Jon Richardson's Guide To Being A Manly Man | BEST OF Nidiot | Universal Comedy

13 nov. 2020
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Jon Richardson went to America to become a COWBOY and came back a VEGETARIAN
This is 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown's captain Jon Richardson guide to being your manly man.
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  • that Suzy dent?

    Patrick TurnerPatrick Turner2 dagen geleden
  • Sometimes, he just fookin nails it.

    HuSia CatHuSia CatMaand geleden
  • I think Jon is secretly very happy. He sees he has an overactive brain. We all do, but he doesn't identify as much with it, because he's off trying to ridicule what's going on. The comedy doesn't come from Jon being weird, it comes from the weirdness around Jon being so relatable, yet having been accepted without question as part of who we are. Seeing the weirdness for what it is, helps us seperate it from ourselves. We aren't all that, we are just swept up in all that.

    Snoep AnimatieSnoep AnimatieMaand geleden
    • Completely agree, on shows like 8 out of 10 cars does countdown he is entertaining and relatable, but consistently wins a lot points. Very smart and articulate without being pompous

      State of ViewState of View19 dagen geleden
    • wow! i’ve never been able to verbalize this, thank you!!

      ok-ambitionok-ambitionMaand geleden
  • "Here's how good I am at being unhappy..." is the most British thing ever said.

    Lindsay GoodwinLindsay Goodwin2 maanden geleden
  • 3¼mips...eggnchips®€cu™ zxcvbn

    Sam CoupéSam Coupé2 maanden geleden
  • "You don't even like Malibu" 😆

    Patricia O'BrienPatricia O'Brien2 maanden geleden
    • "Chili sauce - I'll show you" lmao!

      Andreas karlssonAndreas karlsson2 maanden geleden
  • You don't even like Malibu

    Penny GreeningPenny Greening2 maanden geleden
  • That punchline in the end is actually pretty dayum smart.

    PsychoMikePsychoMike2 maanden geleden
  • Person 1: what are you in prison for? Person 2: I came in the wrong tree...

    11alekon11alekon2 maanden geleden
  • Dry

    SoundSharp Music Ltd Wade SharpSoundSharp Music Ltd Wade Sharp2 maanden geleden
  • Post the full show!

    Corbin JiangCorbin Jiang2 maanden geleden
    • @Ieuan._.ch4n Well watch it more than once then like a normal person

      SMthegamer1SMthegamer1Maand geleden
    • @SMthegamer1 but that’s effort for something we use once

      Ieuan._.ch4nIeuan._.ch4nMaand geleden
    • Just buy the DVD

      SMthegamer1SMthegamer12 maanden geleden
  • I love this guy, he is a genius.

    Name not importantName not important2 maanden geleden
    • Because he seems human

      Max HeatonMax HeatonMaand geleden
  • Ah, /the/ tutorial I needed...💪🏽

    RD SimonseRD Simonse2 maanden geleden
  • Post the full show!

    Ieuan._.ch4nIeuan._.ch4n2 maanden geleden
  • Good stuff

    Paul RooneyPaul Rooney2 maanden geleden
  • Jon Richardson's Guide To Being A Manly Man | BEST OF Nidiot | Universal Comedy 13/11/20 1708PM ALLEGEDLY YOU ARE MEANT TO EXCLAIM FIRST!!!

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    Vitaliy SerigeyVitaliy Serigey2 maanden geleden