Alan Carr & Lionel Blair Saved A Man's Life In Blackpool | Universal Comedy

11 dec. 2020
7 354 Weergaven

If you were in danger who else would you want coming to your rescue and "pulling" you off...than Alan Carr and Lionel Blair.
Taken from his best-selling show Yap, Yap, Yap!
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  • Well done, ahead of sequence. Covid19 Xmas Royal World Joke 2020 "I'm not sure about Rolfe, my darling Charles." My handsome wife Diana, may she rest in peace, said as she watched Rolfe talking to Mum about the nature of royal portraiture and the value of perspective before continuing. "I found oil paint marks between the cheeks of Williams bottom. When I queried Rolfe about the burnt sienna on young Williams undies he turned to me and replied that the paint brush had to be rested somewhere for he was famished and needed a cucumber sandwich." Recordings from the candid Royal Diaries of Camilla Parker-Bowls, Buckingham Palace on a windy day. " Leave Conan's robot faeries at home to dream of electronic sheep counting apples before falling asleep in the rabbit hole." Harry said as he felt the Captain rub his bristles ever so gently against his cheek in that usual murky London pea soup fog that often conceals Big Ben when the clock is being reset. according to Greenwiche mean time. " -Famous quote of Andy Pandy. Try and say it with a banal English royal disinterest:)

    Robert PembrokeRobert PembrokeMaand geleden
  • Alan Carr & Lionel Blair Saved A Man's Life In Blackpool 2015pm 11/12/20 do you ever wonder why i thought this was sean locke? kindda like me adding a comment about tattooists which you suggest was directed at babs windsor... dunno about this chap... sean locke's altered a bit, aint he?

  • I'm not a fan of Alan. The way he speaks, yes we all get it, you are gay, fine. Why is it that gay people speak that way? This I do not know. It bothers me a little.

    SemirottaSemirottaMaand geleden
    • @Semirotta you are most welcome

      cd 1990cd 19907 dagen geleden
    • @cd 1990 So because I dislike the way someone speaks, it makes me gay? oh wow thanks for this therapy session.

      SemirottaSemirotta7 dagen geleden
    • its called reaction formation...where you project your own homosexual tendencies onto others to hide your true feelings

      cd 1990cd 19908 dagen geleden
    • @Cian Grant These days everybody is lgbtq community. Doesnt mean anything to me. But I got friends on that side aswell, none of them speak this way.

      SemirottaSemirottaMaand geleden
    • @Semirotta fyi i am a member of the LGBTQ+ community and I do find that insulting. I don't talk like that and I shouldn't have to to be valid in my sexuality. Likewise I have friends both gay and straight who talk and carry themselves that way and it doesn't define their sexuality. Nor is it a bad quality to have.

      Cian GrantCian GrantMaand geleden