"BUT SHE'S HALF FISH" Would Ricky Gervais Get Off With A Mermaid? | Universal Comedy

8 feb. 2021
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Always asking the important questions, serial Golden Globes winner and presenter Ricky Gervais analysis whether he would have relations with a mermaid or not.
Taken from Ricky Gervais' debut stand up special Animals
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  • Absolutely BRILLIANT!!

    Lynnette GriggsLynnette Griggs2 dagen geleden
  • the real question is if you eat a mermaid is it cannibalism? also is there a point where the meat transitions from fish to mammal?

    Scorpious WillusScorpious Willus9 dagen geleden
  • when a video starts with, "I just remembered another story about bestiality"

    Lambari ZangadoLambari Zangado12 dagen geleden
  • In fairness how would it even be physically possible with a mermaid considering the lower half is just tail? The other guy pointing out he’d go for legs over tail technically makes sense but it’d still be disgusting to see the top half. 🤣

    Sean HayesSean Hayes13 dagen geleden
    • Nah the vagina could still be at the bottom of the torso where it meets the top of the lower half, you wouldn’t be able to do Doggy Style though lol you’d have to do her from the front side. Edit: sorry if that seemed like too much detail.

      borntoberiled6982 7borntoberiled6982 73 dagen geleden
  • That halibut joke was top of the line dad joke.

    HunGredyHunGredy17 dagen geleden
    • Hali-butt

      Mikkel Liestmann OlsenMikkel Liestmann Olsen22 uur geleden
    • @HunGredy Aye as an Englishman I can confirm your comment matey..

      borntoberiled6982 7borntoberiled6982 73 dagen geleden
    • @Atreides I'm also a non-native, so any Englishman is welcome to correct me. But my understanding is that he said "I'm not just gonna shag her for the halibut" instead of "I'm not just gonna shag her for the hell of it" in a very similar accent to make it sound alike. A halibut is a fish, while "for the hell of it" means something similar to "just for the fun". That is also why he says right after that "Now all I'm thinking of is fish puns". Did that help?

      HunGredyHunGredy4 dagen geleden
    • Can you explain it for non native speakers?

      AtreidesAtreides4 dagen geleden
  • 5 days ago. This man is Neil pert

    Nick HNick H17 dagen geleden
  • afterlife - nlworld.info/key/video/q3GVod_dbZxygqo

    TheDeadicatedFounderTheDeadicatedFounder20 dagen geleden
  • if only I could understand half the words he's uttering...

    Sonanki GhoshSonanki Ghosh21 dag geleden
  • I wouldn’t want to shag a mermaid. I might end up with fish fingers!

    Nick FrameNick Frame21 dag geleden
  • Perhaps I missed his comic inspiration? To each his own.

    juli victoriajuli victoria21 dag geleden

    JR 666JR 66622 dagen geleden
  • I think I'd go for the head. (speaking of puns)

    Warren NZWarren NZ22 dagen geleden
  • Back when Ricky had hair on his head and none on his face. 😄

    Big burpsBig burps22 dagen geleden
    • It migrated

      NANCOKNANCOK22 dagen geleden
  • The common depictions of mermaids were imagined by people who thought marine mammals (manatees etc & whales) were fish and never noticed that the (fishy) scales and the horizontal tail didn't make any sense in the same creature.

    puirYorickpuirYorick23 dagen geleden
    • @puirYorick I grasped your "point", just questioning the usefulness of it. No need to get angry

      Mike JonesMike Jones22 dagen geleden
    • @Mike Jones ...so you're actively nitpicking a "nitpick" now, Mike? If you don't grasp the point, there's nothing wrong with just moving on about your business. Have a great life.

      puirYorickpuirYorick22 dagen geleden
    • I mean what's the point of trying to nitpick the bilogical accuracy of an entirely made up creature though? Isnt the fact that its half human half fish more of an inaccuracy than its scales and tail

      Mike JonesMike Jones22 dagen geleden
  • Is Ricky Gervais your favourite comedian?

    dougie dangerdougie danger23 dagen geleden
    • Yup, as well as Eddie Izzard, John Mulaney and Hari Kondabolu.

      Game HeroGame Hero19 uur geleden
    • Abso-fukkin-lutely

      TillzebubzTillzebubz12 dagen geleden
    • dougie, no idea who you're asking, but for me he's definitely in the top 3, probably second to only George Carlin.

      Irrelevant NoobIrrelevant Noob16 dagen geleden
    • after listening to him on russel brand's podcast, i saw him outside of his character & became a huge fan.

      Andrew NoyesAndrew Noyes23 dagen geleden
    • I used to not be able to stand him until I watched the Oscars vids on here!

      Jane DavidsonJane Davidson23 dagen geleden
  • The man. The myth. The legend. Ricky.

    dredre23 dagen geleden
  • Gotta love Ricky Gervais

    L LawlietL Lawliet23 dagen geleden
  • First one to comment. Proud of my life

    Goa IndiaGoa India23 dagen geleden
    • You should be.

      I'm JackI'm Jack23 dagen geleden