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17 feb. 2021
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Who else thought God was just throwing a hissy fit when they first read the story of Noah's Ark? Karl Pilkington did...
Taken from his best-selling show Science the serial Golden Globes host and creator of The Office, Extras, Derek and AfterLife Ricky Gervais reads the story of Noah.
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    Darrell and Sondra HoldenDarrell and Sondra HoldenDag geleden
  • If God is real I hope he drowns and dies

    Jake RaynorJake RaynorDag geleden
  • I dare you talk like this about Islam, pick up some of their religious text and do this: I DARE YOU. You'll be terminated and hiding for the rest of your miserable life.

    john smithjohn smith3 dagen geleden
    • No kidding!

      Darrell and Sondra HoldenDarrell and Sondra HoldenDag geleden
    • He's certainly safer criticising Christianity than he would be criticising Islam... unless he was visiting a family planning clinic at the moment a Christian decides to go on a murder spree there.

      Akray BothordaAkray BothordaDag geleden
    • Thats because Islam is a violent religion. Thanks for demonstrating that. Muhammadaphile

      Penguin CommandoPenguin Commando2 dagen geleden
    • Yup 100%

      OPineappleOPineapple3 dagen geleden
  • He has a wife

    The Anti-Retard copThe Anti-Retard cop6 dagen geleden
    • Who...GOD? What's her name? Is she a goer? (nudge nudge, wink wink) 😀

      digitalbookworm5678digitalbookworm56784 dagen geleden
  • kurt cobain was right?

    noobyMooseheadnoobyMoosehead9 dagen geleden
    • @Penguin Commando I know. Right after I asked for citation I looked up 100s of his quotes. Not there.

      digitalbookworm5678digitalbookworm56782 dagen geleden
    • @digitalbookworm5678 that's because roy there is lying. Einstein never said that.

      Penguin CommandoPenguin Commando2 dagen geleden
    • @Roy Sørensen "...and he himself considered himself stupid compared to the one who created it all." Citation please. I've read nearly all of Einstein's philosophical works and never seen that. 🤔

      digitalbookworm5678digitalbookworm56784 dagen geleden
    • Lots of the stand-up comics are fun , but i dont take them too serious when it comes to religion . Many people tries to hide behind comedy. Remember Einstein is considered a genius, and he himself considered himself stupid compared to the one who created it all🕊🕊🕊

      Roy SørensenRoy Sørensen5 dagen geleden
  • It's true gays hate gays. I introduced a gay friend to another gay friend and my gay friend said, what's wrong with you? He is a flammer! I hate gay guys i only like men! Never knew what he meant by that

    The KrakenThe Kraken9 dagen geleden
    • @The Kraken I wouldn't say more morals. But less shallow, I suppose.

      Penguin CommandoPenguin Commando2 dagen geleden
    • @Penguin Commando then it means gay guys have more morals that straight men. Like any straight guy i know would been " heck yeah! Hook me up like now!"

      The KrakenThe Kraken2 dagen geleden
    • @The Kraken same thing on the outside. Maybe the personality isn't right? I'm just guessing here.

      Penguin CommandoPenguin Commando2 dagen geleden
    • @Penguin Commando same thing no? Same package same ammo.

      The KrakenThe Kraken2 dagen geleden
    • @The Kraken probably meant he's into more manly men, than the more feminine type. Maybe?

      Penguin CommandoPenguin Commando2 dagen geleden
  • You be drinking up getting silly in a pub, as it is your habit, making fun of God, like in Noah's days when your next tidal wave will hit. Oh! No!

    The KrakenThe Kraken9 dagen geleden
    • @The Kraken another mind reader

      Penguin CommandoPenguin Commando2 dagen geleden
    • @Penguin Commando He likes to do what you like to do

      The KrakenThe Kraken2 dagen geleden
    • @The Kraken I'm not religious, so no, I don't believe in fairytales. But your op implies you know what he likes to do.

      Penguin CommandoPenguin Commando2 dagen geleden
    • @Penguin Commando you be believing in fairytales, if think a mind can be read.

      The KrakenThe Kraken2 dagen geleden
    • Another mind reader.

      Penguin CommandoPenguin Commando2 dagen geleden
  • Creationists: There is no evolution Intelligent person: Millions of species on the planet and Noah had them on the Ark? Creationist: He didn't need two of each, just two of each kind. Intelligent person: And then? Creationist: When they got back on land, gawd made them into all the species we see today. Intelligent person: So he hyper evolved them? Creationist: ~crickets~ Intelligent person: By the way, want to run by me again how whale are fish and bats are birds just as if the people telling those stories were fucking morons? Ceationis: It's the word of gawd! Intelligent person: In that case your gawd belongs into a padded cell not to hurt himself.

    Blade RunnerBlade Runner10 dagen geleden
  • God created homosexuality. I think god is a he/ she. It makes sense.

    Allan ClarkAllan Clark11 dagen geleden
    • Homosexuality started when God created a rainbow.

      Game HeroGame Hero8 dagen geleden
  • Laugh it up Ricky for all eternity in hell.

    therapy188therapy18811 dagen geleden
    • @Mads I don't read books, books are for suckers.

      therapy188therapy1889 dagen geleden
    • @therapy188 Go read a non-fiction book for once

      MadsMads9 dagen geleden
    • @Mads yeah believing in God is so 2020.

      therapy188therapy1889 dagen geleden
    • Imagine believing in hell in 2021.

      MadsMads9 dagen geleden
    • @therapy188 Oh, sorry, of course I meant dishonest liar. My bad.

      Blade RunnerBlade Runner10 dagen geleden
  • All funny until it’s mocking then it’s soul destroying for those influenced. If the Bible isn’t the inspired word of God then how did Moses know the fundamentals of the universe ? Modern day science can’t prove it wrong..In the opening verse . In the beginning (time) God created the heavens (space) and the earth (matter). Time-space-matter not backwards at all is it? Let’s look at a few facts that has proven prophecies to be accurate. Israel will be a reborn nation. Hebrew language brought back to life as their old coins are back in circulation. Gays allows to be married in church. There are fish in the Dead Sea.. the desert has been turned into a beautiful budding wilderness. And so many more dare you examine the evidences before you mock and condemn the bible like they did Jesus who was also perfect in his ways. An no matter what you’ve done he still has his loving arms out waiting for you.. this limited is life is more like a test and Ricky is having his reward now like Judas. Each to their own but know his farther the devil has the vast majority of the rich and famous blood thirsty in greed!

    Mr MossMr Moss11 dagen geleden
    • Wrong

      Penguin CommandoPenguin Commando2 dagen geleden
    • @curbroadshow around Israel? St that time how close is the ring of fire? Your willingly ignorant as the bible says in the end times... the flood the creation lol wonderful book. Don’t worry we’re al going through it together haha rejoice it’s written

      Mr MossMr Moss5 dagen geleden
    • @Mr Moss Maybe it was because of all the volcanoes erupting 🤔 Yeah, I’m the ignorant one 😄

      curbroadshowcurbroadshow5 dagen geleden
    • @curbroadshow how ignorant are you didn’t a passage say got sits up on the circle of the earth? Doesn’t the bible claim there is a lake of fire under the earth? How could it possibly know that if the earth is flat? It’s the irrefutable from cover to cover. Don’t be a ding bat find out !

      Mr MossMr Moss5 dagen geleden
    • @Mr Moss woah there tonto, Moses knew the fundamentals of the universe???? Are you sure about that? I’m pretty sure that they thought the earth was flat and the centre of the universe, and that the stars controlled the seasons as they rotated around the earth on a dome. They were just barbaric, ignorant people trying to make sense of their world.

      curbroadshowcurbroadshow5 dagen geleden
  • Self hatred is a thing

    Rahul BansodeRahul Bansode11 dagen geleden
  • the 1 God ' believers' ! lol lol lol because someone told them to believe in 1 god lol lol lol... so why not 2 gods or 3 ? or 4 million billion or 0 . ppl who claim to know and tell us it's the truth because it was wrote in a story book. ! lol lol lol dopes

    wVw weekend Video watch 2021wVw weekend Video watch 202111 dagen geleden
  • IF you like his comedy you may like my channel :) xox

    wVw weekend Video watch 2021wVw weekend Video watch 202111 dagen geleden
  • having religion is a menatl illness. i hope the day comess teaching kids religion against their free will becomes illegal. How many inconsistencies are in the Bible ? There is a list of 144 self-contradictions in the Bible. one example is the word ARSENOKOITAI SHOWS UP IN TWO DIFFERENT VERSES IN THE BIBLE, BUT IT WAS NOT TRANSLATED TO MEAN HOMOSEXUAL UNTIL 1946. Did you know ? 27 New Testament books are forgeries. OMG ! but the holy programmed sheep will always cherry pick their own sweet sugar coated verses and ignore the rest.

    wVw weekend Video watch 2021wVw weekend Video watch 202111 dagen geleden
  • There are actually people in this comment section promoting their religion because they were evidently upset by the audacity of a comedian to make fun of holy books. Religious ideology does not hold authoritative immunity from comical scrutiny.

    Billy ParkerBilly Parker12 dagen geleden
    • @Blade Runner Warum bist du so ironisch? Du hast gesagt, ich benehme mich wie ein Theist. 1. Du hast ignoriert, was ich wie ein Theist gesagt habe. 2. Sie haben einen Anspruch ohne Beweise wie ein Theist erhoben. (Sie haben behauptet, ich sei irrational, haben aber kein Beispiel geliefert, das tatsächlich irrational war.) Du hast meinen zweiten Satz nicht gelesen. Dies war keine Sprachbarriere, sondern ein tatsächlicher Fehler, den Sie gemacht haben. Es ist falsch, mich wegen Ihres Fehlers salzig zu nennen.

      Maj MMaj M8 dagen geleden
    • @Maj M Uhhh, salty. You know what? Vielleicht sollten wir einfach mal in meiner Muttersprache weitermachen. Mal sehen wie viel du dann verstehst. Dein komplettes Konstrukt ist nichts weiter als eine Aneinandereihung von Worten, die nur einen Zweck erfüllt - wir nennen das geistiges wichsen. Also ich klatsche jetzt mal vor dir überlegenen Wesen, das zu hundert prozent wie Theisten argumentiert, gaaaaaanz langsam in die Hände. Herzlichen Glückwunsch. Und nur zu deiner Information, Theisten argumentieren sehr wohl, dass man ihren Humbug nicht kritisieren darf. Sie reagieren nämlich nicht rational, sondern emotional. In etwa so wie du in deinem Post. Hast du noch mehr zu sagen, um zu beweisen, wie irrational du bist? Höhere Standards, da lach ich doch drüber.

      Blade RunnerBlade Runner8 dagen geleden
    • @Blade Runner Why didn't you just say, _"I'm illiterate!"_ ? It would've been a more concise way of telling the thread you're not willing to read even the 2nd sentence of someone's post.

      Maj MMaj M8 dagen geleden
    • @Maj M What argument? That their book deserves respect? Every religion, always for their book while having no problem to burn the others. Some even go that far to kill people if you dare to draw their favorite child mollester aka Muhammad.

      Blade RunnerBlade Runner9 dagen geleden
    • @Billy Parker Did any theists actually make that argument though? It's likely true that somewhere a theist comedian's act pokes fun at atheism, and if I responded in a comment explaining the rational case for atheism, _I definitely WOULD NOT be making an implied argument that atheism deserves to be exempt from criticism._ Maybe a theist _did_ make that argument (theists say a lot of crazy things), and it'd make sense to reply to their comment explaining to them theism isn't exempt from criticism, but we should try to hold ourselves to a higher standard of rationality when we make all our arguments, and that includes avoiding straw men wherever possible (ie _not_ accusing people of acting like religion is exempt from criticism because it's an authority if they're not actually making that argument).

      Maj MMaj M9 dagen geleden
  • You are not funny

    martinainguismartinainguis13 dagen geleden
    • And you Are wasting your time here if youre not enjoying these

      Daniel jhalabDaniel jhalabUur geleden
    • Butthurt religious freak.

      Voodoo DiecastVoodoo Diecast11 dagen geleden
    • Humour is subjective, and considering his success - I'd say he's pretty fucking funny.

      Alex CraskeAlex Craske11 dagen geleden
    • Why watch dumbest

      Jay GoesJay Goes12 dagen geleden
  • His full run on The Book Of Noah is pure perfection. Some of the funniest stand up I've ever seen.

    Spinny PlayzSpinny Playz13 dagen geleden
    • @Jeff Taylor ok

      Spinny PlayzSpinny Playz11 dagen geleden
    • Actually, if you read the Quran, we find out that the raft was made of ropes and logs. These were primitive people. It also says that it was a local flood in Judea and the raft was for Noah, his family and followers and his domestic animals, all "his" animals. It says the raft landed on the hills of Judea. Now this is the Dead Sea. It is a location below sea level. In a catastrophic post Ice Age flood, this area is like a bathtub. Peace

      Jeff TaylorJeff Taylor11 dagen geleden
    • I agree it’s brilliantly done.

      Inspire VRInspire VR12 dagen geleden
  • The rest of this bit is missing, where it turns out god seems to absolutely flamingly fabulous in this childrens book.

    VitringurVitringur13 dagen geleden
  • Would you like an atmosphere? Of course I fuckin would 😂 😂😂

    Arya NaveenArya Naveen13 dagen geleden
  • The example of those who take allies other than Allah is like that of the spider who takes [i.e., constructs] a home. And indeed, the weakest of homes is the home of the spider, if they only knew. Quran Chapter Spider 29: verse 41.

    Beauty of islamBeauty of islam13 dagen geleden
    • @Jeff Taylor Do you even care that your arguments rely on such bad logic? I get the sense you don't. (Mostly because you're acting the same way other Muslims do by ignoring the logical problems with your position. That's THE ONLY way to defend Islam: to ignore all of the reasonable, logical arguments against it. 1. Imagine a book tells you (a) it's a communication from god, (b) leprechauns exist, and (c) your life is good enough proof leprechauns exist. _Do you just believe that book because it claimed all that stuff?_ I hope not. Yet strangely it seems you're doing that for the Quran; you're believing it's a communication from a god even though you don't even have evidence god exists, and then believing that because a god said it that's sufficient proof. 2. Can nothing cause something? If not, then to prove a god caused that communication (or did any of the other stuff you claim god is responsible for) you would FIRST need evidence of god. You'd need it BEFORE you could say any of this stuff _was_ evidence of god! But I don't think you care whether your beliefs are truth. I think you'll ignore these two problems (and all the others I listed, but the second one here is the bad logic you've repeated most frequently, by just _claiming god is responsible for stuff with no evidence at all._ Claims don't magically make something true, Jeff.)

      Maj MMaj M7 dagen geleden
    • @Maj M I shared with you Quranic verses where God himself says that the physical earth , the night and the day, the seasons, etc is GOOD ENOUGH proof. If you can't see it, It's not your time.

      Jeff TaylorJeff Taylor7 dagen geleden
    • @Jeff Taylor Do you see how you aren't even on topic anymore? I've asked you to prove god exists, and you posted some things, I explained why those things were bad logic, and you ignored that to now talk about a completely different topic (is god life? No. Life is a separate topic.).

      Maj MMaj M7 dagen geleden
    • ​@Maj M Complexity is never the result of a random generator Valid. The simplest form of life is extraordinarily complex. Valid Life is not the result of random collection of materials, Peace.

      Jeff TaylorJeff Taylor7 dagen geleden
    • ​@Jeff Taylor So your response is just to ignore why every single argument you presented relies on bad logic? Why don't you care about truth, Jeff?

      Maj MMaj M8 dagen geleden
  • Hahahaha no he's just still in the closet that's why he hates gay people 🤣😂 😁

    Jake MartinJake Martin13 dagen geleden
    • @Darrell and Sondra Holden im sorry dude, are you serious? it's a joke.

      BeezWhizzBeezWhizzDag geleden
    • You'll burn for your disrespect of God, unless you repent.

      Darrell and Sondra HoldenDarrell and Sondra HoldenDag geleden
    • and that's on *i n t e r n a l i z e d h o m o p h o b i a*

      BeezWhizzBeezWhizz5 dagen geleden
    • @Mitchell Hogg he was referring to God, not Ricky.

      Chris HorneChris Horne11 dagen geleden
    • Since when has he hated gay people?

      Mitchell HoggMitchell Hogg11 dagen geleden
  • I really like him, he doesn't get the story, but on a level he might not see himself he does. The old testament is such an interesting document. It's a collection of folk tales that clearly depict how bewildered people were by the complexity of the world. The whole book is full of that bewilderment. It basically says: "There are rules, we have no idea why but if you follow them something reacts and you are most likely good. If you don't the same thing f-ing murders you, your family, and your tribe! And btw. sometimes it does so anyway." Especially these anger fits and mood swings of god are missing in the new testament, but it's something everyone experiences constantly. Sometimes the world just hates you for a reason you cant understand. God is not the almighty good force it is shown as in the new testament but something much more primal. I like that idea. There is something very profound about many of these stories if you don't make the mistake of taking them as literal facts. They are not objectively true but existentially true. They are not truth, they carry truth as all good stories do.

    pastmikepastmike13 dagen geleden
    • Of course you like 'the comedians ideas' because you are blind to the Truth.

      Darrell and Sondra HoldenDarrell and Sondra HoldenDag geleden
    • The Old Testament is NOT a document - honestly.

      Darrell and Sondra HoldenDarrell and Sondra HoldenDag geleden
    • @pastmike I dunno, to me there's a purely rational case for laws that treat humans that way, just based on a subjective desire for well-being. I don't even think we need _empathy_ to make the case, or that humans have some transcendent value. We just have to recognize that our well-being is interconnected with basically everyone on the planet, so therefore we should value others if we want well-being ourself. I mean just imagine the countless growers, chefs, managers, transporters, etc who were involved in something as simple as the food I had delivered to my door today (and by extension all the people providing goods/services _to those people_ who were indirectly responsible for my own well-being). So yeah, I've thought a fair bit on the topic.

      Maj MMaj M5 dagen geleden
    • @Maj M I'm not pleased about that outcome because it leaves you without the point I was trying to make. I won't press that any longer though. I guess it was as exhausting to you as to me, but if you become interested in those things in the future: Try analyzing why we believe every human being has intrinsical, immutable worth and are cementing that in our laws. Especially what happens in societies and to individuals that refuse that assumption. It's a rabbit hole and no pleasurable journey at all, but if you make it out in one piece you might find something truly worthwhile.

      pastmikepastmike6 dagen geleden
    • @pastmike Well the data you're presenting is death rates between religious and non-religious, so it is quite similar to the point you wanted to make (and very interesting data, thanks!) Even just with that first paper, I think that's reasonable to tentatively agree with you that belonging to a religious social group improves survivability. Think I'll give it a shot to see if I can find a bit more evidence like that to really cement the opinion, but it seems reasonable enough as-is.

      Maj MMaj M6 dagen geleden
  • We assuredly established you in the earth and arranged for your livelihood in it. Little do you give thanks. Quran 7:10

    Beauty of islamBeauty of islam13 dagen geleden
    • allah is satan

      Blood disorderBlood disorder2 dagen geleden
    • "Indeed the faithless from among the People of the Bookand the polytheists will be in the fire of hell, to remain in it [forever]. It is they who are the worst of creatures." Quran 98:6

      Ashish KarkiAshish Karki10 dagen geleden
    • @Beauty of islam whatever makes you feel better, my man. I prefer C.S Lewis, or Salman Rushdie. Novels are good fun.

      Hermann BandoHermann Bando12 dagen geleden
    • @Kingnotail Those who believe, and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah: for without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction. Quran 13:27

      Beauty of islamBeauty of islam13 dagen geleden
    • @Beauty of islam monumental bollocks

      KingnotailKingnotail13 dagen geleden
  • Say, “He is Allah, [who is] One, Allah, the Eternal Refuge. He neither begets nor is born, Nor is there to Him any equivalent. Quran chapter 112

    Beauty of islamBeauty of islam13 dagen geleden
    • @Ashish Karki And that there are many different "people on the Internet", some of whom can, in fact, understand sarcasm but find it difficult to construe [apparently, didn't check] quotes from the Quran as sarcasm without some hint--say a winky face?

      Wayne BrehautWayne Brehaut9 dagen geleden
    • @Ashish Karki And all-compassionate--see how he gives you a new skin each time so he can burn it off again!

      Wayne BrehautWayne Brehaut9 dagen geleden
    • @danwic "The spiderweb is not its home but its trap for its prey." Oh, there we go! Inserting facts into a perfectly good religious argument!

      Wayne BrehautWayne Brehaut9 dagen geleden
    • @Justin Heranus You do know that the Christian God is just a supposed "New" version of the Jews' God and that Allah is the same guy with a different name?

      Wayne BrehautWayne Brehaut9 dagen geleden
    • Go read a non-fiction book for once

      MadsMads9 dagen geleden
  • Never fully understood atheists. You're cool with the idea that humans know a minute percentage of everything, yet are 100% sure a god does not exist. If you think its improbable, then fine, but the certainty confuses me.

    Wynand MalanWynand Malan13 dagen geleden
    • @budd2nd Thanks, I'm working on a stand-up routine but, since I'm Biden's age, I'll need a TelePrompter to remember the jokes for me!

      David MillerDavid Miller11 dagen geleden
    • @David Miller Lol. I found your comment genuinely funny. Well done David.👍👍🤣🤣

      budd2ndbudd2nd11 dagen geleden
    • @Boran Tatli One of the commandments says: "Thou shall have no other gods before me!" Which I took to say there are other gods but you'd better not worship them, first. So, there's a whole pantheon out there but Yahweh wants all our love/obedience like a recent American President that I voted for, twice. Now, I'm conflicted, is it okay that I don't really believe there's an all powerful being that created everything, just like I've lost faith in the all-powerful orange one who seems to be a loser? Will I be tortured forever in fiery hell or the Democrat's version of America? Please, Ricky, reassure me!

      David MillerDavid Miller13 dagen geleden
    • @Wynand Malan That we can both agree on haha. No one likes an arrogant know-it-all

      Boran TatliBoran Tatli13 dagen geleden
    • @Boran Tatli fair enough. Its probably one those times where the loud few gets confused with the majority. Meaning more atheist I guess are fairly chill and open minded, and not condescending know-it-all's like it mostly comes across.

      Wynand MalanWynand Malan13 dagen geleden
  • Maybe the bible is homophobic bc of god's internalised homophobia lol

    tamariskpietamariskpie13 dagen geleden
    • @Mr Moss do you have proof?

    • @Mr Moss - Maybe this particular god is a character in a work of fiction like all the other gods that people have believed in through history. I guess it's possible to hate a fictional character (like Joffrey Baratheon!), but only to a certain extent.

      Akray BothordaAkray BothordaDag geleden
    • Maybe woman is made for a man. And it’s perfect like that. It’s normal for atheists and homosexuals to hate God no body wants to bu told their wrong. Special place in hell for those who discourage others from truth.

      Mr MossMr Moss11 dagen geleden
    • IF you like his comedy you may like my channel :) xox

      wVw weekend Video watch 2021wVw weekend Video watch 202111 dagen geleden
    • Read the book of Samuel. Not really homophobic, is it.

      raynarksraynarks12 dagen geleden
  • This is only half of the sketch though

    Tim, was Chad BroskiTim, was Chad Broski13 dagen geleden
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😷😷😷⚜️⚜️⚜️🌎☮️❤️❤️❤️🤘🏼✌🏼 Mr. Gervais - you’re the best and not just in comedy!

    Marie MartinMarie Martin13 dagen geleden
  • How does one share with everybody the incredible news that God sent a messenger in the 1980's. We now know what the purpose of life is and how have no problems here and now and how to get to heaven. Will anyone believe? His name was Dr. Rashad Khalifa. He wrote books, news letters, made videos, and audio tapes. He is the real deal. The first messenger since Jesus, and Muhammad. Peace.

    Jeff TaylorJeff Taylor13 dagen geleden
    • @Jeff Taylor 'probability laws' 🤣. Even more wrong again.....

      C EC EDag geleden
    • @Maj M You are not familiar with the argument that I would make. There is a distinction between numerology and probabilities. I am saying that we know with absolute certainty that God exists based on probability laws. When I showed these proofs to a mathematician, his reply was, "coincidences and even if it is true, I am not interested". So there you have it. Proof only works for those interested in knowing the truth. You may be a person who just loves to argue, and you may be good at it. God actually calls that a fault in a human being. The proofs of God's existence are so abundant and are reinforced every day for a believer in the events of that day. A disbeliever is oblivious to all the evidence, and that is by design. You may not know this, but God is not guiding everyone. He only guides those who want to be guided. He respects our choices and free will. I can't convince a person that God exists, truly, unless they already are wanting to know God. Everyone thinks they are right. Tell me, do you know anyone who is arguing because they think they are wrong. God gives people blockage, an aspect blindness unless there is a sincerity. Most people who are professing belief are actually led to some form of Idol worship, like most Jews, Christians and Muslims, not to mention Hindus. I don't know what you think, but this gives you an idea where I am coming from. My certainty is based on information that clarified the Quran by Dr. Rashad Khalifa who was, no doubt, God's first messenger since Jesus and Muhammad. He clarified the Quran for the believers. The Quran is proven to be mathematically composed beyond human ability based on a basic understanding of probability laws. He discovered the miracle of the number 19 in God's scriptures. This has nothing to do with numerology. Peace.

      Jeff TaylorJeff Taylor9 dagen geleden
    • @Jeff Taylor Why has nobody ever proven god exists using a reliable way of knowing truth? Every time I convince a theist to even _try_ to prove god exists, it always involves bad logic of some kind. For example you seem convinced by numerology, which is interpreting numeric patterns as indicating divine influence of some kind, and yet numerology arguments are made for multiple contradicting religions. So we know with certainty numerology _is not_ a reliable way of knowing truth. To justify believing in a god you'd need to be able to prove one exists _without_ relying on unreliable methods, and to date I've never seen a theist do that. Given you're convinced by a staggeringly bad argument, I seriously doubt you'll surprise me and be the first to present evidence of a god.

      Maj MMaj M9 dagen geleden
    • @Jeff Taylor Okay, now I've got to find my copy of the Quran and read it as more than just another mythos. Oh well, if I wind up prostrating myself five times a day in the direction of Mecca, I'm going to curse you, so there. Also, I'm not being nit-picky here, but the word is ascent for the rocket takeoff; I'm pointing that out because you did a good/serious job of explanation other than that.

      David MillerDavid Miller10 dagen geleden
    • @David Miller OK, your not interested. Let me at least say a few things. Dr. Khalifa was a scientist. He agreed about how religions do a better job of pushing serious people away because of the ridiculousness. We believe Satan is actually very good at what he does, distorting any new information that comes down here. I know, big taboo, I mentioned Satan. But please I have a few things to say about science. Dr. Khalifa was an accomplished scientists with US pattens for extracting protein from Yeast. It was ground breaking work. His computer research on the Quran was reviewed in 1980 in the journal, Scientific American. He illustrated how the Quran is the most scientifically accurate book we have. Yah Yah Yah. I know. I know. Would you believe that science has not yet caught up with the Quran? Islam has nothing to do with this stuff, they follow hadith. They are a mess. Please, I'm talking science here. The Quran was revealed in the year 600 -It revealed that the earth was indeed a sphere. In fact the earth has a slight difference between the diameter on the equator vs the poles. It says the earth is more egg shaped to deal with this fact. -It was the first document to announce the big Bang. -It announced that the universe is expanding before Hubble ever lived -It describes plate tectonics -It accurately describes embrionic development -it announces that oxygen is less dense at high altitudes -It accurately describes honey as a medicinal remedy -it declared that all life emanates from water -it supports evolution, however , guided evolution -it clarified the Noah story that it was a local flood in the Dead Sea basin (lower than sea level) and it was a log raft tied together with rope. Noah put "his" domestic animals" on the raft with him and his few followers. It was not this long event. -It points out that Jesus isn't God. -It points out that the trinity is a pagan concept -It points out that all the scriptures have injections in them - fasting is becoming a favorite remedy by nutritionists. because of how healthy it is, Quran says to do it one month a year. -The word "month"is mentioned 12 times in the Quran -The word "Day" is mentioned 365 days. Now I hope I haven't bored you yet. Please let me just describe one more thing. There is a chapter in the Quran called "The Moon." Here is the verse I want to show you: [54:1] "The Hour has come closer and the moon has split." "The Hour" refers to the End of the World. "Split" like splitting the earth, tilling or digging up the soil. This is the flight log for 1969 Apollo 11 lunar module accent from the moon carrying around 48 lbs of moon rock. You will notice that they programmed ignition for exactly at 54 minutes after the hour. You probably have seen the video of this accent. That module shoots up instantly. So we can say with certainty that at 54 minutes, one second that they had lifted off with the moon rock. Quran. 54: 1 Chapter 54 verse one. "The Hour has come closer and the moon has split." Astonishing The lunar mission was described to the second. Also, the very next verse describes how after this, the people rejected the Mathematical miracle of the Quran. [54:2]Then they saw a miracle; but they turned away and said, "Old magic." In the late seventies the Muslim world rejected the mathematical miracle after celebrating it in 1974 because Dr. Khalifa called them out on how bad they had distorted the religion. If you made it this far, I feel like I owe you something. Thanks for the conversation. Peace.

      Jeff TaylorJeff Taylor10 dagen geleden
  • You know what's really funny? There are no atheists on a crashing plane.

    PeaceBeUnto YouPeaceBeUnto You13 dagen geleden
    • @I_Dont_Eat_My_Friends you tried so hard man. But his head is too thick to understand your logic

      Pratik ParmarPratik Parmar17 uur geleden
    • @C E And what is his card that you're invoking?

      PeaceBeUnto YouPeaceBeUnto You22 uur geleden
    • @PeaceBeUnto You a close personal friend of mine...😂

      C EC EDag geleden
    • @C E Can you tell me who Mark Twain is or not since you brought him up?

      PeaceBeUnto YouPeaceBeUnto You3 dagen geleden
    • @PeaceBeUnto You think you missed my point there Winston....

      C EC E3 dagen geleden
  • Believe it or not God though a temper tantrum

    Patrick FredericksPatrick Fredericks13 dagen geleden
    • @Darrell and Sondra Holden I used -though-as as one

      Patrick FredericksPatrick Fredericks20 uur geleden
    • @Darrell and Sondra Holden and threw is not a adjective

      Patrick FredericksPatrick Fredericks20 uur geleden
    • @Darrell and Sondra Holden and maybe you won’t judge me by your own morals

      Patrick FredericksPatrick Fredericks20 uur geleden
    • @Darrell and Sondra Holden learn to understand a dictionary before you jump off a cliff,

      Patrick FredericksPatrick Fredericks20 uur geleden
    • At least learn to spell - it's 'threw' , and it's not even 'through' and it certainly is not 'though'. Geesh.

      Darrell and Sondra HoldenDarrell and Sondra HoldenDag geleden
  • why this part is removed from Netflix?

    Charizard ABCCharizard ABC13 dagen geleden
    • This is from another show, Netflix only has "Humanity" This show is "Science"

      David BehnkeDavid Behnke13 dagen geleden
  • Some time thousands of years ago somewhere in the Middle East there was a big fk off flood, it’s a story stolen a thousand times over.

    MatthewMatthew13 dagen geleden
  • Jesus loves you , repent

    HalfSpinHalfSpin13 dagen geleden
    • @I_Dont_Eat_My_Friends It always amuses me that so many of those that wave their bible's while screeching at gays about Leviticus 20: 13 are in breach of Leviticus 20: 10.

      Nehemiah ScudderNehemiah Scudder12 dagen geleden

      J SJ S12 dagen geleden
    • Bollocks to Jesus

      KingnotailKingnotail13 dagen geleden
    • Jesus is a oxymoronic hypocrite

      Young ReedYoung Reed13 dagen geleden
    • a doctor does more good in a week then your so called jesus ever did . you poor brain washed fool read a real book

      TheFreeman2206TheFreeman220613 dagen geleden
  • You come from creation ! You’re creator looks like you !

    DATA on the PLANEDATA on the PLANE14 dagen geleden
    • Yes mum dad

      Craig GillattCraig Gillatt11 dagen geleden
    • @DATA on the PLANE Bhudda maybe :p

      danwicdanwic12 dagen geleden
    • @DATA on the PLANE True, I'd rather worship him than a sky fairy. At least I know he's real!

      NeilNeil13 dagen geleden
    • @FinJproductions he’s almost like a god isn’t he !!

      DATA on the PLANEDATA on the PLANE13 dagen geleden
    • God looks like Ricky Gervais? Never knew that.

      FinJproductionsFinJproductions13 dagen geleden
  • Thumbnail is perfection.

    Chives ParaChives Para14 dagen geleden
  • Na....he just isn't real.

    Cameron BranfordCameron Branford14 dagen geleden
    • @Brandon Murray Yeah, that's not how it works...

      Alex CraskeAlex Craske11 dagen geleden
    • @Brandon Murraywheres yours 'bloke' ? Lol. And proof...evolution baby !

      Cameron BranfordCameron Branford13 dagen geleden
    • @Brandon Murray Where's your proof of him being real, delusional bloke ?

      JimmyJimmy13 dagen geleden
    • Where’s you proof bloke?

      Brandon MurrayBrandon Murray13 dagen geleden
  • Head like a fu**n orange 🍊

    Shantanu TakShantanu Tak14 dagen geleden
  • The man. The myth. The legend. David Brent.

    Shantanu TakShantanu Tak14 dagen geleden
    • @Sparky 1083 yet you keep replying ? Just chill yay.

      Been here BeforeBeen here Before14 dagen geleden
    • @Been here Before Nope. I simply stated how I hate when someone cant take a joke and you simply had to jump in and ask "how old are you" as if you had developed the maturity of a twelve year old which would have allowed you to realize IT WAS A JOKE. You got me involved not anyone else.

      Sparky 1083Sparky 108314 dagen geleden
    • @Sparky 1083 who asked you. I commented on someone's shite, not yours. Get gone.

      Been here BeforeBeen here Before14 dagen geleden
    • @Been here Before What's wrong with you? You are watching a comedian and just because someone used an old joke you feel justified to be a annoyance and condescending. If you don't like the joke, move on it's not for you. Nobody likes a buzz kill.

      Sparky 1083Sparky 108314 dagen geleden
    • @Sparky 1083 that's why it's not a joke. How old are you ?

      Been here BeforeBeen here Before14 dagen geleden