Jon Richardson On Finding Happiness With Age | FUNNY MAGNET | Universal Comedy

16 okt. 2020
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IF IT DOESN'T STAY PERFECT FOREVER, THEN WHY BOTHER? Nope, that's not a direct quote from Gandhi, but that of one Jon Richardson (8 out of 10 cats does countdown & Meet The Richardsons)
Jon Richardson hasn't always been the happy-go-lucky scamp you see on the TV today. During the time of his first special in 2012 he was a right cynical grump. A bl**dy funny one mind...
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  • Love Jon Richardson. The funniest guy on the circuit at the moment.

    Meir WiseMeir Wise11 dagen geleden
  • Definitely NOT endorsed by the Fire Service.

    Alex MarAlex Mar23 dagen geleden
  • your not funny !

    Chris Casper TChris Casper TMaand geleden
    • Either are you!

      Andrew ShellyAndrew Shelly10 dagen geleden
  • I can't be the only sick person who imagined him getting shotgunned after what he said at 1:47.

    Rodolfo LavandinoRodolfo LavandinoMaand geleden
  • Can we just talk about youtube thinking: we'll use corona as a distraction and put ads in every two seconds? They have no choice anymore, we killed enough of the competition, time to earn money...

    Snoep AnimatieSnoep AnimatieMaand geleden
  • Jon Richardson is absolutely the sort of narc who would go camping with friends, insist nobody drink outside their campsite because of the rules, threaten calling the police when someone pulled out a joint, and then wonder why he wasn't invited out the next year.

    spehizlespehizleMaand geleden
  • 1:28 HAHA yes

    viktoriyartsviktoriyarts2 maanden geleden
  • ffs now I have to clean my skirting boards

    JamesJames2 maanden geleden
  • I live the exact same way - if everything isnt going to be perfect then why fuckin bother. And im 26.

    heyysimoneheyysimone2 maanden geleden
  • Too right! And 18 years olds now will possibly live to 90 now! Leave a little for later on

    GICkingGICking3 maanden geleden
  • 3¼mips...

    Sam CoupéSam Coupé3 maanden geleden
  • Sunshine and butterflies

    Jim MoriartyJim Moriarty3 maanden geleden
  • Drink, gamble, f?!k... Sounds like the life....

    Alexander Warby-CooperAlexander Warby-Cooper3 maanden geleden
  • Genuinely the best life advice I’ve ever gotten

    super Jenius11super Jenius113 maanden geleden
  • His unbuttoned sleeves are annoying. Why hasn't he noticed?

    Mulle NorkMulle Nork3 maanden geleden
    • He was probably trying to look casual, but I bet he was thinking about it throughout the entire show. "Unbuttoned sleeves... Ooooo edgy" LOL :D

      Garth NewmanGarth NewmanMaand geleden
    • Unit I suspected that! ;) Still, he's hilarious

      Mulle NorkMulle Nork3 maanden geleden
    • He did it to annoy you in particular :)

      UnitUnit3 maanden geleden
  • One of the best comedians in the business right now

    MehMeh3 maanden geleden
    • But ...there is no comedy business now / currently!!!!!!

      MarkDavidson / M__ZIME - GB&NIMarkDavidson / M__ZIME - GB&NI3 maanden geleden
  • Jon Richardson On Finding Happiness With Age | FUNNY MAGNET | Universal Comedy 1920pm 16/0/20 i think i forwent the misery (r.e relationships) and cut to the chase - solitude... as for crazy people of the world being animal owners - not far off the mark... i think if i was to be crazy i think i should have a german shepherd.

  • Not all the excitement is over, there are senior discount cards to look forward to.

    Sabrina .HSabrina .H3 maanden geleden
  • He's so good on countdown

    Max TunksMax Tunks3 maanden geleden
    • Jon Richardson On Finding Happiness With Age | FUNNY MAGNET | Universal Comedy 16/10/20 1922pm so was whitely...

  • 😂 love this dude

    Tendank starTendank star3 maanden geleden