Bill Bailey Wrote A Song For Adele | BEST OF Bill Bailey | Universal Comedy

15 feb. 2021
35 323 Weergaven

You left me, but I'm not going to go on about it...
Music/Comedy genius and winner of Strictly Come Dancing Bill Bailey has written a song for Adele and it's a corker.
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  • Come to aus bill I will air kiss you on your forrid.

    Jungle ThemeJungle Theme2 dagen geleden
  • Oh look there's a bit of not too bad in Aus hhahaha mainly down south

    Jungle ThemeJungle Theme2 dagen geleden
  • I'd gladly receive bad news from you, Bill!

    Lakshmanan L MLakshmanan L M2 dagen geleden
  • Too many adverts make the unwatchable

    Brian LopezBrian Lopez3 dagen geleden
  • I've seen your scaaans... Don't make any plaans 🤣

    Nocure92Nocure925 dagen geleden
  • Why does he look like an even older version of Leonardo decapreo

    Big HouseBig House13 dagen geleden
  • A farming incident in Ukraine. Poultry will never be the same. A revolution, the world held its breath The day the chickens marched on Kyiv. Their beaks are shiny and not very long, Their wings are tiny and not very strong, Bravely they marched, their banners all aflutter, “Stop pumping us with garlic and butter!” The first to fall was the greatest of fowl. He attacked a queue in KFC, they killed him with a trowel. They grabbed the body cuz the staff were gonna chuck it. They buried him with some coleslaw in a hero’s bucket. “Hoorah! Hoorah! This chicken havoc we are wreaking. Rejoice! Rejoice! The ducks have taken Peking.” Nothing left, all streets swept clean, No chickens, no chickens to be seen, Just lone voice in this poultry Waterloo, “You can cut off our heads, but we’ll still be chasing you!” The day the chickens marched on Kyiv.

    Xo66umXo66um14 dagen geleden
    • ¹¹

      Sandy McNallySandy McNally13 dagen geleden
  • The chicken song reminds me of "Cows with Guns":

    Gail GurmanGail Gurman15 dagen geleden
  • Top tier!

    OssieOssie15 dagen geleden
  • "The ducks have taken Peking...." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    BuzzcutGtrBuzzcutGtr15 dagen geleden
  • Brilliant Bill . 🤣

    Jill HaylingJill Hayling15 dagen geleden
    • Classic bill ! 🤣

      Big HouseBig House13 dagen geleden
  • As an animal advocate I would give my life to free those chickens, from a life of pain and horror beyond anything the average human could imagine, and then I could only hope and pray they would attack ALL these uncaring people that think it’s OK to torture an animal as long as you eat it or someone eats it.

    CL CNJCL CNJ15 dagen geleden
    • “PRAY” !! ??. Good luck.

      Phil HartPhil Hart7 dagen geleden
    • Get back in your box.

      Simon MockfordSimon Mockford8 dagen geleden
  • Hope this blows up

    SabiqSabiq16 dagen geleden
  • Bill Bailey and... No one else... Never clicked so fast 😁

    Nomsen1302Nomsen130216 dagen geleden
  • The version of Adele's song he did on countdown he performed much better but still so funny

    0Matti20Matti216 dagen geleden
    • Is there a link to this?

      Cory Mackenzie-GrayCory Mackenzie-Gray22 uur geleden
    • Well, live performance changes every times but if you listen carefully, some extra notes had been added to the music to enhance the harmonies. Vocal is a little sloppy, maybe he is already a bit winded at the middle of a show. I think the biggest difference only that you've heard that version first and jokes and turns got you totally unaware.

      Ákos BarnaÁkos Barna5 dagen geleden
  • Bill Bailey Wrote A Song For Adele | BEST OF Limboland | Universal Comedy 1712pm 15/2/21 no, i aint a fan of sing song comedy, either... so i entered the fray at 5 mins 25secs... i don't mind bill bailey... and i see or hear that other folk feel you can incrementally decrease a subject or structure as opposed to specifically adding to it.. hmmmmmmmm... cool. as for umberto and his bongo.. why the hitler reference? the labour party aint any better where the thuggish element come in... come to think of it neither is the liberal party...

    • @stillalive 0940am 28/2/21 the word this month is "boring." hopefully next month ie tomorrow - will proffer up another more dynamic illustrative word.

    • @JONATHAN SUTCLIFFE you good there mate?

      stillalivestillalive3 dagen geleden
    • @David Monk Bill Bailey Wrote A Song For Adele | BEST OF Bill Bailey | Universal Comedy1646pm 25/2/21 yes, david, not being coherent akin to you it would seem i am wired, as cliff would say, "four sound" somewhat differently from the average joe. though i wouldn't go so far as to get my family to ge in their cars and constantly drive round and round your housing estate as you'd made the faux pas for doing some shopping... ho hohoho!!! the next big thing to hit the comedy circuit would be a replay of the england vs india 3rd test. if yer asiatic of hue it might be bloody laugh out loud hollering bollock achingly funny as eff.... though if yer a cricket fan it could be seen as tediously dull and depressing - refer to car drivers. so yeah my comedic bent may just differ from yours. ie pranks are effin tedious - refer to cricket match again. no idea what the tv schedule planners will do now - maybe they could run a mini season of comedy films for us to while away the hours? again referring back to the cricket - the plank would be a decent film with which to carry on this.... i am now awaiting some other chap to awaken me from this tedious nightmare and say: wow this was a first in sporting misinformation, the whole test was a complete fabrication, all the footage was spliced from other sources etc etc etc... and i can get back on with my life and hate pranksters even more...

    • @JONATHAN SUTCLIFFE are you a badly programmed AI?

      David MonkDavid Monk6 dagen geleden
    • @Phil Hart Bill Bailey Wrote A Song For Adele | BEST OF Bill Bailey | Universal Comedy 1921pm 24/2/21 comedians are extremely odd kiddies..on the one hand you have myself, perpetual fanatic of comedic skits, who will watch any old tripe and like it stony faced if need be..who has said in years gone by in the pub agreeing with other lesser types that yes this b.b. is quite amusing..and is probably really intelligent... and he gets thumbs up... then you have insane asians who question what is amusing and give ithe old b.b the knock back.. when laughing at walls falling on motorcyclists via you tube.. after which they attempt to make out it was t'other way round... y'see.. stick with yer initial fan base circa black books... i know i have... as for his songs.. well y'see... i said same with rich hall skits - comedy yes yer reet amusing... songs i dunno... jasper carrot cornered that market years ago.. though, granted, his guitar became something to lean on... like that spade you have with you as junior does the digging...anyway, i've got flat feet...

  • Bill, you genius 🖤 😂🤣😂🤣😂 #firstcomment

    Miss Edna NooseMiss Edna Noose16 dagen geleden