Kevin Bridges On Being Fat Shamed | BRAND NEW TOUR | Universal Comedy

30 nov. 2020
198 915 Weergaven

Why does talking about being fat shamed in the 1990's feel like your describing the victorian times.
Kevin Bridges discusses going back to his school to deliver some inspiration, and finding out things have changed...A LOT.
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  • Genius pure and simple as

    Geoff MorrisGeoff Morris23 uur geleden
  • "Dweeb"? What country were you in, Kev?

    Last & FirstLast & FirstDag geleden
  • Oh, Kevin. I think you're so funny! Now, if I could only get through your fabulous Scots brogue, then I could really laugh at the parts the audience roars at. I will continue to watch you on NLworld, because you see, I've discovered that the more I listen to you, the more I understand you!!! Wooo Hoooo!!! 💋

    Phyllis SchapiroPhyllis Schapiro2 dagen geleden
  • If he thinks thats bad I was on the Glasgow Underground with guys from the University who thought that in the 1980s colour photograhy didnt exist.

    harry hillharry hill3 dagen geleden
  • cannae take yer shamin shamed. im dead

    Awera 90Awera 907 dagen geleden
  • Sadly hes' not one of the lads ,he's scottish ,but i'd help the guy out on any sort of a fight ..Makes me laugh ...end of ☺

    Geno KempGeno Kemp7 dagen geleden
  • Literally the elephant in the room

    Monty StittMonty Stitt9 dagen geleden
  • Don’t own a “Head” bag shamed....

    simon grasssimon grass9 dagen geleden
  • A light in the dark

    Applemaxx Music & MediaApplemaxx Music & Media12 dagen geleden
  • Congratulations from France... English can be stricky, because there are so many letters that you/we don't pronounce, so when I have to write those words down...Sometime I've got this "blank syndrom"... I like the part concerning "mastered the french accent" !!! bon petit déjeuner à tous! de France...I've got soft spot for scottish accent .

    ******12 dagen geleden
  • The "Adidas four stripes trainers shamed" lol

    Zosimus PanopolitesZosimus Panopolites15 dagen geleden
  • "This big fucking Eddie Stobart" 🤣

    WICKERSWICKERS17 dagen geleden
  • I almost pissed my pants about "Ho" "Hoe" ... "You're gonna be a junkie, Kev"

    Andy ParkerAndy Parker18 dagen geleden
    • I thought sure he was gonna try hou! But not.

      Phyllis SchapiroPhyllis Schapiro2 dagen geleden
  • “Adidas four-striped trainers shamed ...” And THAT was the end of me ... 😂

    Michael Brown OBEMichael Brown OBE23 dagen geleden
  • I forgot how to spell "our"

    your right I'm sooo sorryyour right I'm sooo sorry27 dagen geleden
  • Im so glad I've watched his other video on Krissy Shenko (spellings probably incorrect); that last line made so much more sense and was a killer

    Bhavna Suren MohanBhavna Suren MohanMaand geleden
  • people shouted 'stop eating so much fatso" at him....

    Morocco MoleMorocco MoleMaand geleden
  • Four stripe trainers shame!

    Bethan KrzowskiBethan KrzowskiMaand geleden
  • Hi-Tech Bag shamed.

    Kernel SandersKernel SandersMaand geleden
  • As funny as a cancer diagnosis.

    Pete CoventryPete CoventryMaand geleden
    • @Pete Coventry You're a rebel with no clue. Hard luck. The wagon left years ago

      Last & FirstLast & FirstDag geleden
    • @WFL 68 I know right! I couldn't do 1/4 of a second sorry He's not even worth that really.

      Pete CoventryPete CoventryMaand geleden
    • @Pete Coventry a single second? What a wanker.

      WFL 68WFL 68Maand geleden
    • @Gaz Man I didn't watch a single second of it. I just know the man is a drip.

      Pete CoventryPete CoventryMaand geleden
    • Why watch it then?

      Gaz ManGaz ManMaand geleden
  • The accent is so fucking thick it is almost raping what I believe it is English what this guy is speaking... or is it?

    Koning BoloKoning BoloMaand geleden
  • Sat on a loading bay and got other drivers looking at me probably thinking wtf is he laughing at 😂

    Gavin BurnsGavin BurnsMaand geleden
  • wah ho

    art mattersart mattersMaand geleden
  • Junkie boy

    joe wesleyjoe wesleyMaand geleden
  • Top 10 rappers Eminem was too afraid to diss

    Dylan KelleherDylan KelleherMaand geleden
  • It's crazy how things have changed, If anyone looked a bit gay at my school they got beaten up daily...and that was just from the teachers.

    Richard CreaseyRichard CreaseyMaand geleden
    • same here.. there was a lad in our class(aberdeen area, 1980's)) who's only crime was his english accent which was perceived as a gay way to speak - hence the nickname "Bender" followed him all thru school and beyond, he was even called that by the some of the teachers.....

      G MG MMaand geleden
  • Wait, the fatter kid got left alone at his school? At my school the only thing that caused the fat shamers to draw the line on their fat shaming is when they themselves ironically became fatter than the person they were shaming.

    Ben KnightBen KnightMaand geleden
  • This guy is a comedic genius.

    Adam BlairAdam BlairMaand geleden
  • He sounds a knock of version of Lewis capaldi 🤣

    Truewolf WarspearTruewolf WarspearMaand geleden
  • Superb

    james glencrossjames glencrossMaand geleden
  • Segue

    Andrea EliAndrea EliMaand geleden
  • I thought I was the only one that happened to! In the middle of my composition exam, I blanked on how to spell "of". I sounded it out and came up with "ov", which in my defense, is exactly how it sounds. And that's why "Hooked on Phonics" did NOT work for me!🤷‍♀️🤦😂

    Deanna DreffsDeanna DreffsMaand geleden
  • I love his comedy and I think this is one of the best bits ever lol

    P3RP NZP3RP NZMaand geleden
  • Whoa. Am I the only one who feels that his style of comedy is very profound underneath the laddish, broad-accented surface?

    AnnaPxxAnnaPxxMaand geleden
    • He is very smart and profound for sure.

      BroccolihighkicksBroccolihighkicksMaand geleden
    • @AnnaPxx thank you for the explanation. I love him. He is genius.

      Ugur Commercial Fridge Repair İn LondonUgur Commercial Fridge Repair İn LondonMaand geleden
    • @Ugur Commercial Fridge Repair İn London I was touched by his observations on anxiety, all those details about the exam, on being unable to spell a three-letter word, the overthinking, the voice in your head which tells you that you'll became a total failure in life if you don't pass ("a junkie" is his idea of total failure here). Wouldn't have expected that from him, because of his brash, in-your-face stage persona

      AnnaPxxAnnaPxxMaand geleden
    • Yes, you are the only one.

      berringaboyberringaboyMaand geleden
    • I didn't understand what you mean?

      Ugur Commercial Fridge Repair İn LondonUgur Commercial Fridge Repair İn LondonMaand geleden
  • The zesty cucumber monthly choke because purpose presumably concentrate midst a hateful fan. relieved, polite sneeze

    Barrett BlaneyBarrett BlaneyMaand geleden
  • I remember that I got bullied, and yet when people started talking about being pregnant 13 + it was like it is completely normal to get pregnant at 13, then people started talking about marriage at maybe 15- 16. Mind blown my thought was if this is how people think, then I might be bullied now but in the future I might be better off. For one I won't be spending my life looking after kids, or end up being a single parent because I got married too young and too quickly, that things changed and the marriage didn't work out although sometimes it does. But I don't get what's wrong with just enjoying being single and enjoying an element of freedom.

    Jennifer BloomfieldJennifer BloomfieldMaand geleden
    • @Lori Hanks thanks!

      Jennifer BloomfieldJennifer BloomfieldMaand geleden
  • I love Kevin so much! Lol I think its because he's Scottish. Scots make fantastic soldiers and comedians. One day.. a mix of the two on the battlefield... lol

    Bubblezov LoveBubblezov LoveMaand geleden
    • I’m Scottish and this means a lot to me THANK YOU 🙏🥰 That would be awesome.... I write sitcoms and sketches so this Is perfect 👌 thanks soo much, you’ve made my job easier.

      Comedians, actors and allComedians, actors and all3 dagen geleden
  • Let’s try this again only this time in English. Please

    Miki BlueMiki BlueMaand geleden
  • U still get shame for everything here

    stuff n things thingsstuff n things thingsMaand geleden
  • A dae this Spell Who😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Bernie KennedyBernie KennedyMaand geleden
  • I got shamed for big ears. Grew into them now... sort of🤣

    kjg200 10kjg200 10Maand geleden
    • I have one ear from my grandmom and one from my grandpop. His stuck out and hers did not. Longer hair always helps. 🤩

      Phyllis SchapiroPhyllis Schapiro2 dagen geleden
  • I’m GDK

    James WrightJames WrightMaand geleden
  • What?

    swagger pimpmasterswagger pimpmasterMaand geleden
  • You're, not your

    Jesper HenriksenJesper HenriksenMaand geleden
  • Oh my God I am in love with this guy! He has new material every single time. His smile, his accent and the material are just so real that I ache to shake his hands and tell him what an amazing guy he is... I miss his funny posture from his slightly overweight days but now he just looks stunningly good. Love you Kev. Thank you for opening up the Scot world to us

    M IndiaM IndiaMaand geleden
  • Break's over Roach, let's go.

    Crafty MantisCrafty MantisMaand geleden
  • ho els iz luvn this gai? 🤣

    DariusDariusMaand geleden
    • What language is this mate, you speak Facebook ???

      Kid DynamiteKid DynamiteDag geleden
  • I dont remember being bullyed, there was always the freinly banta tho. People called me posh boy at primary but i just ignored it.

    DJ ScottdogDJ ScottdogMaand geleden
    • Do you mean bender?

      kemron Ironskemron Irons13 dagen geleden
    • Get lost posh boy

      your right I'm sooo sorryyour right I'm sooo sorry27 dagen geleden
    • Shut up posh boy

      steve csteve cMaand geleden
  • I once forgot how to spell the word "I". Like, I forgot how to spell one letter, that's how bad it was. God, dyslexia brain is fun

    Minecraft Player777Minecraft Player777Maand geleden
    • Aye!

      Andy PurdieAndy PurdieMaand geleden
    • @Minecraft Player777 we have own style to solve our problems :)

      Ugur Commercial Fridge Repair İn LondonUgur Commercial Fridge Repair İn LondonMaand geleden
    • @Ugur Commercial Fridge Repair İn London eh, still forget the easiest of words, but it's not as bad now

      Minecraft Player777Minecraft Player777Maand geleden
    • I bet you are doing ok nowadays.

      Ugur Commercial Fridge Repair İn LondonUgur Commercial Fridge Repair İn LondonMaand geleden
  • I can totally relate! In college on an assignment I got stuck on the word much. What's a much? I hadn't got much sleep, obviously!!! 😜

    Allie SinghAllie SinghMaand geleden
  • I can't even make myself laugh at this guy now... fuckin' fuckin' fuckin' .... sad

    TDBscotlandTDBscotlandMaand geleden
  • WOW!!! A NEW .....are you kidding me? A NEW KEVIN BRIDGES CLIP ON YT?!? My mouth is literally hanging open with amazement!! I started watching it and thought 'how come I don't already know that bit....or that bit.....or THAT bit....or.....wait a minute here!' WOAH!!

    Dave SandersonDave SandersonMaand geleden
  • This needed subtitles

    WD HarrisWD HarrisMaand geleden
    • F.U.C.K that!

      William RaeWilliam RaeMaand geleden
    • Seriously? He's not hard to understand.

      Joel WrightJoel WrightMaand geleden
    • Turn 'em on if you really want to laugh :)

      Susan WilsonSusan WilsonMaand geleden
  • Once should be wonse and arkansas should be arkensaw

    Andrea EliAndrea EliMaand geleden
    • YEAH!!!! 😃

      Phyllis SchapiroPhyllis Schapiro2 dagen geleden
  • Omg I am crying

    Andrea EliAndrea EliMaand geleden
  • I had the same problem.. ended up in the army.. 😁

    Jonathan RussellJonathan RussellMaand geleden
  • That's the worst geordie accent I've ever heard.!!

    Kyle WilliamsKyle WilliamsMaand geleden
  • A true master 😂

    Tr WTr WMaand geleden
  • Absolutely love this man. One of the best UK comedians, if not the best. And thus the world.

    Made in BanatMade in BanatMaand geleden
    • Agreed

      M IndiaM IndiaMaand geleden
  • I fucking love this guy

    Its GregHastingsIts GregHastingsMaand geleden
  • brilliant 😂

    pika chupika chuMaand geleden
  • Subtitles v Scots... " I had to do the throttle shuffle and pee just to win over the crowd". Admittedly, that was a much better effort than later, when trying to translate the whole "You're gonna be a junkie" bit, at which point the auto generated caption thingy just threw up its hands and rendered about 30 seconds of talking as [music].

    Geoff SecombeGeoff SecombeMaand geleden
    • "The auto generated caption thingy just threw up its hands" 😂😂😂

      AnnaPxxAnnaPxxMaand geleden
    • Haha yeah... His accent is such a delight! I am from India and boy did it take some getting used to... But now I get most of it and if i dont I just go back as many times as i need to get it right. Love this accent

      M IndiaM IndiaMaand geleden
  • Was shamed for having scars on my head and had to wear a cap. Can confirm it's part of the curriculum.

    Cameron BranfordCameron BranfordMaand geleden
    • @Lauren P my parents thought it would protect me....ahaha it's part of the school experience. I used to make up stories like i was shot and bitten by a shark...They saw through my weak lies haha.

      Cameron BranfordCameron BranfordMaand geleden
    • And then you get shamed for wearing a cap 🙈

      Lauren PLauren PMaand geleden
    • I was half German in a Lancashire coal mining village, can you imagine how that went down. No sun lounger jokes then, it was all the bad stuff!

      V MMV MMMaand geleden
  • "You're gonna be a junkie, Kev" I feel personally attacked 😂

    Kek CollectorKek CollectorMaand geleden
    • @Kek Collector well are ye a junkie Kev? Can you spell h̶o̶u̶ h̶o̶o̶ h̶w̶o̶ who?

      Baby Boy SmoothBaby Boy Smooth29 dagen geleden
    • @Ragnarök 1349 all cried out already

      Kek CollectorKek CollectorMaand geleden
    • go cry then xD

      Ragnarök 1349Ragnarök 1349Maand geleden
  • I feel stupider after watching this. Almost as stupid as i feel after watching my videos.

    StupiderWithABStupiderWithABMaand geleden
    • Dafuq?

      mrfocigazmrfocigazMaand geleden
    • Kevin Bridges On Being Fat Shamed | BRAND NEW TOUR | Universal Comedy 30/11/20 1917PM OHOHOHOH....