Modern Music Makes Kevin Bridges Feel THICK | The Story Continues | Universal Comedy

20 jan. 2021
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What kind of music do you like Kev?
Kevin Bridges (like a lot of us) doesn't understand modern music, it all sounds the same to him.
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  • The subdued sofa directly peep because europe electrophysiologically pull past a halting bedroom. fanatical, wiggly cloud

    amjad razaamjad razaDag geleden
  • I want to be known as ben jam in .. Oh wait !!

    Ben.jaminBen.jamin6 dagen geleden
  • Cave I Inn

    pete M3rlinpete M3rlin17 dagen geleden
  • Is it bad I can’t understand half the stuff he says but I still love watching him just cause his accent

    Michael PhillipsMichael Phillips21 dag geleden
    • His accent successfully tricked the NLworld algorithm into generating Dutch subtitles

      紅樓鍮紅樓鍮16 dagen geleden
    • Why would it be bad?

      Callum MagerCallum Mager20 dagen geleden
  • I genuinely thought he would of said it’s just a wee grenade in the middle there somewhere 😂

    TOBY TEBBUTTTOBY TEBBUTT28 dagen geleden
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    CMDOCODCMDOCODMaand geleden
    • Shut up you fool

      Jack RobinsonJack Robinson10 dagen geleden
    • Have a good night mate...

      Al SationAl Sation10 dagen geleden
    • Did ye aye

      Jimbo LoweJimbo Lowe29 dagen geleden
    • Is that right, aye?

      EdDueimEdDueimMaand geleden
  • Its Pop music Modern in what genre...

    Kurt EndmireKurt EndmireMaand geleden
  • This guy is garbage....

    Snoopy BolloxSnoopy BolloxMaand geleden
  • Hes dead right - rnb is total shite .

    Jim GooseJim GooseMaand geleden
  • 'I now know less stuff' From a song so slow because it has to match the speed of thought for the listener. Repeated enough times so they can remember half the lyrics. Written of course for people who neve learned much stuff. I really like Kevin Bridges, evidently another smart kid from rough background, who can see the funny and stupid in all walks of life, including his own.

    Tony BrentonTony BrentonMaand geleden
  • Didn't even smile 👎

    melissa gibbsmelissa gibbsMaand geleden
  • I deficated myself today 💩

    Troy the GardenerTroy the GardenerMaand geleden
  • Fantastic channel. Awesome clips always. Better than TV

    Applemaxx Music & MediaApplemaxx Music & MediaMaand geleden
  • I want to be known as Phill.i.p....(maybe not)

    Phillip BarnettPhillip BarnettMaand geleden
  • Can we have English subtitles [cc], please?

    mm Fmm FMaand geleden
    • Ai , if I can git a Barry gam oaf ya, ya radge.

      Danny LloydDanny Lloyd14 dagen geleden
    • No, you fuckin' cannae.

      EdDueimEdDueimMaand geleden
    • hilarious Jennifer, now say it louder for the deaf people.

      mm Fmm FMaand geleden
    • He’s speaking English 😂

      Jennifer CoopeJennifer CoopeMaand geleden
    • They prob are! Lol!

      Storm CanutoStorm CanutoMaand geleden
  • Everything happens in the club with these pricks init

    Tom BarkerTom BarkerMaand geleden
  • check out some original music pal

    ChexsumChexsumMaand geleden
  • Man his jokes are old and incredibly repetitive

    Hugo OostingHugo OostingMaand geleden
    • Blame this channel for posting the same old stuff over and over again

      Random ChannelRandom ChannelMaand geleden
    • @Damien ring thought so, still dont think it was very good, but not bad or anything

      Hugo OostingHugo OostingMaand geleden
    • It’s an old video mate

      Damien ringDamien ringMaand geleden
  • He’s got a point all the time

    reece charltonreece charltonMaand geleden
    • @StupiderWithAB don’t beg it

      Sun of Mother NatureSun of Mother NatureMaand geleden
    • The stupidity of my channel name is nothing compared to the stupidity you will feel if you check out my stupid comedy videos.

      StupiderWithABStupiderWithABMaand geleden
  • Never went to bed with a blast victim, but woke up with a few.

    Tony JenkinsTony JenkinsMaand geleden
    • Never gone to bed with an ugly bird but i've woken up with a few

      Feldgrau FoxFeldgrau FoxMaand geleden
    • Never gone to sleep driving ...but woken up driving a few times ✌️

      StarScream 777StarScream 777Maand geleden
  • "In the club"...has a different meaning in Spain,hasn't it Kev?

    William RaeWilliam RaeMaand geleden
    • @StupiderWithAB break yourself fool

      Haider SafrazHaider SafrazMaand geleden
    • The stupidity of my channel name is nothing compared to the stupidity you will feel if you check out my stupid comedy videos.

      StupiderWithABStupiderWithABMaand geleden