Kevin Bridges Was Once Supported By Barack Obama | Universal Comedy

16 dec. 2020
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Just Barack Obama there warming the crowd up for Kevin
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  • he is a genious.... A thousand kisses from France !!! If I wasn't already in love with Scotland... I would be right now !!!

    ******12 dagen geleden
  • Billy Connoly is my favourite comedian & I thought he'd be the last great Scottish Comedian I'd see in my lifetime but Kev saved the fucking day for me, love em 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    Verna WoodVerna Wood13 dagen geleden
    • Look who found the copy and paste feature

      TB CNTB CNDag geleden
  • I don’t understand the obsession, particularly Europeans, have with President Obama. He never really did anything. He gave Russia Georgia and Crimea.

  • Legend

    MM17 dagen geleden
  • ahhhh hahahaha !!! i have been to clydebank. i have literally seen a dogs paw-print in a mound of shite, on the bike path alongside the clyde; couldn't tell you if it was human or not.

    Neil HendersonNeil Henderson19 dagen geleden
  • obama knew that was a Bin Ladens replica, he gave Iran 1.5 billions to keep silent, for the real Laden lives in Iran.

    TomBarry AntiKTomBarry AntiK19 dagen geleden
  • Did he really go to see obama?

    Dylan McadamDylan Mcadam23 dagen geleden
  • That American accent was on point !

    Protyay BasuProtyay Basu24 dagen geleden
    • Let's go Bobba Joe!

      Rafael WhiteRafael White17 dagen geleden
  • Goddamn his stereotypical American hillbilly accent is spot on....

    Oshua HitoOshua HitoMaand geleden
  • GENIUS!!!

    Claudio DonatoClaudio DonatoMaand geleden

    Middle East In The USAMiddle East In The USAMaand geleden
  • Thats not a claim to fame. Thats a claim that could destroy your fame! Barrack obama AKA barry soetoro. If you know you know😶

    soprano8888soprano8888Maand geleden
    • Go tell your mother you got out again

      LFOVCFLFOVCF10 dagen geleden
  • Covid and airplanes

    Mente sana cuerpo sanoMente sana cuerpo sanoMaand geleden
  • Would be funny if Bin Laden had anything to do with the attacks on the States. Was never even indicted. Patsy. Just like LH-O.

    David WDavid WMaand geleden
    • OBL financed terrorism throughout the 80s and 90s. The shot was replicated right down to the brain matter on the outside of the windshield and the boot lid. The shot came from the book depository with the rifle that Oswald bought. The bullet was a 6.5mm MK steel core, nondeforming bullet. Nobody else who worked in the building had the qualifications.

    • have a nice night pal

      Andy BAndy B24 dagen geleden
    • perspectiVe-1998 Such a pleasant person. Thanks for your contribution. Clearly an informed and educated individual. Opinion/input is valued. Really it is.

      David WDavid WMaand geleden
    • Stfu

      perspectiVe-1998perspectiVe-1998Maand geleden
  • If I see another Vincero watches advert I think I'm going to hunt there watches down and smash them all!!!!!!!!

    RicidicidirtRicidicidirtMaand geleden
  • why has he started talking with a lisssssp. sssscotland. see when people ssssse me. Weirdo

    David CameronDavid CameronMaand geleden
  • Hahahaha!! He’s great!

    Hans den OtterHans den OtterMaand geleden
  • Billy Connoly is my favourite comedian & I thought he'd be the last great Scottish Comedian I'd see in my lifetime but Kev saved the fucking day for me, love em 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    Bob MarleyBob MarleyMaand geleden
    • Thank god for Frankie Boyle too

      MM17 dagen geleden
  • Bloody legend with that last line. Can't win over a glaswegian crowd more than that

    Chaschuechli96Chaschuechli96Maand geleden
  • Epic

    Zosimus PanopolitesZosimus PanopolitesMaand geleden
  • Americans 😂

    Quick ReactionzQuick ReactionzMaand geleden
  • class as.... .. . come do a tour in South Africa please mate... you fucking legend

    Tyrone LockeTyrone LockeMaand geleden
  • I am so early I see bot commends wanting love Sadly their not programmed to know it

    Rick Van DamRick Van DamMaand geleden
    • Hey big boy

      J MacJ MacMaand geleden
    • I see those channels on every video I watch I must report about 50 of them every day but their never permanently removed probably because they don't actually leave explicit comments

      Siobhan ParkerSiobhan ParkerMaand geleden
  • ayyy

    sloppygaming Rinsloppygaming RinMaand geleden
  • How do you like them apples.. 🤣

    Anders M. ThoresenAnders M. ThoresenMaand geleden
  • Did ye aye!

  • Kevin Bridges, Al Murry, Dara O'Brien and Lee Evans ... the greatest to do it for me. Americans will always be offendec by something...our comedy is universally funny and theirs are so political and pc only they get it and find it funny.

    Cameron BranfordCameron BranfordMaand geleden
    • @Levi Roch Do you like Tim Vine? He went down really well with the Melbourne audience 😁 in fact the audience was so good I rewatch that video regularly!

      V MMV MMMaand geleden
    • @David Pape found one ;D

      Levi RochLevi RochMaand geleden
    • Calm down, no-one's offended

      David PapeDavid PapeMaand geleden
    • Aussie here. personally I LOVE Kevin, but cannot stand the other 3 (each unto their own). . . But i very, VERY much agree that the more offensive the better >: )

      Levi RochLevi RochMaand geleden
  • Amazing Ladd

    Poggers on discordPoggers on discordMaand geleden