Michael McIntyre The WINE EXPERT | Hello Wembley | Universal Comedy

11 okt. 2020
26 579 Weergaven

It takes a brave brave person to stand up and be the one that first tries the wine
Let's all sit back, relax and watch the master of observation at work.
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  • If he gets that worked up about coffee after dinner, affogato must drive him insane!

    Argh JayEmArgh JayEm3 maanden geleden
  • Very good

    DJ ScottdogDJ Scottdog3 maanden geleden
  • Showing the bottle and label, is so you can see it is what you have ordered and recognise the label, because you have obviously knowledge of this choice and tasting is to see if it is corked and recognisable pallet attributes you have of the wine chosen. You may believe it to be a rebottled offering, as was done by unscrupulous businesses, and tantamount to Theft by Deception. All a ruse by unscrupulous businesses. Or is it.?

    Deborah DuthieDeborah Duthie3 maanden geleden
  • 3¼mips... nlworld.info/key/video/26ubhtWpiWegj4g

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  • It's so they can overcharge you for service.

    danmar007danmar0073 maanden geleden
  • Now, I'm not a sommelier (professional wine-taster) but I feel the need to interject a few things here. Do note; yes, I find the entire skit hilarious. This is not a criticism towards Mr. McIntyre. Also, this is not a "100% no fail, accurate perfect guide that is all you'll ever need". This is just what I wast taught during some of my culinary school term. For starters; waiters DO know wine, at least the wines they sell, if they work in a medium to high class establishment. Sure, they might not be able to name every aroma of a wine bottle, but they tend to know which ones are good with white meat or red meat. Often through personal experience (all you waiters out there, don't try to hide it, we've all downed a few bottles after rush hour ends!). If you're not sure, ask your waiter about their suggestion. The wine list serves a few functions. First is "look at how impressive our store is, we have so many wines, we have ALL the wines in fact!". Second is price; yes, price is important and you should not feel bad for choosing a 'cheaper' wine as that does not necessarily reflect quality. Wines that are young tend to be cheaper but they're also more refreshing, doesn't make them bad. Another reason for a wine list is for the client to quickly search for wines they know and can trust. I, for instance, like certain whites and reds. If I see them on a wine list, I'll compare those, rather than the entire list. Personally, I suggest avoiding the really high-cost wines, not because of expense but because they tend to be very... subjective. They can be very hit-or-miss and, if you don't know better, go with a safer choice. Displaying the bottle is to show that, yes, it is the one you ordered (important for bottles that can cost a few hundred if not THOUSAND dollars) as well as to show the quality of the establishment's cellar (a bit of dust is wanted to show that it's kept undisturbed, but too much dust might indicate that it's been sitting there too long). It is also done to show that the bottle has NOT in fact been opened (which happens as you CAN order wine by the glass) as well as show the label which provides more information about the wine itself. When opening the wine, it is also customary to sniff the cork. This is not insulting but again, quality control; wine is a living thing and can, well go bad. It CAN turn to vinegar (though EXCELLENT vinegar) meaning you're well within your rights to demand another bottle. If a wine has gone bad, one of the first things to also 'go' is the cork. A good looking, pleasantly-smelling, slightly-damp cork indicates quality. A dry and crumbly cork, one that seems 'mushy' and melting or one that smells of vinegar are good first indications of a bottle going bad. This happens rarely with today's preservation systems, but it can happen. When you, as the 'table's master' (typically oldest male or the one paying, but on certain occasions the wife) are poured a bit of the wine, it's again quality test; yes, this IS the wine you asked, it IS of acceptable quality, as well as affirmation from you, to them, that yes, indeed, you chose well. Now we move on to tasting the wine. Typically several stages. First start by tilting the glass a bit over a white napkin (DON'T DRIP!); this is to ascertain the quality, depth and complexity of colors. More experienced drinkers will tell if it has added colorations or not, but it also shows if it's cloudy or clear (another indication of quality, but also age). Swirling the glass allows you to see the 'body' (how 'thick') a wine is by looking at the drippage when you stop swirling. At the same time, this adds oxygen to the wine, meaning it'll smell that much more intensely, which is the next part; stick your nose in and breathe deeply. Enjoy those aromas and the memories they carry, that's why they're there. Lastly the tasting; when sipping, do also inhale some air, again to add more oxygen and bring out more flavors. Swirl it in your mouth to coat all your palate and try to let it sit there fore a second before swallowing. It'll bring out even deeper flavors and aromas you wouldn't otherwise catch. Wine might be a bit of a show-off (I'm not using another, more apt word for fear of comment vanishing) but you have to remember; this comes from the highest echelons of society and can be EXTREMELY expensive. Would YOU buy something that costs about as much as a CAR, that you'll only enjoy ONCE in your life, but depend on someone else to tell you 'oh yeah, it's decent'? I think you'd want to confirm yourself that the pain your wallet just felt was worth it. And yes, I've tasted wine from a bottle that cost about as much as my used car. I did not enjoy that wine's flavor and would have preferred a more relaxed sauvignon blanc or malagouzia.

    Nickolas GanadakisNickolas Ganadakis3 maanden geleden
    • @David Dickinson That might be your opinion but mine is that whiskey burns too much to enjoy the flavors and aromas. I want to savor every drop as it goes down, I want to swirl it around and feel the history of that wine. Just because you don't know wine (because you've focused on whiskey) doesn't mean that wine lacks depth and character. After all, if wine is fermented grapes, whiskey is nothing but fermented wheat puree.

      Nickolas GanadakisNickolas GanadakisMaand geleden
    • @Nickolas Ganadakis Wine is totally about getting drunk - said every student and parent ever. Also whiskey has a huge variety of taste, flavours, blends, etc. and has its place for getting drunk (just like wine) but also to toast friends, family, see in a new year. An aged bottle of highland single malt has far more depth, history and mystery than any bottle of fermented grapes.

      David DickinsonDavid DickinsonMaand geleden
    • @fidemp0ras Παρε μια ρακυ, και παε στου Σοφοκλη!

      Nickolas GanadakisNickolas Ganadakis3 maanden geleden
    • Ταλαιπωρία το κρασί βρε Νικόλα με όλα αυτά... Γι αυτο πίνω ρετσίνα και ξεμπερδεύω.

      fidemp0rasfidemp0ras3 maanden geleden
    • @Peter Clarke Haha, yeah, I was like that at first. Took me trying out about, oh, 30, 40 different wines to be able to enjoy the more intricate flavors? Wine isn't for 'getting drunk', we got whiskey, vodka and rum (where's the rum gone?!) for that. Wine is for a chill night with some friends and light conversation, or analyzing the geopolitical situation of the world (often enough, it's the same thing, just with a LOT of bad jokes and puns, really).

      Nickolas GanadakisNickolas Ganadakis3 maanden geleden
  • 0:51 chat-elegant-girls.online

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  • The wine aficionado play is spot on!

    Christine VRChristine VR3 maanden geleden
    • . . . It is ... for the uninformed and unformed .

      Donald CookDonald Cook3 maanden geleden
  • This is the best bid I've seen from Michael Mclntyre so far 😂😂

    Damon RossouwDamon Rossouw3 maanden geleden
    • @Damon Rossouw That's a pretty lame defense. That should be "Are you proud of that?" BTW. This is simply too easy m'lord.

      danmar007danmar0073 maanden geleden
    • @danmar007 are you proud of that ...

      Damon RossouwDamon Rossouw3 maanden geleden
    • How much did he bid?

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