Jon Richardson Has Made A Commitment To MasterChef | FUNNY MAGNET | Universal Comedy

2 dec. 2020
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I watch a lot of TV I hate, otherwise you're just getting drunk in the dark.
Jon Richardson has made a commitment to MasterChef, even though he hates it. The 8 out of 10 cats does countdown team captain longs for the days of Lloyd Grossman.
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  • Jon has been watching too much League of Gentlemen 😂

    Eleanor Jane PaisleyEleanor Jane PaisleyDag geleden
  • This must be what it’s like to have the type of OCD John has

    Jay MercerJay Mercer6 dagen geleden
  • i dont think ' ram something into my next of kin' got the recognition it deserves

    Joel MathewJoel Mathew15 dagen geleden
  • Too romantic 😇 Am all in on this . Never truer words spoken. Am going to rub one out over MasterChef 80s style. 😂

    Kris MontgomeryKris MontgomeryMaand geleden
  • Some of this act reminded me of Sean Lock

    Tristan WilsonTristan WilsonMaand geleden
  • This was called chivalry - love and admiration at a distance, eternally unrequited. It doesn't seem like it, but it's exactly the same impulse now. Released into society, without all its restrictions, we would indeed be romantic, generous, and caring. And, let's not kid ourselves, very wary of anxious treasure-seekers.

    A FischerA FischerMaand geleden
  • 5:04 Caught laughing at a comedy show? how embarrassing

    TheKopakahTheKopakahMaand geleden
    • Hahaha

      Charlie HughesCharlie HughesMaand geleden
  • But has it got a buttery biscuit base?

    Andy MerrettAndy MerrettMaand geleden
  • I absolutely fucking love MILFS

    Jimmy NeutronJimmy NeutronMaand geleden
  • Jon absolutely kills me every time ! Good thing I'm not in the audience because I would be howling with laughter throughout his performance.

    Maxime EtluinonMaxime EtluinonMaand geleden
  • Fabulous

    Stephen AireyStephen AireyMaand geleden
  • Jon Richardson Has Made A Commitment To MasterChef | FUNNY MAGNET | Universal Comedy 2316PM 2/12/20 AND OTHER THINGS ALLOWEABLE IN THE DARK... LIKE TYPING IN LARGE CAPS ON A COMEDY FEED....

  • How did I get 3 ad breaks in this not even 9 minute video?

    Ben MooreBen MooreMaand geleden
    • @Ben Moore Yeah its pretty crazy. Maybe it's because they know lots of people are going to watch this video or they needed to make back the money it cost to hire John

      Frostyblade 88Frostyblade 88Maand geleden
    • Cause you aint gt ad block

      scotishjohnscotishjohnMaand geleden
    • @Ben Moore what adverts did you get? 🙂

      hacked againhacked againMaand geleden
    • @Nahadoth Way to repeat what's already been said in this comment thread. Man I love youtube comments; no one can ever just be helpful or well-intentioned. Everybody's gotta be smug and condescending.

      Ben MooreBen MooreMaand geleden
    • because somehow in 2020 you manage to not have installed an ad blocker.

      NahadothNahadothMaand geleden
  • Is he on helium?

    Nigel SheppardNigel SheppardMaand geleden
    • Nope

      Frostyblade 88Frostyblade 88Maand geleden
  • Where is the cardigan?

    Andrew BarrattAndrew BarrattMaand geleden
  • God I love him

    LilituLilituMaand geleden
  • “Small things like master chef” o here we go again 😂

    VentrexVentrexMaand geleden