Jon Richardson Got Food Poisoning While On A Romantic Break | Universal Comedy

1 jan. 2021
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They say romance is dead!
Jon Richardson retells a horror story from a romantic break with his now wife, when he caught food poisoning.
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    Ariana DiDomenicoAriana DiDomenico3 dagen geleden
  • She accepts him shitting everywhere and he accepts her moving his stuff! No sweet couple than this!

    L AAL AA6 dagen geleden
  • Sounds like he found the right person to marry! She puts up with all his weird habits and he doesn't mind her being in the house touching stuff!

    Mary WoodMary Wood16 dagen geleden
    • @james semple He isn't so bad himself and a sense of humor always makes an ordinary guy more attractive.

      Mary WoodMary Wood9 dagen geleden
    • His mrs is fit

      james semplejames semple9 dagen geleden
  • Fortunately this experience is now available in the UK too now if you visit KFC

    Mike5Mike520 dagen geleden
  • Knives. Forks. Spoons. She's right.

    Claire EllisClaire Ellis21 dag geleden
    • @Ariana DiDomenico always. 😊❤️🇬🇧

      Claire EllisClaire Ellis2 dagen geleden

      Ariana DiDomenicoAriana DiDomenico3 dagen geleden
    • spoons forks knives

      No NameNo Name17 dagen geleden
    • My fiance is a little bit OCD, so they go in alphabetical order in our drawer! Forks, knives, spoons. Personally, I don't care what order!

      Thomas BoysThomas Boys19 dagen geleden
  • No civil war on Portugal.

    Quim RoscasQuim Roscas21 dag geleden
    • And 1383, 1449, 1580, 1846 & 1919 but as I say kinda missing whole point of joke anyway.... 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

      Aidy BatesAidy Bates20 dagen geleden
    • ...and 1910.

      Phil DayPhil Day20 dagen geleden
    • @Aidy Bates Yep, and he's wrong anyway. There was a civil war in Portugal (1828-1832).

      Afonso SousaAfonso Sousa20 dagen geleden
    • Think you missed the joke....

      Aidy BatesAidy Bates20 dagen geleden
  • Jon Richardson Got Food Poisoning While On A Romantic Break | Universal Comedy 2321PM 1/1/21 HE'S ON LATER TONIGHT ON CH4 1155PM.... YOU NEVER KNOW I MIGHT MISS IT I.E I COULD BE ASLEEP... HERE'S HOPING... EFFIN FRIDAY NIGHT AND I AM NOT SOBER NOR OF A MIND TO BE...

  • 0:42 that's what she said

    Mrhud50nMrhud50n21 dag geleden
  • This hits home like a brick through my window! I was in Thailand a year ago and was dating a local girl. A few days in, I get food poisoning and literally experienced the same as Jon, with the poor girl sleeping a few feet away from the toilet. Took me 24hrs to recover and she stuck by me the whole time, even going to the pharmacy to buy me electrolytes and what not. It was so bad at one point that I didn't care anymore what she heard from the bathroom either! After a shared experience like that with practically a stranger, it kinda breaks the ice, there's nothing left to hide from her. Hahaha good times!

    Brandon StarkBrandon Stark21 dag geleden
  • Bruh these bots

    Jeremy GilmoreJeremy Gilmore21 dag geleden
  • Should stick to 8 out of 10

    harryoates91harryoates9121 dag geleden
    • Why would he want to make less money and lower his own profile?

      Make America Hang Seditionists AgainMake America Hang Seditionists Again20 dagen geleden
  • Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    anna VinceSilvanna VinceSilv21 dag geleden
  • You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    Gavyn BraylenGavyn Braylen21 dag geleden
  • Two bots in 14 minutes Jesus that’s fast

    DaredevilDaredevil21 dag geleden
    • If you check out my almost funny video on New Year i am sure you will hate it. 🤔😑

      StupiderWithABStupiderWithAB21 dag geleden
    • I think channels that want to UP their subscriber count will buy bulk subs from whoever controls these sock puppet channels so they can get more leverage with YT.

      puirYorickpuirYorick21 dag geleden
    • @VikingWarrior HU Random profiles of people which don't exist, which some people buy to make it look like they have more viewers/followers/subscribers etc. But for some reason they've been appearing on random channels for years, for reasons I don't understand. They used to have *banana* 🍌 profile pics a year or two ago, but now they all seem to have profile pics of *Asian women.*

      Daniel GardeckiDaniel Gardecki21 dag geleden
    • What are these bots anyway?

      VikingWarrior HUVikingWarrior HU21 dag geleden
    • 4 bots in 45 minutes, and a random guy speaking like a bot asking people to check out his channel

      Daniel GardeckiDaniel Gardecki21 dag geleden
  • OMG 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    ncre TancrTancncre TancrTanc21 dag geleden
  • Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖

    Abbigail AspenAbbigail Aspen21 dag geleden
    • Shut up.

      Ben StychBen Stych21 dag geleden