"HE'S JUST LAZY" Ricky Gervais On Stephen Hawking | Universal Comedy

28 okt. 2020
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The ever so charming Ricky Gervais discusses the sensitive subjects in this clip from his second stand up special Politics. In his firing line this time around is the late great Stephen Hawking.
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  • The people offended by this are the ones that are privileged.

    Your wifes' boyfriendYour wifes' boyfriend14 dagen geleden
  • I've never known a disabled person who didn't appreciate this kind of humor. If you can't laugh at yourself you're in fetters. Political correctness is just narcissism with a different name. "Everyone look at how woke I am!" Yay you.

    Mickey BitskoMickey Bitsko28 dagen geleden
  • No Ricky,, young kids didn’t call actual spastics, spastic, you called your mates it. We were not that rude, or insensitive,, also we didn’t take to stages and call fat people for our own amusement.

    liddy paulliddy paulMaand geleden
  • Favourite part from Politics, Ricky's 2nd stand-up special. Even though I'm also disabled (I have Autism, myself), I still find this funny. It's nothing worse than Prince Phillip's gaffes or James Gunn's tweets.

    Louis KirkwoodLouis KirkwoodMaand geleden
    • My son is autistic. That's the only case in which "differently abled" is actually an accurate description.

      Mickey BitskoMickey Bitsko28 dagen geleden
  • “I think you’ll find it’s scope” 👏🏻😂😂😂

    Reuben AVFCReuben AVFCMaand geleden
    • Oil Scopie!

      Joshua BranchJoshua BranchMaand geleden
  • Hey NLworld, censoring words in the subtitles only is discriminatory against people with hearing impairments and deafness. Stop that!

    Hj KHj KMaand geleden
    • @Nathan Ovide Spastic It's as he describes it, Spastic or Spasticity relates to issues with muscle contraction, often seen with cerebral palsy etc so that's it's relation to disabilities. Was used as the name of a organisation that represented people with disabilities, and was then used as a derogatory name to people with disabilities because of it's association.

      Dio JaneezDio Janeez26 dagen geleden
    • Can you tell me what it is? Im french and I can't understand this one word :(

      Nathan OvideNathan OvideMaand geleden
  • My name is Karen and this offends me

    Mx WolfMx WolfMaand geleden
  • i always forget how fat ricky was

    FunesTubeFunesTubeMaand geleden
  • I thought Ricky was funny once... the I realized I had some taste...

    ElDeano09ElDeano09Maand geleden
  • I think the pause was for the Epstein scandal 😂

    Aishwary MishraAishwary MishraMaand geleden
  • When is the comedy starting

    Ou sa mà Isiz ayauaOu sa mà Isiz ayauaMaand geleden
  • Booooooring!!!!

    Ou sa mà Isiz ayauaOu sa mà Isiz ayauaMaand geleden
  • Ricky Gervais should make a spin-off of " curb your enthusiasm. and Stephen merchant could be the jerry Seinfeld of that .

    Brook AbebeBrook AbebeMaand geleden
  • Ow Spell the whole word Ouch Fucking nearly pissed myself laughing, so funny!

    Dan JCDan JC2 maanden geleden
  • great comedian but why are his jacket arms always too long ?

    Joe DomicanJoe Domican2 maanden geleden
  • I think the word Spastic comes from the Greek, Σπασμένος. Spasmenos = broken.

    Rappers57Rappers572 maanden geleden
    • @Kangu Ru Still live with your mum?

      Rappers57Rappers572 maanden geleden
    • @Rappers57 „At what time does the bakery open?“ „I think they open at 6.“ „I was there today at 8, they only open at 9.“ „Well I didn’t say that I know. That’s why I used „I think““. See? Doesn’t make any sense. What about „I don’t know“. Or if you wanna ask, ask. „Does the word spastic come from...?“. Using question marks helps that others don’t think you are making a astatememt. But I get your point, you are not a native speaker.

      Kangu RuKangu Ru2 maanden geleden
    • @Kangu Ru If you notice, I started with, 'I think'. You best inform, Google translate as well.

      Rappers57Rappers572 maanden geleden
    • No it doesn’t. It comes from σπαστικός - spastikós. What on earth do spasms have to do with breaking or being broken?

      Kangu RuKangu Ru2 maanden geleden
  • Having at laugh at life. Being it Stephen Hawking or every one else. Love it! :D

    Kristoffer HellströmKristoffer Hellström2 maanden geleden
  • The first one made me think of grandpa from Charlie and the chocolate factory

    Lennaert HondelinkLennaert Hondelink2 maanden geleden
  • Thora Hurd LOL That's a name from the ancient past! Love a bit of Ricky Gervais, bet the whole show was great?!

    amjad razaamjad raza2 maanden geleden
    • You learned how Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V works. Well done.

      Khy MaarenKhy Maaren23 dagen geleden
  • 3¼mips...eggnchips®€cu™ nlworld.info/key/video/26ubhtWpiWegj4g zxc

    Sam CoupéSam Coupé2 maanden geleden
  • ...

    DR MGDR MG2 maanden geleden
  • Was the pause for Hawkins pictured with Epstein?

    Ashleigh 20Ashleigh 202 maanden geleden
  • I'm disabled, born with spina bifida, and I love this. Ricky is known, amongst other things, for supporting 'my people'. This is basically just ripping the bollocks off those Neanderthals that do call us things like that.... Funny thing is those 'people' would be the last ones to notice what he's up to.

    MarkoRolloMarkoRollo2 maanden geleden
    • I am also disabled and love this. I have a good amount of chirps and gags on my sense of humour and if someone says anything derogatory towards me in a nasty sense, I normally reply quite loudly, 'Oh, that's nice! Make fun of the disabled!' Whilst staring directly at the person or persons. Public reactions are quite good in this respect and the bully normally cringes.

      Y LLY LL22 dagen geleden
    • @dort palten are you volunteering neanderthal duty?

      Mountain ManMountain ManMaand geleden
  • Thora Hurd LOL That's a name from the ancient past! Love a bit of Ricky Gervais, bet the whole show was great?!

    Deedee 60Deedee 602 maanden geleden
  • Why isn't he drinking fosters?

    Grunthos The FlatulentGrunthos The Flatulent2 maanden geleden
    • Carling's cheaper :)))))

      Michael CiancettaMichael Ciancetta29 dagen geleden
  • Ian Dury was a spastic

    Grunthos The FlatulentGrunthos The Flatulent2 maanden geleden
    • @Steve G Ian Dury had polio as a child. Spastic is something different, it is when you can't control the tension in your muscles, Ian Dury is partially paralyzed.

      Four of Six, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 03Four of Six, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 032 maanden geleden
    • BBC banned his song Spasticus Autisticus, and didn't know he was.

      Steve GSteve G2 maanden geleden
  • Bus wanker

    ThaifoonthaigerThaifoonthaiger2 maanden geleden
  • Wait... Is ow short for ouch??

    Skrix OSkrix O2 maanden geleden
    • Oww that hurts you didnt know

      Aqua SamaAqua SamaMaand geleden
  • Why is this guy impersonating the comedian from GTA IV?

    petterhnypetterhny2 maanden geleden
  • I've never heard that word before. For real.

    Felipe CarvalhoFelipe Carvalho2 maanden geleden
    • What a spastic😉

      Chris BChris B2 maanden geleden
    • The word before means to precede.

      ladi jadaladi jada2 maanden geleden
  • gabi demartino

    Laura PujolLaura Pujol2 maanden geleden
  • I love when he acts out little scenarios, always makes me laugh 😂

    Sam WhSam Wh2 maanden geleden
  • The change in his voice it's just incredible.

    Daniel SimõesDaniel Simões2 maanden geleden
    • He’s got the best deliveries

      Matthieu CochardMatthieu Cochard20 dagen geleden
  • Where did this come from, Ricky?

    Bonjour ZereBonjour Zere2 maanden geleden
    • He is British, from England.

      AB Web Designing ServiceAB Web Designing Service2 maanden geleden
  • "Spell the whole word!" 🤣

    NO_1NO_12 maanden geleden
  • The Best!

    Sloth 'n BadgerSloth 'n Badger2 maanden geleden
  • 0:32 active-dating24.online

    Макеева МаринаМакеева Марина2 maanden geleden
  • They’ve rebadged it you fool, it’s the same with Scope and the Spastic society Alan Partridge

    Shane ThrelfallShane Threlfall2 maanden geleden
  • Ahhhhhh!!!!

    Oscar RosalesOscar Rosales2 maanden geleden

    G boiG boi2 maanden geleden