're just making excuses.

      BLACKBLACK22 dagen geleden
    • ???

      OrangemeOrangemeMaand geleden
  • its weird a guy with manboobs talking about fat people? lol

    ArrowManArrowManMaand geleden
    • Does that change or effect any of the points he made?

      Shadow GamingShadow Gaming28 dagen geleden
  • Bill Burr vs Ricky Gervais...

    Mark Laurence de LeonMark Laurence de LeonMaand geleden
    • Bill ”white guilt” Burr? Loses by hefty mile

      Tony ArcieriTony Arcieri15 dagen geleden
    • @Matthew B. Smart man.

      Brix BrooxBrix Broox17 dagen geleden
    • I love both. But if I had to pick, Ricky over Bill. But I agree with Brix Broox about different styles.

      Matthew B.Matthew B.17 dagen geleden
    • Tough call. Different styles but both funny af. I prefer Ricky's more intellectual observations but also love Bill's 'IDGAF' attitude.

      Brix BrooxBrix Broox23 dagen geleden
  • Ricky more educated than 90% of fitness influencers these days

    JamesJamesMaand geleden
    • Aaackermann when did I miss a period

      JamesJames19 uur geleden
    • @James YOU missed the period there also, buddy! You are welcome!

      AaackermannAaackermann23 uur geleden
    • Ricky would make awesome fitness influencer lol

      Santos CortezSantos Cortez8 dagen geleden
    • Douglas Crespo ...You’re welcome. YOU missed the period there buddy also.👍

      JamesJames15 dagen geleden
    • ....these days. You missed the period buddy. You’re welcome

      Douglas CrespoDouglas Crespo16 dagen geleden
  • As a man of nearly 20 stone this is funny and true, my problem is kfc targeting their audience on the add before 😋😋😋

    Jimmy McGuireJimmy McGuireMaand geleden
    • @Guy Moosburger works like a charm. Except fat f**** can't deal with the hunger because they have absolutely no willpower. Good for them I don't feel bad in any way. My grandmother is severely obese, with messes up joints. I don't really care she could've stopped it 10 years earlier when she could still do stuff. It's all her fault it's not like she got fat overnight. F*** fat people.

      David SDavid S21 uur geleden
    • Im eating kfc reading this

      Amazing JoshuaAmazing Joshua10 dagen geleden
    • If you want to lose weight you have to fast most of the day and drink water.

      Guy MoosburgerGuy Moosburger25 dagen geleden
    • And a merry Christmas to you me old mucka and all the best for the new year ahead

      Jimmy McGuireJimmy McGuire29 dagen geleden
    • lol Thats the key to being successfully fat Jimmy. Just be jolly and have a laugh at it. Then you slim down quite naturally. Honesty disclosure: I am SUPER FAT lol :) Merry Christmas, sir :D

      Dave ShaverDave Shaver29 dagen geleden
  • Im sorry for you man. One cause of uncontrolled weight gain is Thyroid disorder so stop generalizing.

    Jack FrostJack FrostMaand geleden
    • @Victor Beidil Johnsen nice to think you base IQ to grammars. Its quite smart of you....😁😁😁

      Jack FrostJack Frost25 dagen geleden
    • @Jack Frost It's you're not your. You*re the one who isn't stupid?

      Victor Beidil JohnsenVictor Beidil Johnsen25 dagen geleden
    • A small percentage of people have a that dissorder and for them it is nearly impossible to maintain a healthy weight but even with them if theyd consume only as much calories as they burn they wouldnt gain weight so he isnt lying

      Lorenzo De BaetsLorenzo De Baets27 dagen geleden
    • @Jack Frost salad?

      Hidde Van SonHidde Van SonMaand geleden
    • @Mikey Antury lol tell that to your mom😂😂😂

      Jack FrostJack FrostMaand geleden
  • I wish men went through menopause when your metabolism listerally slows to almost nothing and you can no longer enjoy eating decent meals....if you want to stay un-fat you're forced to eat only about a twentieth of what an average male would enjoy. No wonder we're cranky.

    kristine johnsonkristine johnsonMaand geleden
    • Go to gym, build muscle...lastly, stop being a victim

      Paul JansenPaul Jansen16 dagen geleden
    • @StrangerToEarth got lucky with genetics I guess

      The Tape MixerThe Tape MixerMaand geleden
    • @The Tape Mixer you're 16 and 6'3? Jesus, well done

      StrangerToEarthStrangerToEarthMaand geleden
    • A twentieth?? No, on menopause 2000 calories is an average for maintaining weight. It drops a couple hundred after age 50 but that’s still about HALF what I eat as a 6’3” 16 year old boy. Research is your friend

      The Tape MixerThe Tape MixerMaand geleden
    • That's because you're not healthy and need to fix nutritional deficiencies and your hormones. These are signs of long term bad health not aging as much. Plenty of older people are very fit and healthy.

      StrangerToEarthStrangerToEarthMaand geleden
  • It's like men shaving their genitals saying it looks bigger no it doesn't!

    - Suie -- Suie -Maand geleden
    • @Wandering Mole roflmao Dang pump manufactors crying, going out of business

      - Suie -- Suie -Maand geleden
    • @- Suie - nah it grows, it's science. Look it up

      Wandering MoleWandering MoleMaand geleden
    • @Wandering Mole lol yeah from the guys point of view, no one elses

      - Suie -- Suie -Maand geleden
    • It does though

      Wandering MoleWandering MoleMaand geleden
  • Uninformed and callous. 100% incorrect as well. But by all means, show your ignorance, it's your prerogative. So much for the just be kind for the sake of it, atheists moto..just an angry little misanthrope.

    Rose DaddonaRose DaddonaMaand geleden
    • @Rose Daddona Even if you’re wheelchair bound you can still eat healthy

      Alex PaschAlex Pasch19 dagen geleden
    • ?

      D duck squadD duck squad22 dagen geleden
    • @Toby Allen merry Christmas then..enjoy your own story.

      Rose DaddonaRose Daddona26 dagen geleden
    • @Toby Allen I felt like answering a stupid suggestion that I run, or to eat salad..to you callous lot I say..keep it up..maybe your hardness will turn you into a diamond..

      Rose DaddonaRose Daddona27 dagen geleden
    • @Rose Daddona no one asked for your life story.

      Toby AllenToby Allen27 dagen geleden
  • Ricky is fat

    Jean SingerJean SingerMaand geleden
    • He is talking about fat ppl in a condescending way🙄

      Jean SingerJean Singer25 dagen geleden
    • I don't really know how that disproves anything he's saying, but ok.

      Victor Beidil JohnsenVictor Beidil Johnsen25 dagen geleden
  • Some people are addicted to food and some are emotional eaters to comfort themselves

    Psykideillix NonombrePsykideillix NonombreMaand geleden
    • Phycho babble bs.

      CincinCincin23 dagen geleden